`216 Controlled Opposition - The Erev Rav and the "Religious Zionists"
Chananya Weissman

July 28, 2022


Watch this 2009 Meraglim documentary on the betrayal of the Yesha Council to enable the destruction of the Jewish communities of Gush Katif.

Watch how the Erev Rav phonies worked hand in hand with the Israeli police, the "holy" IDF, and the propaganda media to mislead well-meaning but naive and gullible "religious Zionists". This is EXACTLY what the Judenrat did for the Nazis, assisting them in keeping the Jews docile and compliant so they could be led like lambs to the slaughter.

The documentary concludes with the following defiant words: "We will not let the spies get away with it again."

Then came the masks, the house arrests ("quarantines" and "lockdowns"), the bodily invasions and DNA harvesting ("PCR tests"), the death shots, and the Nazi-style gesundheit papers ("green passports"). Same Erev Rav, same propaganda tactics – in many cases the same characters! And the Dati Leumi fell for it all like no other segment of the population. They made a religion out of being slaughtered and turning against their own to serve the state.

Baaaaaah. Baaaaaaaaah.

Just a few years after helping destroy Gush Katif, many of the same Erev Rav still hold positions of influence within the Dati Leumi world. And the Dati Leumi are as obedient and compliant as ever. They make an avoda zara out of the state and the IDF as much as ever.

The Erev Rav plays them like fiddles. Same playbook, same results.


* * *

It's easy for us who understand what's going on to stay in our little cocoons of like-minded people and give up on trying to reach people at this point. This is a catastrophic mistake. So what if they continue to deny reality? So what if they continue to dismiss powerful evidence because remaining under the spell is so much easier? We are not allowed to give up fighting — for them! I'm telling you, I see it in my own life. The guy in shul who publicly screamed daily at everyone for not wearing a mask (including me, which didn't turn out well for him) no longer wears one himself, and he is pleasant to me. People in my family who mocked the “conspiracy” are still not fully on board with reality, but they are starting to have serious doubts.

Most of all: just a short time ago we wouldn't be able to get away with calling out these phony rabbis and “Jewish government” as Erev Rav working hand in hand with Amalek to destroy us. The backlash from those around us would be overwhelming. Now the backlash is an extreme, toothless minority. The aura surrounding these phonies is being eroded. Their armor is being pierced. They are like a boxer that has taken some serious body blows and is starting to wobble, even though he keeps throwing haymakers.

This is not the time to let up. This is the time to keep pushing, harder than ever, and finally break the spell of the Erev Rav. Don't be discouraged by the fools and miscreants who refuse to listen. Just keep going.

If the people who know the truth won't share it with the people who don't, who will?




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