`197 The Best Doctors Go to Hell
Chananya Weissman
March 28, 2022

In September of 2020 I published an article called The Best Shadchanim Go to Hell. The springboard for this article was the last Mishna in Kiddushin, which contains a remarkable comment by Rabbi Yehuda in the name of Abba Gurya: “The best of the doctors will go to hell.”

This was a few weeks before I fully understood that hospitals had been converted into death camps, and those charged with protecting our health were moonlighting as executioners. In light of all we have learned, let us revisit this prescient teaching from Chazal and apply it to our times.

Once again, here are ten explanations from our commentators for why the best doctors go to hell. It is a partial list.

1) He is overconfident in his ability to prevent illness through his knowledge of nutrition and science, and does not humble himself before God. (Rashi)

In other words, many doctors have a God complex. They do not view themselves as intermediaries for God's healing, but substitutes, and superior ones at that. This, despite the fact that much of what they refer to as “the science” today will be a punchline tomorrow. It is certain that they are wrong about many things they believe are “proven facts” – just like their predecessors – but they pretend otherwise. Not only that, they insist we indulge their arrogant fantasy at risk of our health and very lives.

2) Sometimes he kills people through carelessness. (Rashi)

If only they left it at that! Even in better times, medical malpractice was one of the leading causes of death – and that's only counting the cases they didn't manage to cover up. Nevertheless, people live in terror of cancer and heart disease, yet have no compunctions about running to a doctor for everything and giving him their blind trust.

Before covid and the shots we could generally chalk up those misdiagnoses, wrongful prescriptions, and operational disasters to human error. It doesn't make the result any better, but at least there was no malice involved.

Nowadays, however, we know that the vast majority of reported “covid deaths” were really medical murders. Sick people were denied proper treatments, residents of nursing homes and other vulnerable people were deliberately harmed, and even perfectly healthy people were declared “covid patients” and whisked off to be drugged, ventilated, and starved. Hell is not hot enough for everyone who perpetrated these horrific crimes.

3) He does not treat the poor. (Rashi)

Nowadays poor people can get medical care some of the time, but it's still all about the money. When it comes to public healthcare (a misnomer if ever there was one), treatment isn't based so much on what individual patients can pay, but on the overall bottom line. Most of all, if their sugar daddies in government and the pharmaceutical industry are bribing them to prescribe a certain treatment over others, that's the treatment people will receive – even if it kills them.

4) Sometimes he gives up on people's lives too soon and does not bother to treat them, thereby causing their death. (Meiri)

Once again, if only this happened today through ignorance and not by design. If only they were merely giving up on people's lives out of despair, and not directly causing their deaths for cash rewards.

5) Sometimes he does not try hard enough for a patient. (Meiri)

A doctor who cares about a patient will leave no stone unturned even if the case appears hopeless. Many doctors today refuse to look under any stones at all. They simply follow orders. If Remdesiver and ventilators were turning mildly sick people into cadavers, a good doctor would raise the alarm and search for a better alternative. But most simply shrugged their shoulders.

6) He does not admit when he doesn't understand an illness and pretends to have expertise when he does not. (Meiri)

What does your doctor really know about covid, various treatments, the dubiously called “vaccines”, and vaccines in general? Most likely he will parrot the official line, but has no actual knowledge and understanding of the subjects. How could he? He never really studied them. Just as a Torah scholar cannot speak intelligently about a volume he never learned, a doctor only knows what he actually learned.

The typical doctor who speaks authoritatively about covid and vaccines, while dismissing others as inadequate, learned nothing about the science and history of vaccines during his medical training. The pharmaceutical oligarchy informed him that vaccines are just terrific and handed him a schedule for vaccination.

In other words, the typical doctor was given a book of recipes and thinks he knows how to cook.

7) He thinks he is superior to everyone and does not consult with others for advice. (Maharsha)

Offer to show your mask-wearing, crapcine-pushing doctor information that could potentially save many lives, though it would involve modifying his beliefs. I'm sure he will be curious, interested, and most appreciative – whether you're a layman or have the finest credentials. Find me one such doctor.

8) He is engaged in matters of life and death, yet does not always appreciate the gravity of the situation. (Tiferes Yisrael)

The typical doctor today views a patient with less gravity than an auto mechanic views a car under repair. Especially if the patient is elderly, or a baby with a serious medical issue, or is otherwise not “valuable” enough.

9) Doctors are indiscriminate in their treatments; what heals one person will kill another, and treating everyone the same way is tantamount to malpractice. (Ramban)

More vaccines for everyone! Follow the data!

10) A doctor who is not also knowledgeable in God's Torah will see his practice as just a job, strictly a physical and material occupation with no higher purpose. (Maharal)

Human beings have been turned into numbers, statistics, test subjects, merchandise, cogs in a wheel that the rich and powerful control. Doctors too are just cogs in this wheel – slightly less expendable than their patients, but cogs just the same. Their main credo is not “do no harm”, and certainly not to have a higher purpose, but to follow orders.

If something bothers them, they had best keep it to themselves, and if they see something disturbing, they had best look away. It's for the greater good, and most definitely for the good of their careers.


Chazal's teaching that the best doctors go to hell has surely raised the ire of many people over the years. Doctors save lives! They dedicate themselves to keeping us healthy! Modern science is a gift from God!

The divine wisdom of the Torah, as transmitted by our sages, has weathered countless attacks from the day it was given, and remains unsurpassed by scientist and philosopher alike. The events of the last two years demonstrate that what Chazal said about doctors thousands of years ago was not a social commentary or a primitive viewpoint, but timeless truth.

The “best” doctors, the “experts” who seek to displace God instead of humbling themselves before Him, are surely destined for hell. No punishment on this earth is enough for all the suffering they have inflicted on mankind in the name of protecting it.

Let the truly heroic doctors be given the recognition they deserve, and may the “best” doctors go to hell.