2021 The Fake War with Hamas
Chananya Weissman
May 21, 2021

What, you gullible sheep really thought Israel meant business this time and was going to defeat Hamas once and for all?

Why would they suddenly grow a spine now and decide enough is enough? Why would they suddenly be outraged at the murder of Jewish civilians and decide their blood needed to be avenged?

Oh, let's not forget that while rockets were raining down on Israel, Arabs were rampaging in Lod, Jerusalem, and across Israel, and the Erev Rav thugs in police uniforms were arresting JEWS who defended themselves.

The same people who gave these orders were simultaneously not going to tolerate Jewish blood being spilled by Hamas? You really believed that?

Meanwhile, everyone forgot about the state-sponsored mass murder at Meron, coalition talks to dethrone King Bibi were conveniently scuttled, no one noticed that the Erev Rav government plans to extend its "emergency corona powers" indefinitely, and they intend to forcibly inject our children with crap.

Yeah, you were too busy trying to explain to hopeless Jew-haters that Hamas really are the bad guys. Because, among other things, they endanger children.

Now, to your great surprise (why?), Israel was pressured into a cease-fire. They really, really wanted to move in for the kill and bring Hamas down, but they were held back.

Like the guy in a bar who shoots off his mouth against a much bigger guy and his friend holds him back, otherwise of course he'd be up for a fight.

When this fake, manufactured "war" started I said that it would amount only to some Jews killed for nothing, there would be a cease-fire in a few days, and I never cared so little about a war in Gaza.

If I want to see fiction I can find a better movie, with better acting and a less predictable script.