`238 If Your Vote Mattered
Chananya Weissman

October 27, 2022


Here we go again. Election theatre is upon us in Israel. Morally bankrupt politicians emerge from their dark holes and VIP events to woo the peasants they despise with vacuous slogans and empty promises. Once again the peasants delude themselves that this time it can be different, that this time it will be different, if only they vote for one smiling scumbag over another.

Count me out. I'm done playing their game.

“Oh, but you're wasting your vote!” cry my fellow peasants in earnest. “If you don't vote then someone else will decide who wins! It's true, they are all bad, but you should vote for the least bad, because it will make a difference! And don't vote for a small party that seems to have some integrity, because they don't have a chance anyway. Don't waste your vote! It matters!”

This is what people have allowed themselves to be reduced to, voting for the least bad. If it were a race between Hitler and Mussolini, between the KGB and the Stasi, the country would be divided and at each other's throats over who to vote for, because it matters.

Tell me something. At what point in the last three years, during which we had numerous rounds of elections, did your wishes as a voting citizen matter at all? The people in power stripped you of your rights (assuming they weren't imaginary all along), placed you under house arrest, blackmailed you to take accursed shots, destroyed businesses, turned citizens and loved ones against one another, forced hospital patients to die horrible, lonely deaths, and a whole lot more.

Did your vote matter then?

If your vote mattered, they would have asked us what we wanted regarding all the above and listened when we told them. Instead, they acted unilaterally, stonewalled concerned citizens, and brutally attacked protestors. They acted not as democratically leaders who were concerned about votes, but as tyrants oppressing their subjects.

Your vote didn't matter.

If your vote mattered you wouldn't be surveilled by Big Brother. If your vote mattered, we would be able to listen to their conversations and watch them at all times.

But that isn't a campaign issue, either. It's a fact of life that we have to accept, because we can't change the system...even though our vote is supposed to do just that.

If your vote mattered, Amiram Ben Uliel would not be rotting in a dungeon for breaking after nineteen days of midieval torture and confessing to a crime no decent person can believe he committed. Is it the democratic will of the people for citizens with the wrong political beliefs to be rounded up, tortured by professional sadists, and have their lives destroyed? Did any of the scumbags with their makeup and marketing campaigns even ask, or bring it up at all?

No. Because your vote doesn't matter.

Did you ever stop to think why the establishment pushes so hard for you to vote?

It matters less to them who you vote for (really) than that you vote at all. Believing that your vote matters is a myth, but it props up the rigged system. Regardless of which sold-out stooge gets installed as the leader, the establishment can proclaim that he is the democratically elected leader, he was chosen by the people fair and square, and therefore everything that follows is legitimate.

This is why regimes like China and Iran desperately want people to vote, and will force them to vote if necessary, even though it's a pointless exercise. It helps them maintain the illusion.

That's why I'm out. Not voting will make a much bigger difference than playing their game and pretending it matters.

If a high percentage of people boycott the election charade, it sends an unmistakable message to the establishment, and, more importantly, the general population: we trust the system so little that we aren't even playing along because of "why not" anymore. It weakens the system much more than your vote for an alternative party ever would. That's my opinion.

Even ten percent of a country that is organized and confident is enough to bring everything down. But the first step toward that is crossing the line, even a symbolic one, and saying to yourself and others that you're not playing the game anymore.

As long as you hang on and believe you can make a difference by playing the game, you won't cross the line. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Similarly, if the readership of the controlled propaganda outlets dropped by 50% it would send a powerful message. If everyone who still reads Arutz Sheva, the Jerusalem Post, the Times of Israel, etc. would know that they lost half their readership, that alone would weaken the grip of the propaganda on them.

It's the same with voting. If you know that so many people aren't voting, you'll also wonder "why bother" and be a little closer to dumping the system and joining a real alternative.

The mere act of showing up grants a little more legitimacy to the whole farce. It's like walking away from an abusive relationship instead of trying to fix it. At some point you have to cross that invisible line, or nothing changes.

If your vote really mattered, you would be able to choose between candidates who represent the best of society, not a collection of creeps, criminals, and incompetent people that you wouldn't trust to babysit your children.

If your vote really mattered, the Amalekites at the World Economic Forum would have less control over what happens in Israel than you do. If your vote really mattered, they wouldn't have any at all.

If your vote really mattered, the last three years would have looked very different. Your vote didn't matter then and it doesn't matter now. Deep down most people realize it, but they continue playing along.

I'm done participating in the Erev Rav charade. I'm done legitimizing their system. I'm done giving strength to the lie that we have democratically elected officials who represent the will of the people. I'm done hanging on to the wistful hope that maybe my vote will make a small difference even as we live in a state of tyranny and corruption.

I'm done being a sucker.

That's their greatest nightmare – and the most meaningful vote of all.



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