`198 Judged by Those Who Believe In Nothing
Chananya Weissman
April 4, 2022

The brilliant Nazi-era system of segregating society based on health papers has once again become all the rage. Better yet, modern technology has made it possible to segregate people using digital codes, just like your supermarket organizes products. No need for all that paper anymore! Not only is digital tracking a more efficient way to control people and destroy the world, it's much greener, too.

Of course, our inclusive society in which everyone immediately draws the same conclusions about everything, and behaves exactly as the caring elites who control information expect them to, has to pretend to respect people with traditional religious beliefs. This is why the caring elites made sure to carve out religious exemptions when they robbed everyone of their basic human freedoms.

If your sincere religious beliefs prohibit you from taking their bioweapons, no problem! They will find another way to cull you from the herd. No shortage of those in their toolkit! In the meantime, you will be allowed to keep your job or continue to attend the indoctrination center of your choice. All you need to do is stand before an inquisition and prove that your religious beliefs are both valid and sincere. Piece of cake!

In order to ensure that no one games the system, the inquisition will treat you with skepticism and thinly veiled hostility. Your religious beliefs will be considered invalid and insincere until proven otherwise guilty until proven innocent.

But don't worry! It's easy to prove that your religious beliefs are valid if they really are. A committee of Orwellian atheists will judge that your beliefs are valid if they are corroborated by a select group of religious organizations whose leaders are on the take. These organizations have conveniently ruled that your religion demands that you do whatever the Orwellian atheists want you to do, so if you claim otherwise your religious beliefs are obviously invalid.

It will also be easy to determine whether your religious beliefs are sincere. If you have ever in your life strayed even slightly from the most strict adherence to your religious teachings, your beliefs are obviously insincere, and you're just trying to game the system. Shame on you!

Furthermore, if you ever once followed the Orwellian atheists about anything such as availing yourself of their previous, less advanced bioweapons you can't opt out now and use religion as a crutch. Your newfound realizations about bioweapons present and past, and your desire not to be harmed by them, are nothing more than personal opinions. Our inclusive society doesn't respect personal opinions. What are you, selfish? You want to live? What about other people? This is a democracy! We have unelected elites to make these decisions.

The best part about standing before this inquisition and begging them to recognize your religious beliefs is that they don't have any sincere beliefs at all! They have lots of strong opinions, but almost none of them are older than the propaganda campaign that gave birth to them. It's delicious!

Since when did they believe that people should be forced to take shots, be segregated based on health papers, and stand before inquisitions? Since they were told to!

Since when did they believe that children should be indoctrinated about sex, against the wishes of their own parents? Since when did they believe children should be encouraged both subtly and overtly to doubt their actual sex and mutilate their bodies? All their lives? Ha! Only for the last few months. But you better believe they are sincere about it.

Since when did they believe whatever they think they believe about Russia and Ukraine, or inflation, or you name it? Since the latest headline.

You, on the other hand if you ever unwittingly took a vaccine because you just didn't know any better, you've signed up for a lifetime subscription. Don't play the religious beliefs card now, you hypocritical fraud.

We can all agree that the Nazis were evil, but we have to give credit where credit is due. They had some brilliant ideas. Like health papers! And segregating society! And controlling the narrative to prevent misinformation! And making it a crime to express unacceptable views! And making it a crime to spread distrust of the government or health authorities! And encouraging everyone to follow orders! And culling lots and lots of bad, dirty, dangerous, disease-spreading vermin from the herd to protect society!

We just need to tweak those Nazi innovations. Maybe what they really needed back then was religious exemptions. Imagine if people with valid, sincere religious beliefs could have opted out of health papers, yellow stars, banishment from society, forced ghettoization, medical experiments, internment camps, and execution. Unless they posed a threat to the greater good, of course.

That would have changed everything.