`252 More dangerous, insidious propaganda from JOWMA
Chananya Weissman

January 10, 2023


It is my fervent wish that JOWMA has been thoroughly discredited in the eyes of the Orthodox Jewish population they are targeting, and that their relentless efforts to pimp on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry and the Amalekite establishment for whom they work influence no one at this point.

However, they continue to spend a great deal of money (which comes from where exactly?) producing slick propaganda — which Trojan horses like Mishpacha Magazine continue to print, without a peep from the "gedolim" who are supposed to protect us — and therefore it behooves me to bring their latest manipulative stunt to your attention.

I'm happy to see that their YouTube channel only has 325 subscribers, which is nothing when you consider how much they put into their activities, and most of their videos get fewer views than my weekly Tanach class. 325 subscribers is most likely JOWMA staff and their mothers. Whoever is sponsoring them is not getting great bang for their buck, thank God.

Three weeks ago, however, they released a video that has received nearly twice as many views as any of their previous junk. It features a woman by the name of Chava Willig Levy, who spends almost the entire video relating her story living with polio from the age of three. Levy comes across as articulate and genuine.

After we are horrified by the devastating effects of polio and inspired by her story, Levy then implores us to take the "safe and effective" polio vaccine. Promoting the lie that polio is the next great threat, and the only solution is to inject all our children with these shots, has been JOWMA's focus in recent months, in lockstep with government and media efforts to push this narrative.

The propaganda video is here. Naturally, they turned off the comments. These pharmaceutical whores can't stand up to scrutiny.

The video is highly manipulative. It's 95% fear mongering about how bad polio is (which no one would disagree with) but that doesn't mean the other 5% — that people should take the "safe and effective" shot — is good advice. But we are not supposed to be using the cognitive part of our brains. The video is poking the emotional part of our brains.

We are supposed to empathize with Levy, be touched by her story, and be afraid of the same thing happening to our children — all of which is fine — but then we are supposed to take an ACTION that may well be irresponsible just because of what we just watched. JOWMA has really upped their game with this bit of propaganda, and the view count shows it.

Of course, we are supposed to forget that JOWMA stripped their site of all their Covid propaganda, as that is no longer convenient, and we should continue to trust JOWMA just because they are some organization that seems Jewish, they have smiling female doctors, and the Jewish media treats them as if they are legitimate.

Also see this "article" about the video: https://www.theyeshivaworld.com/news/promotions/2148695/my-battle-with-polio-the-story-of-chava-willig-levy-inspiration-for-the-nation-with-yaakov-langer.html

Sponsored content = paid advertisement in the guise of a news story.

Who is really paying for this advertisement and funding the propaganda campaign, and what is their motivation? I think we can all venture an educated guess at this point, but people need to be awakened to ask these questions, and not make life-and-death decisions based on an emotional reaction to a video.

This morning I looked up Chava Willig Levy and sent her the following message. I don't expect a response, but you never know.


Hi. Someone shared with me your recent YouTube video from JOWMA in which you shared your inspiring personal story about leading an incredible life despite suffering from polio, and then urged people to take the "safe and effective" polio shots.

I don't doubt your sincerity in wishing to protect people from suffering this terrible illness. However, although we can all agree that polio is terrible, which comprises 95% of the video, that doesn't mean the other 5% — that people should take the "safe and effective" shot — is good advice. There is in fact a lot of information suggesting otherwise that people should be aware of so they can make a truly informed decision.

I also wanted to inform you that JOWMA is an extremely shady front organization for the pharmaceutical industry, the government, and others with an agenda to infiltrate the Orthodox Jewish world with culturally tailored propaganda. Here is a link to one article with a great deal of information about the real nature of this organization, behind the smiling faces of young Jewish women: https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/2/frontlinenews/front-groups-unmasking-jowma-the-jewish-orthodox-womens-medical-association/

Here is an article with a leaked video of one of JOWMA's propaganda-spreading “doctors” admitting to her colleagues that she was having a hard time believing her own sales pitch, and seeking help so that she could better perform her role in pushing the agenda: https://www.frontline.news/post/explosive-leaked-audio-dr-ellie-carmody-of-jowma-admits-lack-of-confidence-in-sales-pitch-for-covid-shots

Here is additional information about JOWMA's collaboration with the government to push their agenda while portraying themselves as Orthodox Jews interested only in the health of the community:



I believe you are a sincere person, and that JOWMA cynically used you and your emotional story as a propaganda tool. They used you.

JOWMA does not have the best interests of the Jewish community in mind. They are deceitful traitors working for those who have no respect for the Torah, and no regard for human life. They are not interested in protecting people from polio, covid, or any other illness. They are interested only in continuing to serve the interests of pharmaceutical companies and their ilk, for which they receive a tremendous amount of funding.

I know this may be difficult to digest, but as a sincere person I hope you will consider this information – all sourced and documented – with the seriousness it deserves. I also hope you will reconsider your relationship with JOWMA, and even publicly disavow yourself from them.

You are welcome to contact me at endthemadness@gmail.com


(Rabbi) Chananya Weissman



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