2022 Yeshiva University forced out of the closet
Chananya Weissman

September 2, 2022


Someone sent me an image of the front page of the Jewish Press this week and I was SHOCKED.





The Jewish Press is $3 now?  It used to be a buck!  Outrageous!


News about the gays and God-knows-what-else running around there does not shock me.  Why should it?  This is what Yeshiva University is.  Bar Ilan University is a secular college with Torah classes.  At this point, what makes YU fundamentally different?  They are a Yeshiva in name only, for marketing purposes more than anything else, and they sold out a long time ago. 


They forced everyone to take death shots and obstruct their breathing.  The "Roshei Yeshiva" who were instrumental in whitewashing this un-Jewish policy have little to say now.  So now let them be forced to roll out the red carpet for moral deviants.  It serves them right.  This is what they are: moral deviants.


I spoke about this on my Medical War Crimes Show exactly a year ago, here.


Ari Berman, the President of Yeshiva University, sent out the following attempt at damage control: https://www.yu.edu/case-faqs.


A few highlights:


"Why is this case in the US court system?


Yeshiva University was brought to court based on the claim that it is not religious enough to be allowed to make its own decision on religious matters. The court case is solely about YU’s freedom to act according to its values without government interference."


That's the thing with federal funding.  It comes with increased government interference.  Don't play innocent now.  


"Does Yeshiva University welcome LGBTQ students in its undergraduate schools?



We welcome, love and care for all our students, including our LGBTQ students. We place a specific emphasis of importance on supporting our LGBTQ students. There are a number of ways we express this support, including hosting an LGBTQ support group, requiring LGBTQ sensitivity training to all of our rabbis and faculty and presenting public events so that all of our students better understand the experience of being LGBTQ and Orthodox. And, of course, we uphold our strong anti-bullying and anti-discrimination policies. We understand that a number of our LGBTQ students think YU should be doing more for them including establishing a student club. We had been engaged in a constructive dialogue with our students to work on building an even more inclusive campus experience.


However, when we were sued with the claim that we do not have the right to make our own decisions, the matter changed entirely from an LGBTQ discussion to defending the future of our institution."


Love, love, love.  Can't you feel the love?  What exactly is the "experience of being LGBTQ and Orthodox"?  Is that like the experience of being an idolater and Orthodox, a "minor-attracted person" and Orthodox, or any number of examples we can come up with?


When will YU's glorious Roshei Yeshiva explain this to us instead of the PR department?  They seem to have become deaf mutes, as is their wont.


"Is Yeshiva University accepting of LGBTQ staff and personnel as well?




When will YU introduce its first LGBTQ+++ Rosh Yeshiva, or face a lawsuit for turning down an applicant for the position?  


"Why is the university defending this right and appealing all the way to the Supreme Court?


Once we were brought to court, this no longer was about an LGBTQ club, but our ability to make decisions for ourselves about our religious environment.

The plaintiffs have argued that YU is not a religious institution and, thus not empowered to decide matters pertaining to religion."


I think the plaintiffs have a point, though not necessarily for the reasons they argued.


"Hopefully we will be able to restore a just sense of religious liberty and return to a constructive dialogue with our students to work together to build an even more inclusive, loving campus environment that is a blessing to all of our students and a model of discourse and harmony to our society."


YU = Woke U.


When people asked me to send them letters of religious exemption for YU, I indulged them, but also asked why they would want to attend or send their child to a religious institution that is not aligned with their religious principles.  Honestly, what is more absurd than seeking a religious exemption to attend a religious institution?  


Maybe the experience of being LGBTQ and Orthodox, but that's about it. 


So, yes, the Jewish Press charging $3 is shocking.  YU being forced to come out of the closet is not.  If they asked me for a religious exemption, I'd tell them to get lost.