`203 Mysteries and Massacres at Meron
Chananya Weissman
May 16, 2022

Note: My most recent Root and Branch Torah class is now available here.  The Tanach portion, which focused on knowing when to leave exile, seems to have struck a chord with many people.  (Hint: it's well overdue -- even though we live under Erev Rav tyranny.)

A newly discovered video of a pogrom in Eastern Europe about a hundred years ago is available here.  My mistake, this took place last week in Meron at the hands of "Israeli police".  Most likely they are descended from those who perpetrated the pogroms in Eastern Europe, and were chosen specifically for that reason. 

These thugs and the people they work for are the first flowering of the redemption?  I've said THAT prayer for the last time.  More like the final obstacle.

Below is a question someone asked in reference to last week's Medical War Crimes episode about the mass murder of religious Jews at Meron.  Someone did some digging to try to shed more light on the situation. Although the information is shared anonymously, it seems highly credible.  Make of it what you will.

Based on this information and the clear intentions of the Erev Rav deep state, it seems most likely that the Erev Rav are preparing another large-scale death trap for Lag B'omer. They hope to murder as many religious Jews as they can (to make up for "only" managing to eliminate 45 last year, despite their best efforts) and once again blame it on the religious Jews not behaving themselves. This will then be used as a pretext to further persecute religious Jews and exert even tighter Erev Rav control over religious sites and events. 

The media will be fully complicit in spinning the yarn, those who have a perpetual axe to grind against "charedim" will eagerly take the bait to throw mud at the victims (all while pretending to be deeply concerned for their welfare), and the Judenrat rabbis who take money from the government will sermonize on cue.

I am not in a position to tell people to go to Meron, or to refrain from going to Meron, or how to deal with the situation, nor would people listen to me if I did.  I am simply sharing the information and my thoughts on the situation with the hope that more people will wake up and realize that we are living under an evil, murderous regime that is trying to destroy religious Jews physically and spiritually -- all while posing as Jewish leaders.

May it be that the same God who caused Haman to be hung on his own gallows will turn whatever evil plots these monsters are hatching against them.  Let this Lag B'omer be not just a minor holiday, but a day on which those who stand with Hashem are saved in miraculous fashion and sing praises to Him, while their enemies fall forever.
Here's the question:

While looking at Chananya’s video about Meron I noticed this symbol on some of the clips:


Nice pyramid. Who are these guys?
It looks like they first appeared on the scene (at least digitally) two years ago, have a focus on kever David, and are trying to gain control of the maintenance of as many Jewish holy sites as possible. Anyone look into them?

It looks like they co-planned the Rashbi event in the past.

Are they this government department with almost the same name?

המרכז הארצי למקומות הקדושים


They were chosen without a tender to manage it this year:


Even after they “screwed up” last year:


It is run by one Joseph Shvinger, a compatriot of Aryeh Deri.

This is their website:

There is no explanation for their strange Illuminati symbol. The website has no info earlier than 2021 as far as I can see ???????????

Here's the information that someone put together:

I looked into them last year - shvinger was a Shas 'placement' to head the agency up, and from what I can tell, it was a gravy train operation, as Meron is / was worth tens of millions of shekels a year, in donations, which is why Deri and Shvinger were happy to have 'their man' at the top.

My feeling is that Shvinger really didn't know what was being planned last year, and was used as a 'patsy', to cover up the real decisions etc. That may also be true of Deri, I still don't know.

Re the organisation themselves, I actually started researching them 2 years ago, before Meron, as I visit a lot of kevers, and I saw the creepy symbol show up in a lot of places and it piqued my curiosity.

I will see if I can find the stuff I screenshotted then, but back then, I was able to trace the 'ownership' of this organisation back to an address in NYC (!) and to find details that led to a Chabad rabbi(!).

When I tried to find the info again last year, it had been scrubbed.

Ira Rennert (Milkin's monster, and big donor to a lot of dodgy 'Jewish' causes') is connected to this. Also the Western Wall Heritage Foundation, which he funds a great part of.

Basically, many of these 'public offices' are privatised, and funded by individuals / organisations who do whatever the heck they want to do, according to their own agenda.

Chabad is smack in the middle of all this, but it's very, very hard to make the explicit connection, as they've covered the trail very well.

BTW - I was up in Meron yesterday, as I couldn't get tickets for the event itself now.

