`202 The Shanghai Model
Chananya Weissman
April 26, 2022

There's a horrific video of the residents of Shanghai screaming from their buildings where they are imprisoned. 23 million people are under indefinite house arrest, slowly going mad and literally starving to death for their own good, of course. You know, if they went outside someone might catch a flu.

Never again indeed.

I had a couple of thoughts that are deeper than the superficial horror of it all.

First, I wonder how many of these people have thought to scream to God in this darkest of times. It's difficult to expect this of them, being that the state religion of China is the Communist government, and believing in an even higher authority is extremely dangerous. I'm not here to judge the victims. But if 23 million people cried out to God, instead of just to the dark emptiness... I don't know what He would do, but it would be powerful.

Another thought: If you ever wondered why so many Jews went like lambs to the slaughter, and it upset you that they didn't revolt against their tormentors, maybe now you can understand. Why don't 23 million people storm the streets and overrun their tormentors? Yes, many will be lost in the process, but victory is guaranteed.

What do they have to risk at this point, anyway? Being tortured to death in even more gruesome ways? Missing out on the better future that awaits them with continued subservience? They could hardly have less to lose at this point but still they stay at home screaming and begging for food.

This is what happens when people are totally controlled, degraded, defeated, and conditioned to be obedient no matter what. If they are told to dig their own graves and stay there until they starve to death, or else, they will obey. They will complain about it, or scream, but in the moment of truth they will submit to the voice of authority.

The overwhelming majority of people all around you have been conditioned in exactly the same way. Over the last two years they have been significantly controlled, degraded, and defeated. They were told to harm themselves and their children in so many ways, or else, and they were obedient.

What's going on in Shanghai is not a crazy medical policy or a political stunt. It's an experiment. It's a model.

The Nazis knew what they were doing. Their greatest nightmare was a collective mutiny, the many rising up against the few, armed and fed as these few were. They would not have been able to control it. But they refined the science of manipulating and controlling huge masses of people with a small number of authority figures. Make no mistake about it it's a science.

The rich and powerful, both elected and unelected, have continued to refine this science ever since. It is the greatest obsession of every world leader how to manipulate and control the masses. They are not devoting your nation's material and intellectual resources to improving your life. They are devoting them to eliminate any chance of the many ever rebelling against the few.

The Amalekite tyrants who run the world for the time being are not looking on with horror as 23 million people are held prisoner in their homes, with no large-scale rebellion. They are taking notes.