`209 A Wake-Up Call for the Awake
Chananya Weissman

June 16, 2022


Unless you've been asleep the last couple of years, you're probably part of something known as the awake crowd. Like so many “identities” human beings create in order to stand out and fit in, what it means to be awake has never been clearly defined. Naturally, it means different things to different people, and whatever people seem to think it means frequently evolves as well.

It's hard to keep up with it, but I'm here to help.

One ironclad requirement for admission to the awake club is that you never took a covid crapcine, or you regret it and will never go back for more. This is entirely sensible; if you still believe these shots are “safe and effective”, or an otherwise reasonable option, you might be woke, but you sure aren't awake.

Beyond that, however, it gets really complicated. After all, it's abundantly clear that what's going on is much bigger than a difference of opinion over a pharmaceutical product. If you still don't realize that, I'm sorry to say you no longer qualify as awake.

The non-awake crowd (otherwise known as sheep) unflinchingly believes whatever the media reports, they care the most about the “top stories”, and they take whatever position the media helpfully decides for them as correct. The awake crowd rightfully views this with utter contempt.

Members of the awake crowd share information from all kinds of sources, conventional and otherwise, that counter the official line. It's fair to assume that much of this information is indeed true, but the awake crowd tends to be awfully quick to draw conclusions, and can be merciless toward those who don't toe the line. Kind of like the sheep, only the awake people are right, which makes it right. Right?

Once you join the awake crowd you will be pulled deep into rabbit holes. You will be bombarded with memes and blogs and articles and videos and documentaries and books. You will be sent more than 24-hours worth of material every 24 hours, all of which you MUST READ and MUST WATCH. There will also be many BOMBSHELLS, which is the awake version of a top story.

This information is rarely vetted by anyone, especially the bombshells. Sometimes the people forwarding all this stuff around will admit they didn't read and watch it themselves, but it looks great and really important. In unrelated news, these same people often refer to themselves as truth-seekers. This is how science is supposed to work, unlike how the sheep do it.

It also doesn't matter that there is a tremendous amount of overlap. You need to hear every testimony from every victim of the covid shots and act as if you are shocked. You need to hear every interview with every doctor who treated someone with Ivermectin as if learning about it for the first time. Or at least you need to pretend you saw it all and feign a reaction. Then you must forward it around, too.

You will hear a lot about people being red-pilled. This is a cultural reference that means someone who previously bought into the fake reality has now seen the light. Referring to waking up as taking a pharmaceutical product is an irony that has completely eluded the awake crowd.

You will hear about black hats and white hats. The black hats are the bad guys, the cabal. The white hats are the secret network of good guys who are fighting the black hats to save humanity. All of this is happening out of sight, but we get reports from anonymous sources that are 100% reliable. They cannot go into detail, because that would tip off the black hats, but big things are happening, and you need to be ready, whatever that means.

In fact, the white hats have already won. It's over. Many of the black hats have already been arrested and convicted in secret military trials. The rest of them are in hiding, or dead, and the bad guys are just keeping up appearances with holograms and video tricks.

What, you don't believe that? You suspect this might be a fantasy, a coping mechanism, or a ploy to keep you docile? You want to see actual evidence of victory? You want the victory to be so obvious that you don't need to be reassured day after day that we already won even as things get worse? You obviously need to be red-pilled.

It's not fair to generalize; most awake people are more down to earth. In fact, they are so down to earth that they argue vehemently about the shape of the earth. This is a BIG DEAL. This is the only way out of the situation! People need to accept that the earth is flat, and they need to make it their mission to convince everyone else of this, so they can realize that the government has lied to them about the shots and so many other things.

What, you already believe that the government lied about the shots and so many other things, but you don't think arguing about the shape of the earth is a priority, let alone a deal-breaker? You're just not ready.

The same is true when it comes to germ theory versus terrain theory, whether viruses actually exist at all, the amazing natural cure of the day for all illnesses, the reptilian origins of the bad guys, and so much more. The fact that some “conspiracy theories” have turned out to be real means that anything that counters some conventional belief is probably true as well. The more outlandish the theory, the more you must believe it – everything depends on it.

If you wind up on the wrong side of any of these issues, or you simply don't care, watch out. The awake police (not to be confused with the thought police) will become very belligerent very fast. They will call you names, make nasty personal comments, and call for you to be censored.

If a prominent awake person says something questionable, or if other, less prominent awake people are simply jealous of all the attention he's getting, they might even accuse him of being “controlled opposition”. That's a real favorite. They love subjecting their own to purity tests and ganging up against those who fail (which is everyone, eventually).

The awake crowd bullies dissidents and calls for censorship, to distinguish itself from those other guys.

Wouldn't it be great if the awake people were in charge instead?

Maybe they would have re-education camps for those who fail to take their red pills. Now that would be a refreshing change.

It seems that being awake isn't all it cracked up to be. Awake people can still have every character defect and personality flaw under the sun, just like their fully boosted counterparts. They can be irrational, hysterical, dogmatic, unpleasant, clannish, and cruel. Getting it right about the covid shots doesn't confer upon them wisdom or moral superiority. It doesn't magically remove all their other issues. It doesn't make it okay for them to be abusive. It just means they got it right about the covid shots.

When we stand before the Heavenly Court, they won't grill us about our views on terrain theory, the shape of the earth, or whether Klaus Schwab has an alligator inside him. They will grill us on how we conducted our lives and treated others. This is where we really need to get it right.

When enough people wake up to that, the good guys will win after all.



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