`234 Moles and Mosrim in Brooklyn Part 7
Chananya Weissman

October 3, 2022


Note: There will be one more part to this series.  Honestly, I'm disgusted and want to be done with it already.  I hope the community rises up in outrage and revolts against all those who betrayed them.  Otherwise, there's little point in all this except to document the meekness and impotence of our generation.


In January of 2022 the Boro Park Jewish Community Council (BPJCC), which had been approved for more than a million dollars in government grant money to promote the Covid agenda in heavily Orthodox zip codes, submitted a "Community Health Needs Assessment". This was followed with a "Partner Engagement Plan" on February 23 and a "Health Equity Action Plan" on March 7. These materials were all prepared by BPJCC staff and consultant David Rubel.

We examined snippets of these documents in previous parts of this series. It's time to see them in their entirety. You – the subjects of their intelligence-gathering, covert research, tailored propaganda, and relentless efforts to manipulate you into taking the accursed Covid shots – deserve to know it all.

The assessment and action plan have been combined and uploaded here. (The Partner Engagement Plan will be shared in the next and final part.) Take the time to study them. The Judenrat who prepared it sure took their time studying you.

The Community Health Needs Assessment provided a wealth of data about the "targeted" zip codes in Brooklyn, with an emphasis on the Orthodox Jewish population. The BPJCC had spent the previous weeks gathering intelligence about the community in order to tailor its upcoming propaganda campaign.

Organizations that ostensibly serve the community, including Hamaspik services for people with significant physical and mental disabilities, Masbia Food Pantry, Agudath Yisroel Community Services and Workforce Development, Tomchei Shabbos, Boro Park Y, Ezra Medical Center, Maimonides Medical Center, and Council of Peoples Organizations (COPO) serving the South Asian immigrant communities were all listed as "resources and assets".

In other words, these "assets" could be leveraged to spread government-sponsored Covid propaganda.

The BPJCC held a series of discussions with "stakeholders and focus groups" to gather information on why people were resistant to taking the Covid shots, and formulate a strategy on how to overcome this resistance. For example, when people expressed concerns about myocarditis and effects on fertility, the BPJCC internally referred to these most reasonable concerns as "misconceptions about basic COVID-19 public health information" (page 8).

This was described as "targeting vaccination-resistant populations with myth-busting information", their very first "community health priority". The government's official position, slavishly adopted by the BPJCC, was that those who harbored any concerns about Covid shots or vaccines might as well believe in fairies, and were a menace to the health of others. They were to be targeted and have their unacceptable beliefs busted.

This warlike language appears throughout the materials. Despite their heavy reliance on euphemisms to kosher up their malicious activities, the contempt they have for concerned citizens who don't blindly trust the establishment is barely concealed.

Naturally, none of this was shared in their "listening sessions" with community members. The purpose of these sessions was to pretend to care about participants while coldly gathering intelligence. The only interest the BPJCC had in hearing people's concerns was to convince them that they were unfounded and to take the shots anyway.

And if those concerns turned out to be warranted? Tough.

The BPJCC also collaborated extensively with JOWMA, the shady, Orthodox-in-name-only front group that had spent years insinuating vaccine propaganda and messages that are antithetical to the Torah into the Orthodox world. As the BPJCC described it, "JOWMA has been at the forefront of promoting the COVID-19 vaccine in Orthodox Jewish communities in the tri-state area. JOWMA offered that the BPJCC can use its expertise with culturally sensitive messaging as the CDG [Covid Disparities Grant] projects gets going."

Expertise with culturally sensitive messaging. Goebbels would have been proud.

The March 7 Community Covid-19 Health Equity Action Plan outlined a detailed strategy to flood Orthodox Jewry with tailored propaganda. The BPJCC planned to enlist "highly regarded religious and community leaders" and "work with these leaders to counter the misinformation", by which they meant any information that might cause "resistance" to the Covid shots.

The first of five long-term "outcomes" was to "increase vaccine confidence and acceptance in the Haredi Jewish community" and provide them with "a greater objective understanding" of "why getting vaccinated is the only effective strategy for lowering the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths".

Objective indeed.

The third was the ubiquitous goal to "build trust". As we noted previously, people who are honest and transparent do not fret about "building trust". They don't think of it at all. Why would they? After all, there is no better strategy for getting people to trust you than by telling the truth consistently. You know, actually being trustworthy.

The snakes pushing the Covid shots and related items worry a great deal about building trust. It consumes them. This is why they intensively research their "targets" – so they can learn which buttons to push and how best to push them, to use guile and deception to build artificial relationships, to lure people into trusting them, and then to manipulate them.

If some of their targets suffer horrific injuries or death, tough on them. The main thing is that everyone else continues to trust.

These snakes are the ultimate con artists, with unfathomable money and resources devoted to "building trust" and controlling their targets. The Boro Park Jewish Community Council's action plan stated this goal in more benign terms: "By building a trusting relationship based on tangible benefit, clients will be more receptive to hearing about how they can help minimize the spread of COVID-19 including getting vaccinated."

In other words, we will provide services to the community for the express purpose of tricking them into trusting us, and then getting them to take Covid shots.

Anyone who refuses to see the ugly reality staring them in the face is a reckless fool, and it is difficult to feel sorry for such people at this point. How much clearer can it be?

Another goal was to infiltrate yeshivos. "A COVID-19 prevention curriculum will be introduced. Students in grades five to eight will have a stronger knowledge foundation of the science underlying contagious diseases including COVID-19." This was framed as "helping local nonpublic yeshiva schools".

The strategy for implementing this was described as follows: "BPJCC will bring together a group of yeshiva school principals and teachers to strategize on improving classroom instruction on how the science of infectious disease, contagion prevention and vaccines."

Conspicuously absent were the religious parents who chose private education for their children specifically to avoid foreign curriculums and agenda-driven "science". They were not to be consulted about this covert act of benevolence, this improvement of classroom instruction. Parents were an obstacle to be sidestepped. They were to be kept in the dark while the government and its Judenrat inside the community collaborated on indoctrinating the children.

The action plan contained many other interesting items, but most of these were covered in previous articles. The reader is encouraged to review the material in its original form. Let it sink in how your leaders betrayed you, how your trust was violated, how organizations across the spectrum collaborated to sell you out. They created programs and offered you services not because they care about you, but as a carefully planned ruse to win your trust and get you to take accursed shots. Everything about them was fake.

The action plan concluded with a "special consideration", which sums it up best: "Our challenge is how to best communicate with a community that has shown deep resistance to the COVID-19 vaccine."

"Communicate" is a fine euphemism for what they were really doing. Since communication should be a two-way street, perhaps the Orthodox community should communicate a strong message to the BPJCC, the DOHMH, and all the many other missionaries, prostitutes, moles, and mosrim within and without:

Your services are no longer required. Your assistance is no longer needed. Your presence is no longer welcome. If you ever go near our children or our communities again you will see what deep resistance really is. And, one way or another, you will pay for what you did.

In the next and final part we will share their Partner Engagement Plan with the lengthy list of "stakeholders". After all, as the saying goes, know thy enemy.

To be continued.



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