`207 Medical Tyranny Versus Authentic Torah Part 3
Chananya Weissman

June 6, 2022

Modern science is not merely driven by greed. It is at war with God.

The scientific and medical establishment (with individual exceptions) fails to recognize God as the creator and supreme authority of everything in the world. The more they discover, the more they should appreciate how little they truly know, and the more humbled they should be in the face of God's infinite wisdom.

Unfortunately, just the opposite occurs. They discover a little bit and think they are on the verge of knowing everything. If they know everything, they can control everything. If they control everything, then God is obsolete. Instead of acting as humble servants of God, they seek to displace Him.

This is why the scientific establishment views the nature that God created as a threat to be overcome. They warn us that the sun will eventually burn us up, or melt the ice caps and flood the earth, or burn itself out and cause us to freeze, so they must control the climate and everything therein. God doesn't enter into this conversation. Only science can save us.

They warn us that nature is constantly attacking us with deadly pathogens, which will kill off humanity unless modern science finds vaccines. Not to be deterred, nature will constantly develop new strains of pathogens to overcome the vaccines. Modern science is our only hope to stay one step ahead as the war between nature and humanity escalates.

They warn us that the world will run out of food and other essential resources, because humanity is destroying the planet and the planet can't sustain humanity anyway. It's a war of attrition, and either way humanity will die! Therefore, scientists tell us, the rich and powerful people who own the scientists must tightly control all the resources and all the people.

But that's not enough. Since God and His nature can't provide enough food for everyone, some people will eventually die. The rich and powerful must prevent this tragic loss of human life by reducing the number of people in the world. After all, the only scientific solution to “overpopulation” (too many people) is to make large numbers of people disappear and prevent children from being born to replace them. This is known as “depopulation”, which should NOT be confused with genocide.

I have a two-word response to everyone playing God who says the world has too many people and some of them need to go. The words begin with F and Y.

You first.

What's really behind all these claims, crises, and solutions is a war against God and everything the Torah teaches about His world. Modern scientists believe that God has no place in science; belief in God is “unscientific”. They cannot accept that there is a God who not only created the world with infinite wisdom, but that He continues to control the world and everything in it. That would be a death blow to the egos and aspirations of modern scientists. They want to be the ones who know everything and control everything. They want to take over the business. God is their competitor.

If God is all-knowing, all-powerful, and loving, then He created the world with perfect wisdom to sustain the life upon it. Scientists desperately want to prove that the world is fundamentally defective, that the world cannot sustain the life upon it. They could then argue that God doesn't exist – for otherwise the world would not be defective – or that He is no longer relevant, and only science can save us.

This is why modern scientists are obsessed not with growing more food in more parts of the world – the most sensible solution to a supposed food shortage – but with genetically modifying food and creating artificial substitutes for natural food. Growing more food demonstrates submission to God's nature, working in harmony with God's providence. If human beings can replace natural food with fake meat, fake milk, and food pills made in a lab, then why do they need God?

This is why the scientific establishment pours money and resources into tampering with nature, mutating pathogens, conducting horrific experiments on animals and people alike, and creating biological weapons. Do they really have nothing better to do? Can all that money and brainpower not be put to better use?

Oh, but they are saving us from terrible diseases that didn't befall us until these saviors came along and created them. God should save us from those who claim to be keeping us safe.

The Torah teaches that every human being is unique, human life has infinite value, and every moment of life is precious. The Torah further commands us to procreate and fill the earth, with no concern for God's ability to provide sustenance for everyone. That can only be true if God created the world and continues to rule it.

The scientific establishment believes that there is no God with infinite resources, human beings are expendable (especially for “the greater good”), and they determine how much anyone's life is worth. Naturally, it is entirely moral to experiment on human beings, sacrifice some to benefit others, and decide when anyone shall be “mercifully” put to death.

The Torah teaches that every human being is a soul that was brought into this world to fulfill a purpose. This includes subjugating himself to God, observing His laws, doing good for others, and elevating himself spiritually. After being in this world for a designated period of time, the soul will then return to the spiritual world and give a reckoning for its performance.

The scientific establishment believes that human life is an accident, and life in this world is all there is. Their goal is to merge man with machine to create a master race that will live forever. The only purpose in life is to enjoy money and power for as long as possible. (Fun fact: the development of modern science does not correlate to overall longer lives, better health, or greater happiness.)

All this didn't start yesterday. It's been going on for generations. The scientific establishment is predicated on the belief that the world is millions, billions, trillions of years old; that the world came into being by accident; that human beings “evolved”; that whatever the Torah says about the origins of the world and humanity is untrue. If they can poke a hole in the story of creation, then why should we believe in God and His laws?

The Torah states that God made an oath to Noah after the flood that the seasons would never cease, and that He would no longer flood the earth (Bereishis 8:22, 9:11). The Torah further teaches that God established the sand as the boundary to the sea; the sea can rage all it wants, but must remain confined to its designated place (Yirmiyahu 5:22).

Modern scientists warn that the ice caps will melt and flood the entire earth. They can't both be right. If you believe modern scientists then you must deny God.

The Torah states that God created humanity as Man and Woman, they have distinct natures and roles, and together they produce and raise the next generation.

Modern scientists want to obliterate Man and Woman as unique creations of God and produce the next generation in labs, next door from the fake meat and food pills. (No need for parents or ancestry; the state will own them.)

I certainly appreciate the many ways scientific discoveries have improved our lives. There is tremendous potential for scientists to make the world a truly safer, happier, more prosperous place – if they subjugate themselves to God.

Unfortunately, every layer of modern science that we peel off reveals just another battle in their war against God. This war is reaching a climax; it cannot go on much longer.

Spoiler alert: God wins easily, and the world will be better off than anything modern science could ever imagine.



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