`249 What's preventing covid sinners from doing teshuva?
Chananya Weissman

December 29, 2022


In chapter 4 of Hilchos Teshuva (the laws of repentance) the Rambam lists twenty-four things that impede one from doing teshuva. Some of these impediments are spiritual in nature; the sinner has committed such a serious crime that Hashem will not give him the opportunity to do teshuva.

One example is someone who causes the public to sin or prevents them from fulfilling a mitzva. It would be unjust for “the teacher” to do teshuva and receive everlasting reward while “his disciples” get punished because of him – so Hashem impedes him. The many treasonous rabbis who carry water for the Amalekite establishment fall into this category.

Another example is one who says “I will sin and then repent” or “I will sin and I will be forgiven on Yom Kippur”. Such a person is playing games, and you can't play games with Hashem. He knows all our thoughts in ways the technocratic heretics can only dream of.

Some of these impediments are practical in nature; for example, the sinner took bribes to pervert justice, stole from the masses, or otherwise harmed people that he cannot identify. Complete teshuva is not merely feeling regret for one's actions, but rectifying the damage to the victim however possible. If one cannot identify his victims, or even fathom the extent of the damage he caused, he cannot make it right, and his teshuva cannot be complete. (This does not absolve him from doing the best he can under the circumstances, and Hashem will deal mercifully with those who are sincere.)

Some of these impediments are psychological in nature; the sinner believes he has done nothing wrong, and therefore it is highly unlikely that he will ever do teshuva. Examples of this include using people's property without permission, gazing lustfully at people who are forbidden to him, glorifying oneself at the expense of his fellow, and suspecting upstanding people of wrongdoing. In all of these cases, writes the Rambam, the sinner takes the matter lightly and imagines to himself that he didn't really do anything. Hence, he is unlikely to face the truth that he has sinned.

The final type of impediments to teshuva are evil attachments that are difficult to separate from. These include evil personality traits, such as a bad temper; addictive behaviors, such as speaking lashon hara (slander); and attaching oneself to wicked people, which has a negative effect on the righteous.

With these concepts in mind, the following impediments are preventing many people from doing teshuva for their covid-related sins, even as the truth becomes less plausibly deniable with each passing day.

1. Hashem is denying them the opportunity

The leaders and influencers who perpetrated these atrocities upon the masses will almost certainly be denied the opportunity to do teshuva, unless they undergo a most unlikely transformation and exert a herculean effort. Included in this group are all the unelected leaders behind world events, their puppets in government, and all their operatives down the food chain who knowingly collaborated, such as medical professionals, members of the media, and religious figures. Their crimes are incalculable, and it would be an injustice for them to be given the opportunity to do teshuva.

No punishment on this earth would be sufficient for the harm they have caused. Fortunately, God has greater punishments at His disposal, beyond anything we can fathom, and justice will be served in due time. We should not pray for their repentance, but for their destruction.

Our relatives, neighbors, and former friends, by and large, do not fall into this category. Although they have sinned terribly in various ways, Hashem wants them to do teshuva. As much harm as they may have perpetrated on others, they too are victims. We must pray for them to be woken up as gently as possible and do teshuva.

2. Denial of evil

Many people refuse to consider the possibility that they are surrounded by evil people, governed by evil people, and that they have been conditioned by evil people throughout their lives. They claim it's ridiculous to believe the existence of widespread evil at the highest levels, even though this is the only explanation that neatly explains everything; Occam's razor, if you will. These people may concede that their leaders are incompetent, even corrupt, but that they despise the common people and have no regard for human life? Impossible.

Why is this such a mental block for people? Several reasons, all of which are interconnected:

1. It's frightening.

2. It would shatter their illusions about public figures they may admire and wish to remain loyal to. For example, it would be devastating for people who made a Messiah out of Donald Trump to hold him accountable for his role in promoting the accursed shots, for which he has expressed no remorse. Far preferable to twist oneself into a pretzel making excuses and inventing convoluted explanations for how he was really thwarting the bad guys by bringing these death shots at warp speed.

3. It would shatter their illusions about the regime under which they live and wish to serve as patriots. It would be devastating for American patriots to loathe what their country has become (and seems to have been for quite some time), for Jews who bought into Zionist propaganda to separate their devotion to Israel from loyalty to the state, and for citizens of any country to accept that their land is a cesspool of corruption and turpitude.

4. They would face the moral obligation to oppose the evil, with all the responsibilities, sacrifices, and risks this entails.

One can either deal with all that, or he can call people conspiracy theorists and claim the government is doing the best they can with the information at their disposal.

Of course, the price for taking the easy way out is being complicit with evil and advancing the agenda of your own worst enemies in exchange for temporary convenience. Nevertheless, people have been conditioned to take the easy way out, to believe organized evil at the highest levels can't happen anymore, and to “serve their country”.

All of this impedes them from facing reality and doing teshuva.

3. Ego

The hardest words for most people to say are “I was wrong”. This is one of the great conundrums of the human mind, for we can readily accept that no human being is perfect, especially ourselves, yet we will perform all sorts of gymnastics to avoid making a specific admission of being just plain wrong. This is especially true when it comes to being wrong about something very big, with everything on the line.

