`137 60 Ways We Have to Pretend
Chananya Weissman
September 22, 2021

Take a trip down memory lane to the ancient, obsolete world of two years ago. Consider how drastically the beliefs of ordinary people have changed during this time. It did not happen overnight; it was a gradual, well-planned, highly coordinated process of conditioning.

Because of this, most people do not realize how drastically their beliefs – and their resulting behavior – have changed. What would have been unthinkable behavior two years ago has become a reflex. The human beings around us have proven to be as trainable and predictable as Pavlov's dogs.

Two years ago the idea of forcing the masses to take an injection of any kind would have been unthinkable. The idea of treating friends and loved ones as disease-spreading murderers for refusing to comply – or even for “hesitating” – would have been outrageous. The idea of the government essentially seizing ownership over the bodies of children, the elderly, and everyone in between would have been cause for revolt.

Today all of this, and so much more, is considered perfectly normal, even righteous.

Chazal teach us that the yetzer hara (evil inclination) is extremely wily. He doesn't tell a person on day one to serve idolatry. First he tells a person to commit a small infraction. The next day he pushes the envelope a little further. Eventually, after a period of conditioning, the yetzer hara tells him to serve idolatry, and he goes and does it. (See Shabbos 105B, Nidda 13B.)

Chazal illustrate this another way. At first the yetzer hara is a traveler passing by. If one allows him inside, he becomes a guest. In the end, the yetzer hara becomes the master of the house. (See Succah 52B.)

If the Satanic agents of the yetzer hara came along two years ago and told everyone to cede control over their most fundamental rights, wear masks forever, inject themselves and their children with crap every few months for the rest of their lives, and demonize those who step out of line, they never would have succeeded. Instead, they conditioned people to allow just a temporary violation of their fundamental rights, to slightly erode their core values. Then they pushed a little more. And people got used to it. And the Satanists repeated the process, dragging millions of people to idolatry, child sacrifice, and complicity with evil.

They took generally decent, gullible people and turned them into well-meaning monsters.

This is why a trip down memory lane is so important. People's new beliefs and behaviors have become so ingrained that they forget how drastically they have changed. If they could just take a step back and ponder the conditioning process they unwittingly experienced, they might be alarmed.

Consider the huge list of lies we have to pretend are true in order to be considered “good”. We have to pretend...

1...that it is a net plus for everyone to wear masks as often as possible.

2...that masks stop the spread of microscopic virus particles to a significant degree.

3...that masks are not physically and psychologically harmful, certainly not to the extent that the harm outweighs the benefits.

4...that children should be forced to wear masks; it's good for them and others.

5...that the ever-changing rules about who has to wear a mask and when make any kind of scientific sense.

6...that rich and powerful people don't have to wear masks, except occasionally for the camera, and this changes nothing for us.

7...that the PCR test is a reliable diagnostic device.

8…that people should be regularly subjected to PCR tests to be allowed to go places.

9…that “positive cases” means anything at all, let alone that people should be placed under house arrest because of them, and the public should be terrified because of large numbers of them.

10…that prison-inspired “lockdowns” of the public for prolonged periods of time, repeatedly, are acceptable on any level.

11...that these mass house arrests protect people's health, let alone cause more good than harm.

12...that forfeiting our most basic freedoms without public debate or referendum won't lead to tyranny.

13...that the people in power are driven by concern for our lives and wellbeing.

14...that the people in power are loyal to the people they are sworn to represent and would never betray them.

15...that the people in power today would never do what people in power have historically done when unlimited power was within their reach.

16...that the media always sides with the people, and will act valiantly to expose such corruption.

17...that the media would never intentionally mislead its audience or serve as a mouthpiece for people with money and power.

18...that the media should be trusted to influence us with life-and-death decisions.

19...that doctors are ethically superior to other people.

20...that doctors would not be corrupted by money or prestige, and will always place the patient's best interests before all else.

21...that doctors and hospitals would never deny appropriate treatments, hide important medical data, commit atrocities if bribed or pressured by powerful people, or cover up incidents of malpractice.

22...that we should never question doctors, and should always do whatever they tell us, period.

23...that religious leaders would really never be corrupted, and will always behave faithfully, no matter what.

24...that rich and powerful people would never seek to abuse the public's implicit trust in the media, doctors, and religious leaders through bribes and pressure.

25...that we would smell a rat if they did, question authority, and not follow them unless we received thorough, satisfying answers.

26...that pharmaceutical companies would never foist a dangerous product on the public through negligence or malfeasance.

