`194 Oh no! Polio!
Chananya Weissman
March 9, 2022

Do people still read the fake Israeli media? I don't, so I wasn't the first to learn that now we're supposed to be terrified of polio, of all things. And to think, right after they made Omicron magically disappear just by ignoring it!

Jewish media used to publish fake news as Purim fun, but now that's their primary occupation all year round. The latest crisis is the reported diagnosis of an Orthodox Jewish child with the dreaded polio. The articles made sure to emphasize that the child had not been vaccinated against polio (tsk tsk, primitive, careless, dangerous Orthodox Jews!).

Predictably, the Mafia of Health is urging parents to inject their children with more wondrous pharmaceutical products – which surely has nothing to do with any contractual agreements to inflict these products upon the population, or any sinister agenda. You know, those primitive, careless, dangerous Orthodox Jews have way too many children, the godless gangsters often complain, but it would be a shame if anything bad happened to them.

They've even trotted out the usual cast of characters to tailor the propaganda campaign. We're told that the last letter of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, former Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Israel, was just published. Then we're told that it wasn't actually written by him, but by his son, Yitzchak Yosef, the current Sephardic Chief Rabbi, and the father added a note of support.

Why was this letter not previously published? Don't ask questions! Children might die because of you!

According to whoever from the government prepared this story for Arutz Sheva, the letter reads as follows:

Since I have heard from sources in the Health Ministry that there are those who are concerned about taking the vaccine which prevents the polio illness, and since there is an aspect in this of, 'And you shall watch yourselves very well,' (Deuteronomy 4:15), and we have also clarified the matter with experts who told us that there is a great concern and a real danger to lives.

Therefore, there is a holy obligation and a Torah commandment upon every parent to vaccinate his children against the 'polio' virus, according to the precise instructions of the Health Ministry, which does holy work. And may those who hearken to us live in security.

Yitzchak Yosef clearly did an intrepid job researching the matter, the likes of which we have become all too familiar with in our times. He received a directive from government officials, clarified the matter with unnamed, government-approved “experts”, and lazily found a verse in the Torah to take out of context and blow out of proportion to meet their desires. Holy work indeed.

This is a good time to remind everyone that the post of Chief Rabbi is a position within the Israeli government. His ultimate bosses and patrons are the same bosses and patrons of the Health Ministry.

It's also a good time to remind everyone that actual Judaism has no such thing as a “Chief Rabbi”. The closest thing we can find is a Rosh Yeshiva, the head of a Torah academy, but that bears no resemblance to some figurehead who supposedly lords over everyone in the name of Torah. Even the head of a Sanhedrin has exactly one vote, same as all the other judges. So the very institution of Chief Rabbi is a farce. It exists to serve the government and propagandize to the masses, who are taken with fancy titles.

It's no coincidence that the people do not select their own Chief Rabbi. It's done in house by the old boy's club. Chief Erev Rav.

How long before they do another photo shoot with Rav Kanievsky and torture a “yes” out of him?

Although the article predictably urged parents to inject their children with yet more crapcines, there was an odd admission in one of the original reports:

The source of the infection in this case appears to be shedded virus from the vaccine itself which was able to cause illness in an unvaccinated person.

Well, isn't that something! The Slimes of Israel didn't note that; they blamed it on “contaminated water” (filthy Orthodox Jews). But apparently the actual source of the polio outbreak was the very thing they are insisting we subject more children to. The very next paragraph in the original Arutz Sheva story reads as follows:

According to the Health Ministry, the best way to guard against polio infection is to be vaccinated against the virus according to schedule.

I'm no expert, but it would seem the best way to guard against polio infection would be to stay the hell away from polio shots and people who just took them. I mean, isn't that what you just indicated?

Don't ask questions! Have you ever seen an iron lung?

The article ends by steering you towards an entirely different conclusion than the obvious one staring you in the face:

It is important to note that the polio virus is often found in sewage, although no recent cases of actual infection have been reported.

Nope, those only came from what you did to people with your own hands. Holy work indeed.

Same pedophiles, same candy, same tactics, slightly different package. The same liars and murderers who pushed the covid crapcine on millions of innocent people are now dusting off the same propaganda scripts to push whatever is in these supposed polio crapcines.

Anyone who trusts these monsters anymore almost deserves what they get. Use your head already.

I'm actually glad that they are manufacturing a polio scare. I see it as a sign of desperation. They've already lost the vast majority of the public's trust with the covid crapcines, and they need to play a different card. I believe they turned to polio because most people believe that's the greatest vaccine ever. Erev Rav and murderers in white coats leveraged the polio shot from day one to assuage people's fears about the covid shots. The Health Mafia is now playing the polio card with hopes that the average person's fear of polio and positive opinion of the polio shots will overcome their distrust in the Health Mafia.

Are they right? I sure hope not. But if they are playing this card, it means they are on the ropes.

This is a golden opportunity for people who are experts on the subject to educate the masses about the highly questionable science behind the polio narrative. It's high time we reopened the books on everything we used to believe about modern medicine. They didn't start lying to us yesterday, after all.

When all they were pushing was the covid crapcines, it was an unwise strategy to bring up doubts about other vaccines. People felt the need to disassociate themselves from “anti-vaxxers” – who are just about the worst human beings on earth – if ever they wanted to express a concern about this particular shot. It was best to focus strictly on the matter at hand, and not impugn one's credibility by bringing up other vaccines.

But now that the monsters have clearly lost the public's trust in their covid crapcines, and they are dredging up polio shots once again, it's time to take control of this discussion. Parents are rightfully skeptical of the establishment, and they will be more willing to learn about polio shots than ever before.

Naturally, the Health Mafia won't give them any information. They will simply parrot the usual lines that the shots are safe and effective, they eradicated polio, they saved billions of lives, and iron lungs are horrible.

The monsters opened up a new front in the war for our children. This isn't a time to be afraid. It's time to capture more ground.