This is a true test of character. Virtually all of us bought into the covid-related lies to some degree, and there is no shame in admitting that. However, the longer one stuck with the official story, and the more one invested in it, the harder it is to get off the assembly line and admit those crazy conspiracy theorists were right all along. It requires eating the biggest slice of humble pie of their lives, and who has an appetite for that?

Ego is one of the greatest impediments to teshuva in general, and especially here.

4. Facing the nightmarish truth

If one is to admit at this late date that he was wrong, it means that, rather than exercising caution all this time as he had believed, he engaged in behaviors that are very hazardous to one's health. Most of all, he must face the terrifying reality that he repeatedly took injections of a bioweapon, and the consequences of this might come “suddenly” at any time. Perhaps even more terrifying, he likely pressured the people he cares most about to take these injections, and must live with horrific fear and guilt at what he might have done to them.

When the snakes offer him a way out of this nightmare – just believe this next lie and repeat it when challenged – many people will choose to continue living with the lie rather than face the truth. The truth is just too painful at this point.

This impedes them from doing teshuva, and leads them to compound their sins until the bitter end.

5. Foolishness

This is a critical part of the conditioning process. The snakes don't want us to think critically, to probe beyond their thin cover story, to arrive at independent conclusions after considering multiple possibilities. They want people to think they are smart, but to actually be incredibly stupid, gullible, obedient, and entirely predictable. Then they can manipulate us with propaganda and control us with algorithms.

We can laugh at all the people who continue to fall for ridiculous lies, then reflexively turn to the professional liars and spin doctors in the media for the latest “news”. After all, we have to get the news from somewhere, and this story seems credible.

Then we breathlessly forward an article or video or bit of information that someone sent us that supports what we've been saying – except it's fake, or it's littered with mistakes, and was probably created by someone working for the snakes just to discredit us.

We've all been played for fools, and hopefully we have learned to be less susceptible. But the greatest fools are those who took five shots, got violently sick with “covid” – even multiple times – and then expressed gratitude for the shots, without which it would surely have been even worse. No, the shots didn't fail, they succeeded! Even if they die from “covid” (or, more likely, the natural, entirely predictable effects of the shots wreaking havoc on their bodies), they will go down grateful that the shots prevented them from dying sooner. This is the way of idolatry; their insistence on distorting the reality staring them in the face makes teshuva impossible.

Similar to this type of fool is the one who took the shots and was fortunate to suffer no ill effects (yet). Maybe he doesn't even know someone who suffered from the shots (or can acknowledge it). He therefore concludes that the shots are fine, and anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot. Never mind the deluge of horror stories that can no longer be covered up; it can't be real since it didn't happen to him.

This person is no different than one who plays Russian roulette, walks away unharmed, and laughs at anyone who thinks it's dangerous. He played and literally nothing happened, so stop spreading crazy fears.

Of course, he took the exact opposite approach with “covid”. Every “case” was reason for hysteria, and every supposed fatality (regardless of the treatment administered, or not administered, or the actual – not official – cause of death) was proof that we should all huddle in masked isolation for the rest of our miserable lives. So what if you didn't get covid, or you got it and it wasn't a big deal, or you don't know anyone who really died from it? It's the end of humanity if you break the rules!

What fools. How can such people ever wake up and do teshuva?

6. The fear of challenging authority

Even if the people in power weren't monsters, we have been conditioned at every level to follow authority, no matter what. This is not because it is inherently proper to follow authority, or because society functions best this way, but because the people in authority designed it this way for their own good, not yours.

Doing teshuva for one's covid-related sins necessitates acknowledging that he was wrong for following authority, and in future such situations must respond differently. This is a terrifying proposition to most people, and therefore they continue to float along – just as is expected of them.

7. The fear of taking responsibility and performing deep introspection

This is the logical extension of the previous impediment. If one was wrong for “just following orders”, by definition he must take responsibility for all his actions, and can no longer excuse himself when these actions cause harm to himself and others. Furthermore, he must perform deep introspection and work on himself to ensure that it doesn't happen again.

For example, if one steals money from his fellow, it is not complete teshuva to return the money and apologize; that is the very minimum to satisfy his legal obligation. Complete teshuva entails examining himself to determine what brought him to steal the money. Was it greed? Jealousy? Lack of trust in Hashem? Real teshuva means not only rectifying the symptom, but treating the root of the problem.

This is difficult, uncomfortable work. It's much easier to get angry at those who set a better example and not think too much.

The good news is that, with each passing day, more people are waking up and at least starting the teshuva process. Contrary to the ridiculous propaganda when they started pushing the shots, the reports of deathbed regrets from “anti-vaxxers” who were dying of “covid” (which media around the world coincidentally reported all in lockstep) no one who didn't take the shots wishes they did. No one who stopped after taking two or three wishes they went back for that toxic booster after all. Conversely, there is no end to the number of people who were bullied, blackmailed, and fooled into taking shots and wish they hadn't. The migration from one camp to the other is entirely one-sided, and that is always a strong indicator of where the truth lies.

When a critical mass of people does real teshuva for their covid-related sins, the monsters will lose their grip over us. More importantly, we will merit redemption and the eradication of evil from the world.



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