`167 A Gift From God?
Chananya Weissman
December 17, 2021

Rule of thumb: when people who never subjugate their will to God invoke His name or His word to promote something, whatever they are promoting is antithetical to His will. They are blaspheming God's name to whitewash evil.

For the last year we've been told that the crapcines are a gift from God. The technocrats, politicians, and marketers behind these messages are among the most godless people on earth. They worship money, power, and many dark things, but never God. They don't attribute anything good in their lives to God, nor do they submit to His word. If they ever make a show of devotion, you can be sure there are cameras filming it.

Yet suddenly they are claiming God is behind the world-saving scientific achievement they want to drive into our bodies every few months forever. The same people who deny God created the world and humanity, who deny that God alone sustains all life, who deny that God established immutable laws of nature and morality that must be observed, who deny that God sees everything, knows everything, and judges everything – these same people are now crediting God for their own pharmaceutical creation.

Quite a chutzpah.

Of course, they are smart enough to realize that no one will accept theological messages from them. That's why they recruited religious mascots across all denominations to parrot the script, thereby validating the dubious Godliness of their injections.

If one actually refers to the Torah, their cynical claim drops like an immune system after taking their shots.

This is expressed most succinctly in Mishlei 10:22: ברכת ה' היא תעשיר ולא יוסף עצב עמה

The blessing of Hashem is what enriches a person, and does not increase trouble with it.

The crapcines have certainly enriched many people, but one cannot in good faith argue that they are a gift from God. A blessing from God never takes the form of a pharmaceutical product that is forced upon a population, even if it provides benefits (however slight and temporary) to some of them, and especially when it maims and kills many others.

When Hashem decides to end a plague, He does not send a drug that cures some people and destroys others. He ends the plague, period.

Since this supposed gift of God has been introduced to the world, the troubles for humanity have only increased. It is no blessing, but a curse.

King David quoted an ancient proverb in Shmuel I 24:14: מרשעים יצא רשע

From the wicked goes forth evil.

As Chazal further teach (Shabbos 32A, Sanhedrin 8A): מגלגלין זכות על ידי זכאי וחובה על ידי חייב

[Hashem] brings about a merit through the meritorious and a detriment through the guilty.

Once again, the purveyors of the crapcines are guilty of the most heinous crimes against Man and God, for which they have never repented. Whatever gifts God has for the world He will not send with them. If He uses them for anything, it will be to punish the guilty, force people to turn to Him, and ultimately to glorify His name when He destroys them.

Another illuminating source is from Taanis 6A:

 דבר אחר יורה שיורד בנחת ואינו יורד בזעף או אינו יורה אלא שמשיר את הפירות ומשטיף את הזרעים ומשטיף את האילנות ת"ל מלקוש מה מלקוש לברכה אף יורה לברכה או אינו מלקוש אלא שמפיל את הבתים ומשבר את האילנות ומעלה את הסקאין ת"ל יורה מה יורה לברכה אף מלקוש לברכה ויורה גופיה מנלן דכתיב (יואל ב) ובני ציון גילו ושמחו בה' אלהיכם כי נתן לכם את המורה לצדקה ויורד לכם גשם מורה ומלקוש בראשון

Another interpretation is that [the earlier rains are called] “yoreh” because they fall gently, and do not fall with fury. Or maybe “yoreh” means that they cause the fruits to fall [before their time], and wash away the plants and wash away the trees? [Therefore] the verse says “malkosh” [the later rains]; just as the later rains are for blessing, so the earlier rains are for blessing.

Or maybe “malkosh” means that [the later rains] knock down the houses, and break the trees, and bring up locusts? [Therefore] the verse says “yoreh”; just as the earlier rains are for blessing, so the later rains are for blessing.

And how do we know “yoreh” itself is for blessing? As it is written (Yoel 2:23), “And the children of Zion shall rejoice and celebrate in Hashem your God, for Hashem has given you the “moreh” for charity, and He will bring down rain, “moreh” and “malkosh” as in former times.”

One might have believed that the seasonal rains which we depend upon also bring destruction with them. After all, when there is a large rainfall, statistically speaking, we can expect some destruction to come along with the overall benefit. At least it's for the greater good. The Torah therefore teaches that rains of blessing only bring blessing. God not only sends the rain, but charitably directs every drop so we can all rejoice. The rains are a blessing for everyone.

The same principle applies to these accursed shots. A real gift from God would not bring such pain and suffering upon humanity, even if a greater number of people benefited from it. It would not break up families, tear apart societies, and inflict grave harm on so many who take this “gift”.

We don't need such gifts, nor the maniacs who foist them upon us. When God finally brings them down, the world will rejoice. That will be a gift.