`210 Korach and Social Justice Warriors
Chananya Weissman

June 21, 2022


The delusional sociopaths who identify as progressives are, as usual, just the opposite of what they claim. Everything they are forcing on society today – without our consent, like rapists – has been done before. If they were honest, they would identify as primitive, regressive extremists – even terrorists, for so many people live in abject terror of raising a peep of objection, and for good reason.

Homosexual marriage dates back to the times of Noach, when that little social experiment first brought God's wrath upon the world. I'm sure He appreciates the way today's love-spreaders chose the rainbow as their symbol for parading over thou-shalt-nots. They stick it in God's face as they stick it in ours.

Crossdressing harks back to ancient times as well (Devarim 22:5), and its direct association with sexual immorality was the real point back then, too (Rashi). It's one of a handful of things the Torah refers to as to'eva, an abomination, something to be utterly rejected. Today's faux-progressives can play dress-up more convincingly, abetted by technological advances in mutilation, but intellectually speaking they are still mere copycats.

Note: Charges of “homophobia” and its newly born pretend-child, “transphobia”, are similarly misapplied. It shouldn't surprise us, but they can't even get it right with the name-calling. First of all, considering the destruction this sort of behavior has historically wrought upon the world, and the clear biblical warnings not to play that game again, there is plenty to be afraid of. The activists who are raping society with this ideology are endangering people far more than they like to believe anyone is threatening them. Yet more projection from the different-rules-for-you, faux-equity camp.

Second of all, if someone were afraid of these lost souls and their demonic activists, the last thing he would do these days is publicly stand up to them. The real homophobes and transphobes are the billions of people who stay quiet and indulge them out of fear.

If only they feared God even one percent as much, the world would truly be a better place.

Their defiant attacks against God are nothing new. “If God really existed, why is there so much suffering in the world?” Gee, Einstein, what a brilliant question! It's incredible that no one ever thought of it in all these thousands of years (or, as you believe, billions of years). What an enlightened intellectual you are!

But it gets even worse. The very notion of “social justice”, of pretending to care about the suffering of innocent people as a pretext to profit and push some agenda, dates back to ancient times, too.

This week we read about Korach, a great man who destroyed himself and those around him because he was jealous of Moshe. Of course, the “narrative” he presented was quite different. Korach accused Moshe of exalting himself over the people and giving special treatment to cronies. How dare he? All the people were holy! Equality!

Korach's solution? Simple. He would exalt himself over the people and give special treatment to cronies, just to make sure nothing like this could ever happen again.

The most common buzzword in political campaigns is “change”. But what ever changes, really? The leaders, regardless of who they are, live privileged, sheltered lives, while the ordinary people continue to get hosed. Once they finish pandering for your vote, good luck ever reaching them – unless you're very rich or a public relations opportunity.

Nevertheless, that's what Korach promised the people. Change! It isn't fair that only Aharon could serve as a Kohen Gadol. It isn't fair that Levites can't do the jobs of Kohanim. Anything a Kohen can do, a Levi can do just as well, or better! Korach whipped up a frenzy, challenging accepted norms and fighting for equal rights.

One of Korach's followers was a man by the name of Ohn ben Peles, from the tribe of Reuven. Ohn had a very sagacious wife. “What difference does this make to you?” she challenged him. “If this one is in charge, you will be his underling, and if that one is in charge, you will be his underling.”

Ohn realized that he had nothing to gain and everything to lose by supporting the rebellion. For all his grandiose speeches about equality, rights, and justice, Korach was just another self-interested, power-hungry person climbing on the backs of the people to achieve greater heights for himself. With his wife's assistance, he “called in sick” at the moment of truth, and was spared the bitter fate that met Korach and his followers (Sanhedrin 109B).

There is a great deal to be learned from these events. Today's social justice warriors follow in the path of Korach. They portray themselves as champions of the people, even as they have as little to do with regular people as possible. They lecture everyone about being more “inclusive”, while everywhere they go is exclusive, by invitation only, for only the most privileged.

Moreover, they are the worst enemies of every demographic they claim to support. They got nearly a century of mileage pretending to champion “women's rights”, and now they've literally defined women out of existence. They exploited women, then dumped them. “Progressives” are the greatest abusers of women in history.

The Korachs of our time played the same trick on various ethnic minorities. They excel at sowing discontent, stoking anger, turning people against one another, fomenting racism, even creating it when necessary, just so they can promise to make it all better – if you give them more power.

Of course, they never make anything better, at least for you. That would defeat the purpose. If everyone were content and in charge of their own destiny, they wouldn't need to enrich and empower con artists to save them. People like Korach can only get ahead by convincing people to be miserable, and keeping them in a constant state of discontent. They make machlokes – they divide people against themselves and each other.

This is why women in secular Western lands are more “liberated” than ever before in history, yet also the angriest, most perpetually discontent women in history. The day these women are allowed to be at peace with themselves and others is the day all the activists who get rich and powerful abusing them go out of business.

The homosexuals, crossdressers, and various other alphabet “communities” are doomed to suffer the same fate. The social justice warriors pretending to “fight for their rights” are their worst enemies, too. They too will be used and abused, just like the underdog women, who will grow old and die alone, bitter, disillusioned, and undefined.

In fact, the alphabet soup will have it far worse than the women ever did. Many of these people have caused permanent damage to their bodies. Furthermore, the same people who cajoled them and coddled them into this “identity” intend to criminalize any sort of therapy to assist them in returning to their natural state. If a homosexual person wants to leave the “community” and voluntarily seeks help, he should be told that it is impossible (false) and against the law to try. Just like the snake, just like Satan himself, they are literally ensnaring people, then keeping them captive until the bitter end.

It is no wonder that so many of these people kill themselves. Once ensnared in the cult of self-destruction, it's literally the only way out.

But so many people are getting rich and powerful on their backs. If you want to spread some rainbow love, there are countless millions in grants waiting for you, too. You want to teach Torah? Shame on you.

If all the useful idiots, the victims of social injustice, knew a little more Torah than “love your fellow” and “man was created in God's image”, they would know how things ended for Korach. The same Torah that they hijack to prey on the ignorant and promote their anti-Torah causes gives them a stark warning about trying to crash through boundaries that God placed upon all of us. The same Torah that inspires those who want a truly fair and just world warns us about those who abuse those ideals to vaunt themselves to the top.

The gender-bending, race-peddling, rabble-rousing Korachs of today are not progressive in any way. They are retreads, and their greatest victims are those they come to save. May the earth swallow them up and dump them in the deepest recesses of hell.

That will be progress.



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