`193 Covid Apology Letter
Chananya Weissman
March 3, 2022

As a public service, I present this letter as a template for the many people who need to repent for their covid-related sins. We cannot just move on and pretend this never happened. Those who harmed others are obligated to repent, and those who were harmed deserve proper amends. Every individual is encouraged to customize and personalize this letter as appropriate.

Dear ______________

I owe you a tremendous apology. It would be easy for me to blame other people, but ultimately I am responsible for my actions.

The Torah teaches that repentance requires three components: confession, regret, and a resolution to change. The Torah also teaches that when one sins against his fellow, God will not forgive him until he makes amends to the person he harmed. I am sending you this letter as the first step of my repentance.

I am deeply sorry for having done the following (select all that apply):

  • Pressuring you to wear a mask

  • Pressuring you to take one or more injections of the bioweapon

  • Dismissing your concerns

  • Mocking you

  • Administering the shot to you

  • Dismissing or downplaying the damage you suffered

  • Treating you like a social outcast or a spreader of disease

  • Cutting you out of my life

  • Verbally abusing you

  • Physically assaulting you

  • Shaming you in public

  • Shaming you online

  • Blaming you for the situation

  • Calling you a murderer

  • Snitching on you

  • Refusing to give you service

  • Barring you from a minyan

  • Depriving you of livelihood

  • Depriving you of education without discrimination

  • Depriving you of participating in other social, communal, or public activities

  • Lying to you or otherwise withholding the scientific truth about masks, the shots, etc.

  • Lying to you or otherwise withholding the truth about the Torah's true position on these matters

  • Physically and/or emotionally abusing your children in any of these ways

  • Accepting bribery in any form to participate in these crimes

  • Other ____________________

I should have known better. I should have been more courageous.

I cannot undo the past, and it might be impossible for me to fully rectify the damage I caused. However, even the worst sinners are encouraged and obligated to repent, and to make amends however possible. I accept this upon myself.

I also accept upon myself not to repeat this behavior in the future. This includes working to rectify the underlying character defects that caused me to be misled and sin in these ways.

I beg of you to accept my apology and find it in your heart to forgive me.