87 A War on God and Creation
Chananya Weissman
April 6, 2021

With the constant barrage of headlines and social media posts – most of which are unimportant and quickly forgotten – it's easy to lose sight of the big picture. The people in power are not fighting a pandemic, or racism, or inequality, or climate change, or any other supposed threats to the human race. They are fighting God.

By “those in power” I refer not only to elected officials (assuming they were truly elected by those they are meant to serve), for they are often nothing more than mascots. The people with the greatest power were elected by no one, even for pretend, and are often unknown to the general public. The “elected officials” work for them, not for us. We cannot fire them or vote them out of power – only their mascots. There are no “free elections”; they are all bought and paid for.

Their media shills (a redundant phrase) spread disinformation with the pretense of respectability and accountability. They have none of the former, and are accountable only to those who grant them access in exchange for spreading their propaganda. There is no such thing as unbiased news reporting; every aspect of what they report and how they report it is by design, with a subliminal agenda. Their goal is not to inform their audience, but to manipulate it. They have a casual relationship with the truth, at best.

It is no coincidence that those in power are waging these fictitious fights for humanity and our morality simultaneously, with the greatest of urgency and highfalutin catchphrases. If we do not stop the pandemic, most of us will die. If we do not stamp out racism and inequality (the definitions of which change daily) we will lose our democracy. If we do not fight climate change, all of us will die. We must not question “the narrative”. We must make “painful sacrifices” (always us, never them). We must “reimagine” everything that makes sense so that it can be transformed into something that doesn't. Don't ask questions; we're facing existential threats and don't have time for questions.

All of this is a fig leaf for reimagining a world without God and His pesky objective morality, a world in which the rich and well-connected displace God as rulers of the world. Underneath all the headlines, hysteria, and noise, that's what this is really all about.

It is no coincidence that those waging fictitious battles for humanity and morality, both of which they abhor, are godless people. If they ever mention God, it is only to paint lipstick on their anti-God agenda. If they ever quote some moral lesson from the Torah – always without context – it is only to justify violating the Torah. They bend the Torah to serve their will, not the reverse. They blaspheme God by pretending to care what God has to say about anything.

It is easy to demonstrate that their fictitious battles are really a war against God by simply reading the beginning of the Torah. God's first comment about the human race is “It is not good for man to be alone; I will make for him a helpmate opposite him.” God then blesses this first couple to be fruitful, multiply, and fill up the earth.

The anti-God establishment has been waging war against the nuclear family for generations. From women's rights, to gay rights, now to fabricated “trans” rights, the “progress” has reached the point where stating the most basic biological and Torah truths is considered an act of great courage. In many parts of the self-proclaimed “enlightened” world, one literally risks everything by advocating for God's plainly stated, immutable truth about gender, gender roles, and the only acceptable combination of men and women to create a family, which is one of each, after they commit to marriage.

It should not need to be debated that unborn children have the right to be born, and the lives of the elderly and infirm are no less precious than the lives of society's most fortunate. The rich and powerful do not have the right to decide the value of anyone's life, nor when someone has “already lived their life” and it's time for them to go. That is strictly the purview of God, who forbids us to make such distinctions or calculations, even for the alleged “greater good”. It's always for the greater evil. It's always to displace God.

The Torah teaches that every life is a unique world, and every moment of every life is infused with the potential to achieve great spiritual heights. One can achieve a share in the world to come with a single heroic act (Avoda Zara 17A and 18A), and one can repent his sins in a quiet moment of reflection (Kiddushin 49B). That “unresponsive” hospital patient may well be engaged in powerful repentance right before an “enlightened” doctor pulls the plug on his life.

Cheating anyone out of a single moment of life robs them of this great potential, reduces human life to nothing more than another commodity in a marketplace, and wages war on God. One who shortens a dying person's life by a single moment is a murderer according to the Torah the same as one who murders anyone else.

God's first instruction to Adam and Eve was to fill up the earth, without limit. Procreation is an obligation, not a “lifestyle choice”. Children are a blessing, not a burden, and certainly not the property of the government. Those who speak of “overpopulation” and “depopulation” deny God's power to sustain humanity and wage war against His will. They want to take over God's business.

The anti-God establishment further claims that the world will be destroyed by “climate change”, due to which they must control everyone and everything. Of course, they deny that man's behavior (especially their own) has any spiritual importance that will impact the world around them.

This contradicts the Torah's emphasis on a spiritual cause and effect for everything that happens in this world, including the destruction in the time of Noah due to widespread immorality and corruption. It is no coincidence that what we witness today might make Noah's contemporaries blush with shame. The anti-God folks refer to it as “progress”, as if they invented perversity.

Immediately following the flood, God makes an oath to Noah that the seasons will never again be stopped as they were during the year of destruction. God controls the climate, not evildoers who wish to usurp Him.

God makes this oath in recognition of the fact that Man by nature is evil, and therefore requires more grace. This contradicts the view of many people who deny the existence of evil, or dismiss the notion of widespread, coordinated evil as a ridiculous “conspiracy theory”, or believe that most people are good.

The default state of a human being is evil until he learns how to be good and puts his learning into practice. This is not something we can figure out on our own, or decide upon by a popular vote, or have decided for us by “ethicists”, or have imposed upon us by “elitist” thought police. Only God can decide what is good and what is evil. No one who tried to improve on God's morality ever produced a favorable result. God created the world, and He wrote the instruction manual.

It is critical for us to recognize that we are living through biblical times. It is the ultimate battle between good and evil, between those who side with God and those who wish to replace Him. I don't know how long it will take for God to destroy the evildoers or how bad it will get until then, but I know this for certain: God today is no different than He was in ancient times, He cares about His world the same as always, and He is not going to let anyone take over His business.

Our job is to turn to God, strengthen ourselves and others, and seek His redemption.

After that, sit back and enjoy the show.