`144 A Question for Those Who Are Wavering
Chananya Weissman
October 10, 2021

This message is for everyone who knows the crapcine is dangerous, the whole thing is evil, and they don't want to take it, but they are being worn down by the pressure. I want you to ask yourself a simple question.

If you knew that Moshiach would come tomorrow, would you give in and take it?

What if you knew that Moshiach would come a month from now, or a year from now, or two years from now? Would you give in and take it, or, knowing that this will be over soon, would you hold out no matter what?

If you would muster the fortitude and resilience to hold out, then why should it matter that the date of Moshiach's arrival is hidden from you? Do you have real emunah that he is coming? Do you anticipate this always? Or do you just pay lip service to the idea, but Moshiach is not real to you, and your belief in his eventual coming makes no practical difference to your mentality or your decisions?

This is a good time to remind you that anticipating Moshiach's arrival is one of the Rambam's thirteen fundamental articles of Jewish faith. If this isn't real to you, then you have much bigger problems than the threat of losing your job, or not being allowed to go into debt for a worthless “education”, or participate in some social event with people who tossed in their faith a long time ago.

And that's fine. If Moshiach isn't real to you, and you don't really anticipate that he will come, and you don't factor the redemption into any of your decisions, then look yourself in the mirror and say that. All you have is your temporal needs and conveniences, there is nothing more, the bad guys have more power, and you might as well play Russian roulette to keep the bad guys off your back a little longer.

But if redemption is real to you, and the only problem is that you don't know when it's coming, then you have to realize that THAT'S THE TEST. It doesn't matter if Moshiach comes tomorrow, or next year, or even in your lifetime. If redemption is real to you, and you realize that the power structure of today is an illusion, then you will make decisions differently.

You will find the resilience and fortitude to hold out today, and tomorrow, one day at a time for as long as it takes. You will not give in to the evil ones, no matter what, because passing the test is more important than anything else. It's the only thing that matters.

If you knew Moshiach was coming for real, would you continue to hold out?