92 The 12 Step Program and More
Chananya Weissman
April 23, 2021

Step 1: Wear a mask

Step 2: Stay home

Step 3: Stay away from other human beings

Step 4: Go broke

Step 5: Wear a second mask

Step 6: Get injected with dangerous junk

Step 7: Continue to stay away from other human beings

Step 8: Get injected with more dangerous junk

Step 9: Continue your miserable, lonely, broke existence

Step 10: Blame your problems on people who don't get injected with dangerous junk

Step 11: Wear a third mask

Step 12: Drop dead already! Go back to Step 1.

*   *   *

I was on a bus earlier this week and was learning. An inspector boarded to make sure everyone had paid. As he approached me I looked up, half-expecting him to demand I put on a mask, and reached inside my pocket for my Rav Kav. He told me I don't need to, just continue learning.

This is why we will win.

*   *   *

Lots of Orwellian stuff from Walgreens, but this takes the cake. Talk about avoiding a question!

"Are COVID-19 vaccines safe?

Vaccines have played an important role in protecting the health and safety of communities and nations throughout history. As a critical resource for care in our communities, Walgreens will remain focused on providing safe and convenient access to COVID-19 vaccines."