`228 Moles and Mosrim in Brooklyn Part 1
Chananya Weissman

September 6, 2022


Note: The following links lead to documents pertaining to the moles and mosrim in Brooklyn. Read through the signed contract in which you were sold and delivered for blood money, in the tradition of the Judenrat and Zionist collaborators. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

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The Borough Park Jewish Community Council (BPJCC) and its president, Avi Greenstein, have been pushing the Covid shots on the Jewish community with a zeal that could only come from a deep moral/religious conviction or massive financial incentives. Which is it? Recently obtained information that we were not supposed to see sheds light on this important question.

In October of 2021 the BPJCC applied for a Covid19 Disparities grant, which was a thinly veiled payoff from the government to push the shots under the guise of equal access to health services. The government was seeking well-situated prostitutes to push their propaganda on populations that didn't trust them, and the BPJCC was applying for the job.

Greenstein demonstrated that he fully understood the role his organization was meant to play, stating at the outset: “I attest that upon receiving this award, my organization will be advertised as a network hub for navigation of COVID- 19 services and information for the selected neighborhood and serve any community residents in the catchment area.”

He later supported his case as follows: “We had a vaccination drive where we worked with 12 health focused staff who went out into the community to promote vaccinations for seniors and Holocaust Survivors. We also worked with several staff navigators to help people with health insurance applications.”

Indeed, Holocaust survivors were cynically exploited to market the shots, with special grants allocated specifically for this purpose. (See here, here, and here.) The BPJCC and their colleagues at Ezra Medical Center were right in the middle of this, and the media showered them with positive coverage.

Greenstein's efforts paid off in a big way. The Fund for Public Health in New York, a “nonprofit corporation” working on behalf of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services signed an agreement with Greenstein, awarding the BPJCC more than a million dollars in grants. To put this in perspective, this would nearly double their annual budget of $1.3 million at the time of the application.

Appendix A of the agreement left little room for confusion about what this was really all about:

“The objectives of the funding are to:  

  • Increase trust regarding the COVID-19 vaccine
  • Increase access to and provide navigation support for obtaining the vaccine and vaccine booster and COVID-19 testing

  • Provide education about vaccine facts, transmissibility, how to keep children safe, and general information on COVID-19 prevention.”

One can only wonder what paid marketing agents for a pharmaceutical product were supposed to do if certain “vaccine facts” conflicted with the objective of increasing trust in said product. Would these “facts” be included in the “education”, or would inconvenient information be omitted from the curriculum? What oversight was there to ensure that the “target propulations” receive the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help them God?

In a word: none.

Required Activities/Tasks included: “Community Outreach: Market and promote COVID-19 prevention, testing and vaccination services to community members through advertisement in local media outlets, digital channels, canvassing, flyering, postering, or other outreach efforts to reach the priority population. Contractor will be responsible for twelve (12) 3-hour flyering and canvassing sessions per invoice period (4 weeks); placing at least 150 posters in high-traffic locations per invoice period.”

Also included in the required propaganda campaign were weekly “educational sessions” and regular social media posts. Needless to say, these social media posts were not marked as “sponsored content”.

Unlike cushy government contracts through which members of the privileged class pay each other off at public expense, this was no easy money. The NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) required detailed accounting of all activity and expenses. Was this a sudden rare case of fiscal responsibility from the government, or was this propaganda campaign targeting specific zip codes in Brooklyn with a heavy Orthodox Jewish concentration extremely important to them?

When in history have secular governments shown such deep concern for the health and wellbeing of Orthodox Jews? Was this highly sophisticated government operation to market and promote a needle in every arm, with special priority for Holocaust survivors, a philanthropic effort to protect Jewish life, or something far more sinister?

One of the “deliverables” the BPJCC was contracted to provide, called “Community Engagement and Education”, came with the following requirement.

“The following must be submitted and approved by DOHMH prior to payment:

      1. Weekly reporting of required deliverable data, as specified in Appendix A

      2. If less than 100% completion is achieved for the invoice period, a written justification must be submitted and accepted by DOHMH for payment to be made.”

The last clause was underlined by the government. Nothing less than 100% completion of the mission would be acceptable.

The aforementioned Appendix A was a 10-page document outlining in great detail the “Scope of Services” that the Judenrat, er, contractor was to provide from December 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022. The first item mentioned under General Responsibilities reads as follows:

“Ensure all information disseminated in materials, messaging and outreach is consistent with DOHMH and CDC guidance. Updated guidance will be incorporated within two business days of distribution by DOHMH.”

In other words, the BPJCC contractually obligated itself to be a mouthpiece for the government and the CDC, while posing as neighborhood Jews providing unbiased healthcare information to their brethren.

The seventh item reads as follows:

“Contractor shall follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s guidelines for incentives. Allowable incentives include generic gift cards, store vouchers, fare cards for transportation, and gas cards. Unallowable incentives include cash, lottery tickets, alcohol, drugs, entertainment expenses, food, commemorative or promotional items, and gift cards that endorse a vendor. Contractor will track distribution of all incentives using the Incentive Distribution Log provided by FPHNYC and submit logs for each invoice period.”

For all that we've heard about the sacred “CDC guidelines”, they never told us that the CDC also had official guidelines for how to psychologically manipulate people to take Covid shots. It was obvious that there was a well-planned, coordinated program in place, but seeing this noted in an official contract with community drug-pushers is remarkable.

Even more remarkable is the way all of this was tracked and logged down to the smallest details. Every small bit of information about the subjects was being researched and analyzed. Indeed, one of BPJCC's responsibilities was to gather intelligence about the Jews of Brooklyn, relay it to the government, and assist in fine-tuning efforts to manipulate the subjects.

This astounding attention to detail is not something we are used to from government programs with huge budgets. When combined with such emphasis on intelligence gathering, behavior modification, and controlling the population, it's reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

The work was daunting and the requirements demanding, but the payment for services was commensurate.

The government had a Jewish problem and needed insiders to deliver results. The BPJCC – with the collaboration of many others inside the community – was up to the task.

To be continued.



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