2021 A different lesson from the conflict with Gaza
Chananya Weissman
May 19, 2021

You try to explain to people that there is no moral equivalence between Hamas and Israel. It doesn't matter what arguments you make or what evidence you provide. History doesn't matter. Facts don't matter. Logic and reason don't matter.

They respond with emotional arguments. They discredit your sources, while expecting you to respect their biased, corrupt sources as authoritative.

When you provide reams of powerful evidence, they casually dismiss it and claim you have no evidence. When you observe what hypocrites they are, how they contradict themselves, they just plow right ahead.

They mock you. They become angry and abusive, even menacing. They wish for you to be silenced.

No matter what you say you cannot get through to these people. It is frustrating, maddening. The truth is there in plain sight and they just refuse to see it.

You wonder why you have to always be the one on the defensive. You wonder why you have to walk on eggshells, and watch every word lest you offend them, or validate all their wild accusations against you, or get censored, while they can get away with anything. You wonder why they can be so irrational and out of line, and defend that which is indefensible, but you're the bad one. You're the crazy one.

You know what it's like trying to talk to people about Hamas and Israel?

That's what it's like trying to talk to you about masks and the injections.

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All you people who are complaining about the media's obviously distorted coverage of the Arab/Jewish conflict:

This is the same media that has been speaking as one when it comes to covid and the crapcine. Do you still trust them?

This is the same media that insists Meron was an accident due to overcrowding. Do you still trust them?

Either accept that they are wicked, professional liars, and cannot be trusted about their interpretation of ANYTHING...or accept their interpretation of what's going on in Gaza.

The media is consistent. You should be, too.