`185 Making Do Without Walder
Chananya Weissman
February 4, 2022

There is no doubt that the Chaim Walder narrative is just a cover story for something much deeper. Regardless of what he did or didn't do, this never had anything to do with protecting victims from an alleged abuser. Walder ran afoul of some very powerful people in Israel's ruling class, and they eliminated him. The media and the rabbinic shills on the government payroll were nothing more than operatives doing a hit, and the government's propaganda department created a cover story for public consumption.

In Russia, people tragically fall out of windows. In Israel, sometimes they suddenly die of covid. Other times, it is revealed that they were abusing people for decades, it was supposedly well-known (so don't question it, even though the only people who “knew” are those making the allegations now). Then they tragically kill themselves.

The cover story has more holes than Swiss cheese, the media – in lockstep – protesteth way too much, the kangaroo court was an obvious farce, the rabbis defending him are making fools of themselves, and the timing of the whole thing was very suspicious.

In April of 2020, Walder made a revolting propaganda video for the Mafia of Health, urging people to wear masks. Walder's supposed abuse of dozens of people – maybe hundreds of people – over decades suddenly burst into the media out of nowhere precisely when Israel was pushing hard to inject children with the crapcine. Walder was in a unique position to influence parents and children in the Orthodox world, which the Mafia of Health especially wants to inject.

My theory is that the Mafia of Health gave Walder another job. They instructed him to create propaganda pushing the shots on religious children. For whatever reason, this was more than Walder was willing to do. It crossed a line for him, and he refused.

The Mafia doesn't react kindly to associates who refuse to do a job. Not only is this bad for business, it threatens the entire power structure. Others might decide to refuse jobs. They might turn on their bosses, name names, and spill the beans. They know too much. It's too dangerous to keep them around.

So they have to be eliminated.

I just received the following email from a parent in Israel:


Chaburat Taryag is a monthly comics magazine with an audio CD sent out every month to its subscribers.

It used to be under Chaim Walder z"l, until he stepped down.

The magazine is geared towards the dati/chareidi audience.

We received the magazine yesterday and to my shock, track 10 was sponsored by the MOH and it was a whole play of a kid being afraid to take the jab and Chaburat Taryag convinced him that it's basically safe and effective.

I don't recall if there had been anything from MOH in the past, but I don't recall anything like this. (Maybe there was an MOH or Clalit ad saying to get the jab or wear a mask.)

I don't mind sending you just track 10 if you would like to hear it yourself.

It sure does at first glance fit into your theory involving Chaim Walder.

In any case, we plan on cancelling our subscription and I would hope that Chaburat Taryag's email inbox gets flooded with complaints so our innocent kids aren't fed this horrible propaganda.

Here's how to contact them:



The track is available here for your listening displeasure. It's very cheap propaganda geared toward children.

I'm sure Walder could have created something much better. But, alas, he is no longer among the living, so they had to make do without him.