`232 Moles and Mosrim in Brooklyn Part 5
Chananya Weissman

September 22, 2022


On April 6, 2022 the representatives of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) met again with their contracted field agents at the Boro Park Jewish Community Council (BPJCC), the Boro Park Y (BPY) and JOWMA. The meeting notes are available here.

As always, the meeting began with a detailed breakdown of race-based "vaccination" statistics. This was presented by Korin Parrella, the COVID Disparities Grant Program Director for DOHMH. Parrella held the purse strings. She authorized the payments to the BPJCC (see sample invoices here, here, here, and here). Needless to say, whoever pays for services is the one who sets the agenda and needs to be satisfied. In this case, it was the DOHMH, and the Jewish organizations were working directly for them, not for the Jewish community.

A couple of items from the data she presented:

Growth since CDG [Covid Disparities Grant] contract start date:

  • Overall vaccination rate for 11230 has increased from 52% at the beginning of Dec. to 59% as of the end of March

  • Overall vaccination rate for 11219 has increased from 46% at the beginning of Dec. to 53% as of the end of March”

In just a few months, nearly 20% more people in the targeted zip codes had been convinced to take the shots. The propaganda campaign was working. The results were acceptable. The payments were made.

Parrella also made the following observation: “Limitations to race-based demographic data – if people select more than one race, or do not select any race, they are not captured in the data”. What a shame. The “progressive” government of New York would hate to have to judge people strictly as people, not by their race. How can you fight racism and have equity if you don't make everything about race?

Dr. Jennifer Berkovich then presented “JOWMA Preventive Health Initiatives”, as follows:

“Monthly article/column in publications: Mishpacha (Family First), Wellsprings

  • Mostly focused on pediatrics health, has not explicitly ventured into COVID-specific content

  • Also contribute articles to a lifestyle blog – Between Carpools

  • o Focus on broader preventative health topics (chronic disease, general wellness) as opposed to leading with COVID.”

Did you catch that? A regular column in two magazines that specifically target the Orthodox Jewish community designed to introduce the Covid agenda in a subtle fashion. We're no longer talking about print advertisements or even a special insert, but government-sponsored and approved propaganda embedded in religious magazines, masquerading as general content.

We're talking about “religious” media being just another Trojan horse to attack Orthodox Jewry inside their homes.

Many people have expressed concern and confusion over the way magazines like Mishpacha and Ami covered Covid and the shots. They were filled week after week with ads that openly came from the government and ads from government proxies like JOWMA and Hatzalah. This was concerning enough, but at least one could rationalize that these were paid advertisements, and it wasn't for the editors of these magazines to assess health messages from “professionals”.

But it went far beyond that. Editorials, “news” reports, and featured articles were heavily slanted in one direction with little to no variance between them. Contributors frequently referred to those who deviated from the approved view on masks, social distancing, mass house arrests, and the shots in the most derogatory of terms. Considering the high percentage of readers who held unapproved views, and were thus being directly targeted by this defamation, this is astonishing.

We would have expected some semblance of balance, or at least respectful acknowledgment of differing views, if only not to antagonize much of their readership. Essentially calling much of your base self-centered murderers is not a wise business decision.

Unless, of course, the alienation of some subscribers was being more than made up for.

This would explain why letters to the editor protesting the slanted Covid content, and offering potentially life-saving information that countered the official narrative, were rarely if ever published. The editors of these magazines love a robust back and forth in the letters section about issues great and trivial, but not when it comes to Covid. Was this the divinely inspired ruling of their “rabbinic advisors”, and the even more divinely inspired wisdom of “health experts”, or a business decision like few others?

We cannot say with absolute certainty, and those responsible should be given every opportunity to defend themselves at a fair trial.

Ami Magazine was in lockstep with this widespread media policy. A screenshot was posted on Twitter in May of 2021 showing an internal email from Zack Blumenfeld of Ami Magazine, in which he related that unspecified higher-ups at the company reneged on an earlier agreement to print an ad:


Sorry they just told me they don't feel comfortable running it.


The ad in question presented a series of fact-based concerns about taking the Covid shots. Since that time, all of these concerns have been eminently substantiated. Why did Ami refuse to run this paid advertisement that presented factual information and reasonable concerns? What was the source of their “discomfort”? Were they afraid of jeopardizing far more lucrative advertising deals with the government and their proxies? Were they more afraid of angry letters from JOWMA and their ilk than the responsibility of withholding potentially life-saving information from their readers?

We have no way to know for sure at the present time. But one thing we do know for sure is that Ami Magazine was featured on the BPJCC's Partner Engagement Plan just a few months later (see here). Their “potential role” was to “publish Bi-weekly articles on furthering public health and on combatting misinformation”.

Once again, note that we are not talking about content that is clearly marked as sponsored, but government propaganda masquerading as regular articles – every two weeks! If it seemed to you that Ami was more than a little obsessed with “furthering public health” and waging a jihad against “misinformation”, maybe a “partner engagement plan” had something to do with it.

But pumping out covid propaganda in the form of articles was just part of the overall strategy. Intelligence-gathering about the Orthodox Jewish community, and how best to manipulate them, was a critical component of the operation. The Judenrat at the BPJCC planned to meet with their partners at Ami to “pull data” and “meet with Ami staff to discuss the effectiveness of the articles and ideas how to further spread correct public health information.”

While you were reading the article, they were reading you.

Also note how the BPJCC slavishly referred to government-sponsored and approved information as “correct” information. They were all in, no questions asked.

Working with Ami was designated as a high priority.

If you believe all of this is perfectly fine, by all means, renew your subscription. If you don't think this is perfectly fine, but your supposedly “kosher” Shabbos reading material matters more to you, then do the same.

If, however, you feel betrayed, and you believe this conduct is horrific, maybe you should send a message to Mishpacha, Ami, and all the other pretend-kosher media that really counts. For example, perhaps the next time they “pull data on weekly magazine circulation” they will learn that Trojan horse media are no longer welcome in Orthodox Jewish homes – even if they have interesting articles and kosher recipes. Perhaps the next time the government or other shady entities want to subvert Jewish media to push “correct” information, there won't be any takers.

It's your choice. You always have a choice.

To be continued.



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