`189 Truckers, Tyrants, and Boxers
Chananya Weissman
February 17, 2022

There is a developing war between globalist tyrants and regular people who no longer want to be their unwitting serfs. This war is currently in the early stages, though it has the potential to explode at any time.

The current situation resembles two boxers circling each other in the ring. They are sizing each other up, feeling out their opponent. They throw an occasional jab, but at this point it's mostly dancing and feinting. Each boxer is waiting for the right opening to throw a haymaker, while trying to lure the other into throwing one too soon and exposing his defenses.

Eventually, though, the real fight will have to begin. They've both come this far, and there's no going back. Someone will throw the first big punch. The other boxer will try to deflect it and launch a counteroffensive. The match will be decided by who can keep his balance, land the most direct hits, and draw the most blood. It will be a war of attrition unless one of them can land a knockout punch, and end it on the spot.

The tyrants had a massive head start. They trained for decades – maybe longer – while the people were distracted, oblivious to their intentions. For two years the tyrants have been throwing jabs, but the people didn't even know they were being attacked. They thought it was an invisible illness, a once in a lifetime event, and we were all in this together. They started to bleed, and thought their companion in the ring was there to bandage them up. He spoke such lofty words and really seemed to care.

The sleight of hand could not go on forever, and the tyrants knew it. They planned to seize an insurmountable advantage before the people would mount an effective response. It's possible that they have succeeded; it's too soon to tell. But many of the people have now woken up, recognized their true opponent, understand what is at stake, and started to throw some jabs of their own. The fight is starting to get interesting.

At the same time, both sides continue to circle one another. The punches are getting more intense, but each side is leery of throwing a haymaker. Doing so prematurely is a tactical mistake that could cost them the fight.

The haymaker for the tyrants is unleashing the police and military on the people, mass arrests, incarcerating dissenters in camps, and formally abolishing civil liberties forever. This is the ultimate intention of the tyrants, but they want to get as close to their goal as possible without using serious force. The tyrants need to distract the people, disarm them, and gradually erode their liberties until they can deliver a knockout punch. If they become too openly tyrannical too soon, they risk awakening and galvanizing a critical mass of people before their grip on power is firm enough.

The haymaker for the people is a revolution, forcibly removing the tyrants – especially those who pull the strings behind the scenes – and restoring true power to the people. Considering this is not merely a political disagreement, but a global takeover of civilization, it is highly unlikely that a peaceful resolution is possible. The tyrants are playing for keeps, they are in it too deep, and they can't stop now. They will throw the people a bone here and there, but this is just to disarm them. They will not relinquish power voluntarily.

However, if the people throw a haymaker too soon, it will backfire in a big way. Too many people are still unaware of what is really going on. They still believe that this is about a health emergency, that the people in power mean well, and that at most they are incompetent, not malicious. They still believe the media consists of regular people just like them, not professional liars whose job it is to manipulate them. They still believe that the law and the overall system will protect them from tyranny.

If the people who realize this is a real fight throw a haymaker too soon, the tyrants will have an easy time portraying them as “terrorists”, etc. The media will have a field day, the armed forces will crush the “insurrection”, and the tyrants will have the pretext they need to leap forward. They will accelerate their hijacking of the law and seizing a firm grip on power before enough of the people realize their hostile intentions. If the people throw a haymaker too soon, the tyrants will have an opening to land a knockout punch.

This is why protests around the world have put such an emphasis on remaining peaceful. They know they are under mortal attack, but becoming violent without overwhelming popular support would torpedo their cause. With the media being totally compromised, they are forced to remain passive even when the police attack them. It is their only chance to gain enough popular support to make victory possible.

The tyrants know this, which is why they dole out violence in careful measures. Too much brutality will turn the masses against them, but too little will embolden the dissenters. It's a game of cat and mouse. How much violence can the tyrants get away with at this stage? Can they crush the dissenters before the revolution gains enough momentum? Will they intimidate more people, or galvanize more people against them? Will the police and military follow orders long enough for their conscience to be destroyed?

The Canadian truckers threw the most serious punch from the people so far. For a short time the tyrants were knocked off balance. But the truckers elected not to throw a haymaker. Was this the right strategy? On the one hand, they gained enormous support from the people, which is critical to their cause. On the other hand, the tyrants had the opportunity to regroup while the movement stalled in place, making it clear they would not escalate further. The truckers refused to engage in violence, even if the police assaulted them. They would not give the tyrants this pretext to portray them as terrorists, with all that entails.

However, the tyrants are doing that anyway. If the truckers won't deliver footage of themselves engaging in violence, the tyrants will manufacture it. Defamation and false flags are child's play for them. The tyrants deployed their media spin doctors, followed by their legal witch doctors. It is only a matter of time before they dismantle the convoy and go on the offensive.

Will this trigger an even stronger counteroffensive from the people? Did the truckers sufficiently expose the true nature of the tyrants, and win enough people over to their side, to produce an even more effective pushback against the tyrants? Will the people make a run on the banks that are freezing people's accounts? Will the police and military openly support the people in large numbers? Will people on the dark side start to turn against one another to save their own skin?

Or will the tyrants make an example out of some of the truckers, intimidate the rest into submission, and break the spirit of the people? Was this round of protests the first in a series of body blows that sends the tyrants to the ropes, or the best punch they land before being knocked out?

The tyrants know that the time of throwing small jabs is over. Too many people understand what is at stake, and they are willing to defy authority at personal risk. The punches are going to get harder. The police will be told to hurt more people. The courts will be instructed to destroy more lives for ambiguous, exaggerated, even fabricated crimes.

Many people will be intimidated, but many others will decide they have nothing to lose anymore, or that it's worth risking it all. They will realize that peaceful protests can only influence people in power who listen to the people, not when they intend to conquer them. They will realize that the law only matters when the police and the courts exist to protect the people from tyrants, not tyrants from the people. They will realize that viral videos of atrocities can only bring world pressure on the tyrants when the other world leaders aren't doing the same thing.

The people will be left with no choice but to surrender, or to throw a haymaker.

The tyrants cannot and will not surrender. It is only a matter of time until they go for the knockout.

The tyrants and the people are like two boxers circling each other in the ring. The people are bruised and angry, but afraid to get too close to their opponent. They will keep on trucking – but for how long?

The tyrants are rattled and losing public support, but their grip isn't as firm as they need to throw a haymaker just yet. They will keep on drawing blood without going for the knockout – but for how long?

The real fight has yet to begin. But one way or another, it's coming soon.