`155 Evil Shepherds and Rotten Animals
Chananya Weissman
November 10, 2021

We've all had more than enough of being treated like sheep, but that's mainly because we're stuck with horrible shepherds. If there is any government in the world that isn't controlled by globalist gangsters, they're working on it. They had Israel under their thumb from the beginning. Of course God's herd wants immunity from them.

In chapter 34 of Yechezkel, Hashem castigates the shepherds of Israel for pasturing themselves, while neglecting the people. Hashem then promises to gather His flock from their lands of exile and return them to Israel, where they will settle in fertile dwellings (verses 1-15).

We expect the chapter to continue with the coming of Moshiach, but there is an intermediate stage. The good shepherd, the scion of David, doesn't arrive to replace the evil shepherds until verse 23! In the interim, Hashem's sheep are ruled by larger animals who abuse their power. In verses 18 and 19 Hashem addresses these tyrants as follows:

Is it too little for you that you graze on the choicest pasture, but what is left over from your grazing you trample with your feet? And you drink the clear water, then trample the rest of it with your feet [and make it muddy]? And my flock they must graze on what your feet trampled, and drink your leftover muddy water?

Hashem then promises to judge between the fat animals and the lean sheep, who were pushed, gored, and scattered. Only after these animals are judged, and Hashem rescues His flock from them as well, does Hashem establish the scion of David to shepherd His flock.

This prophecy has been partially fulfilled in our time. After thousands of years of Israel being desolate and under foreign occupation, millions of Jews have returned to their homeland, which blossomed for them as it did for no one else. However, Hashem's flock is being dominated by stronger animals from among them. These gangsters seize the best for themselves, which is bad enough, but then they treat the weaker sheep with disdain, spoiling what they leave over purely out of spite.

The modern State of Israel has historically had two classes those with special privileges, and those who suffer mightily just to get by. This is not because Hashem didn't bless the land and the people, but because the fat animals seized control of everything and pushed the sheep aside. Still, the sheep managed to get along and were generally content.

Now it's different. The fat animals the Erev Rav gangsters who rule the land have embraced the globalist plan to control resources, create shortages, and destroy people's ability to make ends meet. They force people out of work, force businesses into bankruptcy, impose massive fines for breathing normally, raise taxes even more, give a raise to their cronies, then sneer that it's all for our own good. They surveil us, spy on us, rob us of our liberty, turn us into lab rats, and wage psychological warfare on us to keep us in line.

They demand we choose our form of persecution and death bioweapon injection, or political, economic, and social strangulation.

They fatten themselves on the best pasture, then leave filthy, insufficient leftovers for the feeble sheep.

I learned Yechezkel in the past, but I failed to notice this intermediate period of internal oppression before Moshiach comes. God brings us back to Israel yes, He wanted us to return before Moshiach comes and then He has to save us from the animals in our midst. It's right there, staring us in the face. This is the period in which we find ourselves.

This was all foretold thousands of years ago. I don't know how much longer this period will last, but it seems unlikely that it can go on for much longer. Hashem will step in, judge the fat animals, and establish the scion of David as our righteous shepherd.

This straightforward prophecy from Yechezkel is speaking directly to us, and should strengthen us in these difficult times. It's all part of the plan, and it's all under control. We need to pray for Hashem to judge our oppressors, free us from their grip, and restore the kingdom of David under Torah law.