`231 Moles and Mosrim in Brooklyn Part 4
Chananya Weissman

September 18, 2022


On March 23, 2022 there was a third meeting between representatives from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH), the Boro Pork Jewish Community Council (BPJCC), the Boro Park Y (BPY), and the Jewish Orthodox Women's Medical Association (JOWMA). The main order of business, as usual, was conspiring to infiltrate the Orthodox Jewish world with culturally tailored "vaccine" propaganda. (The meeting notes are available here.)

The meeting started, as always, with a detailed breakdown of "vaccination" rates based on zip codes, age, and ethnicity. These government representatives and their operatives on the ground are obsessed with race and targeting populations with tailored propaganda based on race – all in the name of fighting racism. They could rebrand hell as heaven and sell tickets for it, too.

The rest of the meeting was taken over by JOWMA. JOWMA's official mission as stated on its tax forms is "To support and advance the careers of religious Jewish female physicians through educational, networking and mentoring opportunities." That little cover story doesn't stand up to a moment's scrutiny. JOWMA's real mission is to infiltrate the Orthodox Jewish world with vaccine propaganda and messages that are antithetical to the Torah. This is pretty much all they do, and the little else they do is mere camouflage. These harsh accusations are substantiated in great detail here.

Indeed, they introduced themselves to their Judenrat colleagues in the meeting as an " organization [that] serves as a network to Jewish physicians and trainees [and] also does outreach and education to the orthodox Jewish community".

What sort of "outreach" does JOWMA do to their supposed co-religionists? What gaping need is JOWMA purporting to fill in the Orthodox world? What gives them the authority to "educate" the Orthodox world about anything – including medical matters – and who nominated them to collaborate with the government on this enterprise? Who funds them, and why?

We are not supposed to ask these questions. They are Jewish! And Orthodox! And women! They speak in the name of Judaism and science! How can we suspect them of impropriety?

This is a good time to remind readers that JOWMA has more open homosexuals on its board than rabbis (zero of the latter, to be exact).

Yet, somehow, the "O" in their acronym – their mere self-identification as an Orthodox group – has been sufficient cover for this shady front group to cross the checkpoints. Their advertisements are welcome in "religious" media with supposedly strict guidelines against improper content. They conduct programming within the Orthodox world as if they are a genuine part of it. All because they call themselves Jewish and Orthodox, and dubiously dress the part.

JOWMA continued their presentation with "special considerations" for the government and their Judenrat in order to successfully target Orthodox Jews with propaganda. The first was as follows:

"Orthodox Jewish print media is a critical tool for disseminating information – informational must be available regardless of internet access".

On the surface this seems to be a mere practical consideration: many Orthodox Jews severely curtail their Internet usage or abstain from it completely, so other methods must be deployed to reach them.

But there is something far deeper at play here. Orthodox Jews heavily trust the editors of their "religious" media of choice to screen material – including paid advertisements – to ensure that it is appropriate and "kosher". This is, in fact, the primary reason they subscribe to these publications in the first place.

So for something to appear in Orthodox Jewish print media is, for many people, a de facto stamp of approval. Surely the editors – and the rabbinic authorities who supposedly guide them – would never print something unless it passed a rigorous purity test. Consequently, the discerning Jewish consumer no longer needs to be so discerning. He's in good hands.

This mentality of outsourcing one's religious safekeeping to "trusted experts" has overtaken almost all aspects of Jewish society. Our grandmothers kashered their own chickens. Today everything is neatly prepared for us, and we just need to look for whatever kosher symbol is supposedly "the best". What makes one better than the next is anyone's guess, and it's best not to probe; we might have very few options left.

We used to teach our own children, or directly hire and supervise the people responsible for doing so on our behalf. Today we beg yeshivos to accept our children and make good little cookie cutters out of them. After hundreds of thousands of dollars in tuition, the average Orthodox Jewish child is likely to emerge illiterate, confused, and disaffected, but the do-it-yourself option is too inconvenient and socially unacceptable. Besides, the people in charge know best.

