`236 A Survival Guide for Entering This World
Chananya Weissman

October 20, 2022


Congratulations! Your soul has been selected to enter the physical world for a designated period of time and perform a unique mission. Your life has infinite potential, regardless of the circumstances in which you find yourself. Do not squander it.

There are great forces of evil that will seek to thwart you from realizing your potential and fulfilling your purpose. Beware of them at all times.

They will try to prevent you from being conceived altogether. Their tactics will include contraception and convincing potential parents not to be fruitful and multiply, as is God's will.

If you survive this, they will seek to kill you in the mother's womb by convincing her that your life is not real, too burdensome for her, otherwise not worth it, and even a threat to the planet.

If you survive until birth, they will immediately bombard you with needles, attacking your fragile body with dangerous substances. This will be done under the pretext that your immune system will fail without these drugs, but never because of them. This is a lie with all the force of government, the medical industry, and the media – some of the greatest forces of evil – behind it.

You may die suddenly, in which case the cause of your death will be cynically referred to as sudden death syndrome. Welcome to the world of circular reasoning. You died suddenly because you died suddenly, not because of anything they injected you with. Such a possibility will not even be entertained, let alone seriously studied.

If you survive this, you will be fed artificial substances instead of your mother's milk, under the pretext that the mother's body that nurtured you into existence is inferior to goo made in a lab.

If you develop serious medical problems early in life, those who ostensibly work to save lives will strive to end yours out of “mercy”. They will claim that you are suffering too much, that your “quality of life” is not sufficient to justify continuing to live. If they are unable to persuade your parents that the most merciful way to improve your quality of life is to end it, that dying is better than living with difficulties, they may attempt to seize you from your parents under the force of law and kill you for your own good.

You should be touched, but since you are too primitive to appreciate the compassion of being killed, you will instinctively resist in whatever small ways you can. Your cries and struggles will be ignored and countered with overwhelming force until you finally die. You're welcome.

If you survive infancy, much to the consternation of the forces of evil, they will assault you in new ways to counter your increasing physical and mental development.

As you enter childhood, your diet will increasingly consist of products with high concentrations of sugar, chemicals, and – Satan willing – bugs.

You will be given even more drugs to replace the worthless, defective immune system you were supposedly born with. You will face all sorts of health problems that were extremely rare or entirely unknown in previous generations. The emergence of these new health problems will be portrayed not as an indication that something has gone awry with all those drugs and chemicals, but as evidence that we need even more drugs and chemicals.

Your behavior may well be affected by all this chemically induced trauma and the consequences thereof, in which case you will be given more drugs to stone you. Needless to say, all these drugs were rigorously studied in rigged studies, approved by agencies on the take, and found to be safe and effective, the definition of which they conveniently obfuscated so they can technically tell the truth when they trick you.

If you protest too much, you might be arrested for spreading medical misinformation and endangering the public. Alternatively, you might be interred in a psychiatric ward and given really strong drugs to help you.

But don't worry, you are probably still too young for that. They have other drugs in mind for children these days.

When you are in school you will be taught to be confused about many things, especially your gender, yet dogmatically convinced about many other things. The most important lesson you will learn is that independently drawing a conclusion about anything that deviates from the establishment-approved position, and following your conscience, are the most heinous crimes.

You will be taught that you are intellectually and morally superior to your parents, and to hate them. Considering how poorly they cared for you so far, they probably deserve it, but you will be taught this no matter what.

When not in school you will be addicted to screens. You will think this is entertainment, but it is really a sort of after-school program, as it continues the same educational process. This will concurrently take the substitute of a social life and developing as a human being in the actual world.

If you survive early childhood, you will be given more vaccines, more drugs to modify and control your behavior, more junk food, more advanced conditioning in the classroom, more explicit pornographic and violent edutainment, and more independence to “explore” the many ways you can destroy your tender body and soul. You will also be encouraged to rebel against your parents even while you continue to depend on them for all your material needs.

After all, it's only fair that you destroy them along the way, too.

At some point during adolescence you will probably have suicidal thoughts for the first time. Mazal Tov! You have come of age. (We would say you are now a man or a woman, as it were, but that is now against science and a crime.)

If you survive adolescence, you will be offered stronger drugs, both of the medical and recreational varieties, and find that you are increasingly dependent on them just to get through the day. Thank God for science! Imagine how bad it would be without all these drugs.

Your relationships with other human beings will be shallow and unstable, liable to explode at any time. Fortunately, you do not need healthy, stable relationships with other human beings, because you have thousands of friends on social media, millions of followers, and possibly even a pet.

If you survive early adulthood, you will struggle mightily to get by after the government and the banks take their cut. You will not own your home or have substantial savings. Fortunately, you are free. In other parts of the world people are slaves who toil for the rich and powerful, and have nothing for themselves.

If despite all the above you build a relationship with someone and get married, it is very likely that it will end in bitter divorce, with one or both parties going broke in the process.

If you manage to stay married and produce children, it will be your turn to show how superior you really are to your parents.

If you survive raising a family and become a senior, the government will be required to return some of your money for continuing to live. The government is not excited about this. You will be told that you have already “lived your life”, that your “quality of life” is not worth staying on longer, that the cost of keeping you alive with the money they took from you over the course of your life could be better spent on more important things. They will offer you a comfortable death.

If they cannot convince you to let them help you die, they will wait for you to get sick or otherwise require medical care. Then they have you in their clutches, and you might suffer a far less comfortable death, as punishment for being difficult. Starvation and medical experiments in the hospital are contemporary favorites.

If you die from one of their medical interventions, they might report the cause of your death as old age. At what age does age itself cause death? The scientific experts have yet to tell us, but they must not be questioned.

If you survive the threat of death from old age, but are unable to live independently, your children might decide at some point to have you put down, like that dog you had a long time ago. Then they might cremate your body, which is perhaps the most literal form of hell on earth.

If you survive all these dangers, then you might be able to live and fulfill your mission. If you do nothing else but survive all these dangers, you're halfway there already.



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