2 things struck me:

  1. They have put a mobile, massive 5G antenna IN A TRUCK, in parking lot 1 - I will send you pictures of that separately.

I can't understand why you would need to bring in a mobile 5G antenna in a truck, to 'police' the event in Meron, when I can tell you they have stuck tons of 5G antennas all over the site, the last year - I've been going regularly, and I've noticed all the new tech, masts and 'horn speakers' and AI cameras going up.

  1. The place is totally covered in 'The Rebbe is Moshiach' posters and flags. This year, no-one else seems to have been allowed to do anything much, at least from what I could see yesterday when I went. So Chabad seems to have 'captured' Meron 100%....

I don't know what's really going on. But it seems the only group the 'anti-religious' government loves in Israel is Chabad. And I find that very interesting.

I did a bit more checking around.

Here's what I found:

  1. MKs Demand That Gov't Authority Operate Mt. Meron Holy Site | Israel National News - Arutz Sheva

This article is from 2008.

Note what's going on, and note that they want an organisation 'like the Western Wall Heritage Foundation' to oversee what's going on at Meron.

  1.  Charity Navigator - Rating for Western Wall Heritage Foundation

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation - that controls the whole Kotel - was actually set up in 1988 as a charity in NY. It works 'under the PM's office' in Israel - which is how they nearly always pull off their pretence that these things are government-owned and controlled.

It's the other way round. The govt in Israel, especially the PM's office, is just the 'cover' for a bunch of private financial and 'religious' interests. 

The main guy who is running the Western Wall Heritage Foundation - out of NY! - is a Joseph Loshinsky.

  1. IRS 990 form for 2019

133468352_201912_990_2021033117844122.pdf (irs.gov)

Where you can see a few more of the people running the Kotel - no-one we've actually heard of before.

This seems to be a cut out organisation for Ira Rennert (Milkin Monster).

  1. How is this connected to Meron?


The Milken Institute was working very closely with Shimon Peres, and others, to create a Tissue Database in Israel 10 years ago, for 'biotech' purposes.

Milken was all over Covid, and the DG of the Health Ministry Moshe Bar Siman-Tov - who pushed Israel hard into Covid - was a former Milken fellow.

read this from April 2019 - a few short months before the plandemic began: https://www.mobihealthnews.com/news/emea/gold-mine-data-driving-israels-billion-shekel-bet-digital-health

  1. Meron was and is a 'test case' for these evil people to try out their new tech, AND get the site in their hands.

Last year, they used 'covid' as the excuse to create the DEW [Directed Energy Weapons] experiment / death trap.

This year, I don't know what the plan is, but from the look of that mobile antenna, they are probably trying out some new angle to the 'active denial' tech, to see how the 5...G now interacts with the 'vaccinated', when a bunch of visitors who don't have tickets 'push in' to the site.

And is almost guaranteed to happen, as the number of tickets released was so low.

Ira Rennert and Michael Milken are connected to people like Meshulam Riklis (now dead...) - a perfect 'Sabbatean-Frankist' who bought Ariel Sharon his ranch....


And financed Joe Biden....

We then discuss Meshulam Riklis, a mentor of Michael Milken's who has financed Joe Biden's Senatorial and Presidential campaigns and also gave former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon a property where he hosted prominent MEGA group type figures for discussions about the future of Israel's West Bank policy.


So, it's all connected, in that infuriating way that is obvious, but so hard to 'prove'.

The more people who start to ask questions, the more some answers may start to bubble up - and I'm pretty nervous about what they are going to try at Meron again this year, as from what I could see, they are gearing up for another 'bite of the cherry', somehow, God forbid.

More on Joseph Loshensky:

In Danger-96.indd (zoa.org)

Shows he's a member of the Zionist Organisation of America.

SHABBOS-3.30.19.pdf (shulcloud.com)

Shows he's a member of the Young Israel of Borough Park.

Now I remember how I got to the 'Chabad' connection to this, as well.

That shul has a story that doesn't make a lot of sense.

It was initially listed as a Reform 'Temple Beth El', then somehow morphed into becoming the first official shul for Lubavitch, in the US, before becoming Young Israel, run by 'Dr Israel Shorr':

Final-draft-March-3rd-2019-Beth-El-Lubawitz-min.pdf (crownheights.info)

[...] Young Israel was mamash set up by Reform rabbis.