And, of course, we have to outsource all our personal decision-making to religious authorities who are presumed to speak with divine inspiration. We are instructed to spend a great portion of our time learning Torah, yet we derive little to no practical use from it; the benefits of Torah study, at least for all but the elite, are strictly spiritual in nature. We are stymied from making even the simplest decisions based on our learning, or even questioning religious leaders who seem to contradict elementary teachings.

We are urged to learn, but we are not allowed to know anything. Just to follow instructions.

This is why JOWMA and their ilk could bombard the Orthodox Jewish media with primitive propaganda for years on end without furious backlash toward anyone involved. The editors approved the ads, with the blessing and close supervision of impeccable rabbis, so the message must be fine.

Live in terror of Covid. Do whatever the authorities say. Most of all, take the shots.

The entire system conditions Orthodox Jews to be helpless, mindless prey.

The other "special considerations" were far more insidious: "Intergenerational trauma and the Holocaust is a factor in the potential lack of trust in government-funded services and resources. Rabbinic and non-Rabbinic community leadership and individual healthcare are the most trusted. Awareness of community values and vulnerabilities."

The Jews generally knew better than to trust German soldiers in black uniforms, which is why Judenrat were indispensable to the smooth running of the extermination, from start to finish. We learned to say “Never again”, which is why Judenrat continue to be indispensable (some lessons didn't sink in). JOWMA identified rabbis, doctors, and community leaders as the people Jews trust the most, and therefore these people would be recruited as Judenrat.

What's remarkable is not the strategy – it's an obvious one – but how glibly they could propose it. Let's just get rabbis, doctors, and community leaders to carry the government's water. No problem. Piece of cake.

Furthermore, JOWMA's attitude toward rabbis is the height of hubris, though not unjustified. From its very inception in April 2019, they usurped the role of rabbis by issuing halachic declarations in the press and even lobbied rabbis to rescind previous statements about vaccines.

How in the world did they get away with this?

The real outrage is not that they infiltrated the Orthodox world with vile propaganda, but that it was so easy. Rabbis and community leaders were thrilled to outsource their responsibilities and function as mouthpieces for heretical government authorities.  Their only cognitive involvement would be to kasher it up with rhetoric disguised as Torah.

Three years later JOWMA was sharing everything they learned with the government and their fellow collaborators at the BPJCC.

They shared their “lessons from the 2019 Measles outbreak response”, which, contrary to JOWMA's stated purpose, was their first order of business upon creation. Suspicions that this outbreak was a planned trial run for Covid, an intelligence-gathering operation before the big one, are most reasonable.

JOWMA also noted their massive advertising blitz (paid for by whom?) and “partnership with Orthodox Union E-blast”.

Why did the Orthodox Union partner with JOWMA, a nascent group that was Orthodox in name only? We are forced to ask at this point if the Orthodox Union itself is Orthodox in name only. After all, when one “partner” tests positive for heresy and corruption, everyone they came into contact with must be isolated as well.

Considering how the OU pushed Covid propaganda, dutifully distorting the Torah to justify it, the question is merely rhetorical. Outsourcing kashrus seems like a worse idea with each passing minute.

JOWMA then noted that “Anti-vaxxer organizations are also in full force”. As we noted previously, these “organizations” of concerned citizens with no funding and the deck stacked against them should have been no match for the government and its horde of influential collaborators.

“JCC suggests considering shifting focus more towards elderly populations within these resistant communities”. Why would they pick on the elderly? Most likely because the elderly are more worried about their health, more dependent on doctors and others, and more easily duped.

They were easy targets. And they could be exploited to weaken “resistance” in other parts of the community.

Elder abuse at the highest levels of government and community leadership.

JOWMA also noted that they would be “applying for VEPE funding”. This stands for Vaccine Equity Partner Engagement, which is mumbo-jumbo for payoffs to push Covid shots. A fine example of propaganda from this funding targeting Harlem residents can be found here.

We make fun of Chinese propaganda. How could that stuff work? How could people be so stupid? Then we see a picture of someone who resembles us, with a dumbed-down quote and a feel-good message, and we take the cheap bait.

This was right up JOWMA's alley, and they were happy to share tips and tricks with the BPJCC.

Because when it comes to waging war on the Jewish people, there are no rivalries.

To be continued.



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