`103 The sacrifice after the sacrifice and more
Chananya Weissman
May 27, 2021

What your parents told you then:
If a stranger in a car offers you candy, scream and run away.

What you have to tell your children now:
If your teacher offers to jab you with a needle, scream and run away.

How creepy is that?

*   *   *
May 31

Amalek is waging war on crapcine hesitancy. Think about that for a moment.

According to them, we should be prevented from even being hesitant to take a crapcine or give it to our children. We must take it with full confidence and not a smidgen of concern. Those who are hesitant (even if they don't outright refuse) are a problem. Those who cause others to be hesitant are to be silenced and destroyed.

Do I really need to explain that this is not normal, moral, scientific, or healthy for society on any level?

In light of how evil and perverse this is, I agree that people should not have crapcine hesitancy. They should be totally opposed and fight it with their heart and soul.

Indeed, that is what the fight is really for -- our hearts and our souls.

*   *   *
It's looking quite possible that there will be a worldwide food shortage right when Shemitta is starting in Israel. Davka when the world is starving and chaos is erupting, the righteous farmers in Israel won't be planting their fields. Shemitta is the ultimate test of faith in Hashem to provide for us, against nature and human logic.

It's all coming together.
*   *   *

June 1

The sacrifice after the sacrifice

Imagine bringing a child into the world
Devoting your heart and soul to your child
Waking up in the middle of the night to care for your child
Planning your life around all your child's needs
Working extra hard to support your child
Taking delight in every small accomplishment of your child
Worrying over anything that could possibly harm your child
Investing so much time, and energy, and money, and love, and life in your child
Then after 12-15 years letting corrupt bureaucrats who invested nothing in your child, care not a whit about your child, and face no legal consequences...letting them inject your child with crap
Because they want it more
Imagine that
I can't