`213 The Torah on Unborn Children Part 1
Chananya Weissman

July 7, 2022


What is the actual Jewish view on the alleged “right” to kill unborn children, and who can speak with any degree of credibility on the subject?

According to the secular media and their heretical ilk, the Jewish view is very complex, with a wide divergence of opinions. Although some opinions are extremely restrictive, others are permissive. That alone gives us not only the license to follow the permissive opinions, but, considering new understandings of “morality”, the obligation to adopt the most permissive opinion and discard all others. After all, many women really, really want to get rid of their unborn children, and any decent person would accommodate them. Only a horrible human being would point to a Torah and say no to anyone, ever.

Furthermore, even if the most permissive opinion is an extreme minority, even if it is radical, even if it is limited to specific, extremely rare cases, and even if Torah-observant Jewry historically rejected this position, we are obligated to vaunt this opinion to the top of the totem pole today. Makes perfect sense, if God exists to serve Man and the Torah exists for Man to “interpret” it however he desires.

But even this is not enough. Once a permissive position has been discovered or, more often, rationalized by cobbling together disparate sources and taking them wildly out of context, it is not viewed as the endpoint, the absolute and final limit to what can, in rare situations, be permitted. Rather, it is a starting point for further “progress”, the opening to normalize that which was historically forbidden and continue to push the envelope from there. Ultimately, the exceptions will become the rule, and the actual Torah position will be turned completely on its head – all in the name of the Torah.

Erev Rav 101.

Naturally, according to the secular media and their heretical ilk, anyone can speak with credibility on the subject. Well, not anyone, but anyone who is eager to play this game. This conveniently excludes the overwhelming majority of God-fearing people who devote their lives to studying Torah – all of it – and changing their lives to suit Jewish law, not the reverse. Actual knowledge and credentials are unnecessary when it comes to articulating the Jewish position on something.

The same people who made up a rule that you can't comment on masks and poison shots without being an “expert” – the definition of which varied as needed to exclude whoever expressed an unfavorable opinion – decided that neither expertise nor credentials nor even living a distinctly Jewish life are requirements to speak authoritatively on the Jewish view of the regressive cause du jour.

Then they call you a hypocrite.

The very notion that the media can be trusted to accurately present the Jewish view on anything is ludicrous. First of all, they have shown themselves over the last two years (and beyond) to be professional liars whose job it is to manipulate, not inform. The media specializes in technical truths and innuendo, not actual journalism and truth-telling. And it doesn't matter what side of the political aisle they pretend to represent; it's all a game. They dress up like they are “on your side”, and then they pull your strings.

Who's pulling their strings? That's what really matters.

But even if we pretended that the media was not out to manipulate you, their “reporting” on the Jewish view is still ludicrous. Consider the various “Jewish groups” and “experts” they tend to cite – a circus of malcontents who are Jewish in name only. (See examples here and here.) These people do not believe in the Talmud, they do not revere our sages, and they do not live in accordance with Talmudic law. The overwhelming majority of these people couldn't even pick a Talmud off a bookshelf. How dare they browbeat people with a line from somewhere as if they know what they are talking about, or as if they respect what the Talmud says altogether?

It is doubtful they are even Jewish according to the very same Talmud. Considering the rate of intermarriage where they come from, and their dismissal of the laws of conversion, they are about as Jewish as a ham sandwich. Yet these are the “experts” the media turns to for the “Jewish position” and grants the most favorable coverage.

One doesn't need to be a Torah scholar or even Jewish to recognize that this is a massive con job. If you learn one page of Talmud a day, it will take you fifteen years to go through everything once – which itself hardly makes one an expert. Even then, the Talmud is not simply a book that one reads; one must learn how to learn, like a child learning to crawl long before he takes his first step. One cannot cherry-pick a few words from somewhere and act like that represents the complete picture. And no one can turn the Torah on its head, no matter how clever and enlightened he believes himself to be.

It's telling that the heretics and distorters cannot point to sources in Jewish law that favor the actual killing of unborn children. Their “evidence” is nothing more than a collection of innuendo, a small number of remarks about unborn children which – taken out of context and blown to ridiculous proportions – can trick people into believing that unborn children aren't alive, don't really matter, and can be discarded like waste matter. Somehow Jewish law and life never reflected their warped understanding of these Talmudic sources that they claim is so obvious, yet these phonies insist that this is the actual Jewish view.

Furthermore, the heretics and distorters make no attempt to acknowledge and reconcile the numerous Torah sources that clearly conflict with their position. This is because their actual goal is not to determine the Torah's true position, but to legitimize their own, by hook or by crook.

In reality, however, no Torah source can be dismissed, for they all complement one another. Not only do “their” sources not support what they are promoting, they fit smoothly with the Torah's actual position that unborn children are alive and precious, even in the early days of gestation. There is no contradiction, and the matter – at least as it pertains to killing these children – is not complex.

In the next article I will explain “their” sources in their proper context, which the heretics and distorters never do. It will then be abundantly clear that those who seek to normalize the killing of unborn children, and claim the Torah supports them, have nothing on which to stand.




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