`230 Moles and Mosrim in Brooklyn Part 3
Chananya Weissman

September 13, 2022


On March 9, 2022 the BPJCC had another meeting that was attended by five of their staff, including President Avi Greenstein and David Rubel, a freelance consultant whose fingerprints are all over the propaganda campaign targeting the Orthodox Jewish community. Being that this was a propaganda campaign, not genuine education about health issues, Rubel's lack of medical background was irrelevant to the key role he played. He was a marketing mercenary.

Also present were thirteen representatives from the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH), one from the Boro Park Y (BPY), and, of course, a mole from JOWMA. Vaccines, Jews, and JOWMA always go together.

The meeting notes are available here.

By this time the BPJCC had really gotten down to business. The purpose of this meeting was to review their recent activities, assess their vaccine-promoting strategies, and present upcoming initiatives to further infiltrate the Orthodox world with government propaganda.

The meeting began with updated data about where specific zip codes and ethnic groups stood in terms of taking the shots, which is a totally normal and appropriate thing for governments to track. Of course, the official purpose for this was to “encourage” those who lagged behind and help them access this vital “health service”, but the real purpose was to target ethnic groups whose personal medical choices were displeasing to those in power.

Specifically, Orthodox Jews.

They noted that in Boro Park, “Ezra Medical Center is the vaccination site that has vaccinated the most children”. What nachas.

The BPJCC then took over the rest of the meeting with a lengthy presentation on their activities and intelligence gathering. An event with their colleagues at the Boro Park Y “included a lecture on heart health since February was heart health month”. Consistent with their strategy to introduce vaccine propaganda en passant, they distributed masks and test kits when they tested the blood pressure of attendees. More importantly, this was a “Good opportunity for CHWs [community health workers] and a local doctor to correct misinformation community members may have heard through word of mouth and give them the facts”. The “communication strategy” was “personable not pressure”.

As this was heart health month, one wonders if these facts included the risks of myocarditis, blood clots, and other assorted scientific gifts from taking the shots.

One also wonders why the battle against “misinformation” is a continuous theme with these faithful public servants. Why has this been such a thorn in their side? Why have they continuously lost ground to spreaders of “misinformation” as time has gone on, up until the very present?

After all, the game could hardly be more stacked in favor of public health dictators. If you take them at their word, “the science” is totally on their side, the “data” is totally on their side, the Torah is totally on their side, and the overwhelming majority of doctors and “experts” are on their side. The “fact-checkers” say so! As if that's not enough, the media carries their water, as does the entertainment industry and all the tech powerhouses.

The public health dictators have virtually all the power, all the money, and the biggest microphones to spread their “facts”, while the spreaders of “misinformation” have every disadvantage. Most of all, the public health dictators are promoting a miraculous pharmaceutical product, and, unlike most such products, offering it to everyone for free. How in the world could a bunch of crazy anti-vaxxers and discredited quacks convince so many people? How could those with every advantage imaginable be losing ground so badly as time goes on?

It's as if they were offering free Lamborghinis, but a few misfits who never drove a car claimed it's junk – and the misfits were convincing more people with each passing day! It's the greatest underdog story in history, or the biggest bunch of losers in history. Either that, or the product ain't that great after all, and the truth has a way of coming out in spite of all the censorship. No other explanation makes sense.

But the government representatives and their Judenrat minions were oblivious to this. The BPJCC representatives presented six strategies to indoctrinate the Orthodox Jewish community to take the Covid shots.

Strategy 1 was “myth-busting”, which they identified as the “greatest challenge in the community”. Again, one wonders why it would be so challenging to bust myths about the shots when the facts should be so clear and indisputable. The shots should be selling themselves, even if a few scoffers make ridiculous claims.

The “myth-busting” propaganda campaign featured numerous items, commensurate with its importance. First was the formation of a “Medical advisory group – BPJCC has reached out to doctors in the community to begin working on messaging and strategies, discussing what the most effective forms of communication would be”.