27...that oversight agencies can be fully trusted to make sure this would never happen.

28...that pharmaceutical companies would never abuse the public's implicit trust in oversight agencies to corrupt the individuals therein.

29...that anyone who thinks otherwise is paranoid and crazy.

30...that we should have complete trust in the system, even though countless people have been maimed and killed by negligence and malfeasance, pharmaceutical companies have historically shown no concern for human life, they enrich those who are useful to them, and they destroy anyone who stands in their way. Nothing to worry about.

31...that pharmaceutical companies should receive money from all directions for vaccines, but suffer no liability – not even forfeiture of profits – for any harm they might cause. This is for our own good, and no cause for “hesitation”.

32...that no one got the flu last year.

33...that everyone they say died of Covid really died of Covid, not malpractice, or something else.

34...that hospitals weren't paid massive amounts of money to inflate the Covid deaths, and even if they were, it doesn't change anything.

35...that no one died from the “vaccine”, because all the many people who profit from it said so.

36...that even if some people died from it or were injured, it shouldn't give us pause.

37...that even if countless people died from it or were injured, the benefits outweigh the risks, and we shouldn't question it.

38...that there is simply no other option.

39...that if someone believes otherwise, he is selfish, crazy, and the cause of everyone else's misery.

40...that healthy people with no symptoms of illness can spread the virus, and they are continuously doing so in great numbers.

41...that having doubts about this “vaccine” makes one against all vaccines.

42...that having doubts about other vaccines is absolutely ridiculous, and we should live in terror of being accused of such a thing.

43...that people who take the “vaccine” should immediately develop a superiority complex and start hating people who didn't take it.

44...that the “vaccine” protects people, yet those who take it essentially cannot change their behavior and must continue to live in fear.

45...that people who took the “vaccine” should be more afraid of people who didn't take it than they were previously.

46...that doctors and nurses who treated Covid patients for 18 months can't possibly be immune, and should be fired if they don't take the “vaccine”.

47...that doctors, nurses, and whistleblowers who gain nothing and risk everything to warn people should not be trusted, while those who regurgitate establishment talking points are most credible.

48...that people in establishment positions who have been proven to be liars, hypocrites, or otherwise untrustworthy should continue to be followed as if it never happened.

49...that the burden of proof is on us to prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that a new pharmaceutical product is dangerous before everyone takes it, as opposed to the reverse before it is foisted on the public.

50...that we shouldn't concern ourselves with long-term effects of a new pharmaceutical product, just because.

51...that FDA approval, or emergency authorization, or whatever statements they put out, should be taken at face value, when they have been manipulating the public all along.

52...that a relentless campaign of fear, pressure, and propaganda is perfectly appropriate, and should not affect our trust in the system.

53...that the governments of the world, and the numerous politicians within these governments, who agree on nothing else and hate each other, have adopted virtually identical policies in lockstep, yet the notion of a “conspiracy” is laughable.

54...that it's perfectly normal for vaccines to make people really sick. It shows they are working. Even though that wasn't part of the deal in the beginning.

55...that it's perfectly normal for vaccines to stop working after a few months, and to require “boosters” regularly for the rest of our lives. Even though that also wasn't part of the deal.

56...that the Israeli government and media can refer to people who took “only” two shots as “unvaccinated”, so when they die of “Covid” they can claim “unvaccinated” people are dying, and we should continue trusting them as authorities.

57...that people in power can continue to get things wrong and still be trusted, but if their critics are slightly off the mark about anything at all, they are forever discredited and should be mocked.

58...that this is really about health, that this is how science works or should work, that any of this is normal, and that God wants us to bet everything on these liars and frauds being right.

59...that destroying our society and our relationships for the sake of all the above is appropriate and worth it.

60...that we believe all these things because we were properly informed, really thought about it, and drew these conclusions objectively.

This is just a partial list.

We have to pretend that all these things are true, because if even one of them weren't true, the whole house of cards would come tumbling down.

Two years ago we would not have believed any of these things. We would certainly not believe them with every fibre of our being, mock those who thought differently, and get angry at those who tried to show us information that contradicts these notions. Yet now that is what is demanded of us to continue to be “good” in people's eyes.

The yetzer hara and his minions have done quite a number on society. Day by day, step by step, they have altered people's beliefs, eroded their principles, tortured their minds and bodies, and made decent people behave like monsters.

The yetzer hara was once a mere traveler, but he's taken over the house. It's time to stop playing make-believe and kick him out.