So we have government-paid Judenrat recruiting doctors in the community to collaborate on the best way to manipulate their unsuspecting neighbors who don't want a certain pharmaceutical product to take it anyway. After all, the trusted family doctor, a pillar of the community, recommends it. Not only is he an expert, but I see him in shul every day. Surely he is providing his unbiased medical opinion, and is concerned first and foremost with our health.

What, you really believe the doctor I see in shul every day had a secret meeting with the government to figure out how to trick me? You're crazy!

Yet that's exactly what happened. And everyone involved is convinced that this is perfectly normal, totally acceptable, even virtuous – and then they bemoan the fact that people don't trust them.

The “myth-busting” strategy also included widespread distribution of printed propaganda in Yiddish and English. “This will act as their “calling card” – easy to digest, but will have a firm message”. No bones about it – take the shots.

The BPJCC would also be placing advertisements in two magazines, as well as a “4-page supplement to be printed for the issue before Passover”. Expense reports show that the BPJCC had $150,000 allocated for advertising just for a few zip codes – a veritable war chest. Although they were not mentioned in the meeting notes, most likely they meant Ami and Mishpacha. Information that will later be released strongly indicates this.

Of course, since the BPJCC was now operating as a mouthpiece for the government, “all language for brochure and magazine supplements will be shared with DOHMH team for review before publication”.

Strategy 3 was to “partner with” the Flatbush Jewish Community Coalition and the Flatbush Jewish Journal, because you can never expand your network of Judenrat far enough. When it comes to propagandizing on behalf of the government, we see Jewish unity like nowhere else.

Strategy 4 was perhaps the most sinister, and that's saying a lot. “Introducing 2-week public health module to Yeshivas, grades 5-8...Goal is for this curriculum to be accepted by the Boys and Girls Yeshivas (via the Yeshiva’s Principals Association)...They would feel more comfortable working with BPJCC to develop the curriculum as opposed to using a curriculum that has already been set...Could potentially be expanded throughout the school year...The need is more public health than biology/anatomy”.

Listen here to David Rubel, the non-Orthodox consultant for the BPJCC, outlining this insidious propaganda campaign targeting Brooklyn's Orthodox Jews, in a leaked recording from March 28, 2022.

The school they tapped to be the laboratory for this “curriculum” was Bnos Jerusalem of Belz in Boro Park. See the attached page from their “Partner Engagement Plan”. (Also note how indoctrinating Hasidic children with Covid-propaganda under the guise of science education was a High Priority for the BPJCC, while helping people without food and improving services for victims of abuse and domestic violence were of medium and low priority, respectively. A million dollars in grants goes a long way in shaping priorities.)

There is so much wrong here that an article can be devoted to this alone. First of all, we are dealing with Orthodox Jews for whom private yeshiva education is one of the bedrocks of their existence. For the BPJCC to covertly insinuate government-sponsored propaganda, to hijack the curriculum under the guise of a science class – unbeknownst to parents, of course – is perhaps the ultimate act of betrayal.

Moreover, this was not a one-time special class on the presumed dangers of Covid and wonders of the shots – bad enough as that would be – but the first step in permanently altering the curriculum to indoctrinate young Jewish boys and girls about “public health” inside the sacred walls of yeshiva. Indeed, “the need is more public health than biology/anatomy”. In other words, there wasn't even any pretense about educating Orthodox children about actual science (the Messianic fantasy of “modern” folk for the primitive Yiddish-speaking Jews they love to hate), but to proselytize about “public health”.

(A similar, though less pernicious effort, occurred during the times of the Chafetz Chaim, as discussed here. What would he have said about the BPJCC and their fellow Judenrat?)

The meeting concluded with a discussion on the possibility of collaborating with “well-respected doctors” in Israel on “strategies”. Because when it comes to leading Orthodox Jews astray, all the enemies of the Jewish people, within and without, need to overcome their differences and work together.

To be continued.



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