84 Take the pledge...and more good stuff
Chananya Weissman
March 25, 2021

I hereby pledge that if I see someone being bullied or otherwise mistreated over not wearing a mask, their personal medical decisions, and their right to be part of society like everyone else, I will intervene.

If I see someone being harassed on a bus, I will not stay quiet. I will stand up for the victim and push back against the bully.

If I see someone being discriminated against in a store or bullied on the street, I will not look the other way. I will speak up and support the victim against the abuser.

I won't just take pictures on my phone. I will personally intervene.

The Torah commands us not to stand by while your fellow's blood is shed. This bullying and abuse is destroying people physically and mentally. I publicly affirm my commitment to this commandment.

I will stand up for others, just as I want people to stand up for me.

Please publicly take this pledge as well.

*   *   *

On that note, here's a great story. 

Last Friday I was on a bus in Jerusalem with a mask on my chin (I make that small concession to ward off the irrational hyenas who take comfort in that). A woman approached me and asked me to cover my face. I told her I am exempt for medical reasons. She insisted I cover my face anyway and I refused. She threw a fit and demanded I get off the bus. Fat chance. She then marched to the front of the bus and complained to the driver, but he didn't pay her any attention (God bless him).

Somewhere in the middle of this a 60-ish man sitting in front of me with his wife, both of them wearing masks, turned around and basically told this woman to mind her own business. She was getting nowhere, and at the next stop SHE got off the bus. I offered her a Rapeh flyer on the way out, but she turned it down.

The fun wasn't over. Another woman sitting all the way in the back started screaming at me. I don't know what she thought she brought to the table that the first woman didn't, but she got nowhere either. The guy in front of me kept on sticking up for my rights, and I let her have it, too. I took the mask off my face completely and waved it tauntingly, then blew some air in her direction a couple of times. She eventually quieted down.

Two other woman politely engaged me, saying that I shouldn't argue with people, we should all get along, that sort of thing. I told them that I wasn't looking to fight with anyone, but if someone starts up with me I'm going to defend myself not only for myself, but for the next person they might try to bully, who won't have the same courage. I offered each of them a Rapeh flyer, and both of them accepted it with interest.

It was very heartwarming that the other guy jumped in and defended me. It really helped take the wind out of the bullies, seeing that there was pushback not just from their potential victim but from a bystander. It also made a statement to everyone else on the bus.

The real hero in the story is not me for standing up to the bullies, but to the man who could have ignored the situation, and instead chose to get involved. Next time something like this happens, everyone should be that person.

*   *   *

Someone shared with me a 5-page document with official instructions given to police in enforcing the cruel and inhumane mask mandate. The top line on page 4 instructs cops not to give a fine to someone who has a reasonable explanation when the cop sees him without a mask. The first example they give is that the person is smoking a cigarette or has just completed smoking a cigarette.

It is officially acceptable not to wear a mask so you can inhale nicotine and other toxins, but not so you can breathe oxygen. The virus we are supposed to live in constant terror of makes unlimited exceptions for smokers, but not for breathers.

As others have aptly noted, none of this is about science, protecting health, or saving lives. It's about conditioning the masses into compliance. Anyone who can see this and still deny that is lost.

*   *   *
A couple of days ago I wrote about JIC organizing singles events that are open only to those who are waved to the right of the medical selection line. Those who don't take a needless experimental drug and wave the proper papers are excluded. JIC sent out a damage-control letter that you can see online here.

I was thrilled to see that they "received numerous negative messages". Good for you, singles, for sticking up for yourselves! I sent JIC the following email:

I'm sorry, but this is a weak response. First of all, you are NOT required to discriminate against people in this way. The evil "green passport" is NOT a law and NOT an obligation, just a recommendation.

Second of all, you have no obligation to organize events that discriminate against people based on medical status and medical choices, violate their medical privacy, and implicitly coerce them to take a needless, dangerous, experimental drug to participate in society and attend a singles event. Hiding behind an immoral "policy" is not an excuse, nor is the fact that someone is volunteering from presumably altruistic motives. Good intentions do not kasher treif behavior.

I would suggest you do one or more of the following instead of implicitly supporting medical tyranny:

1. Organize events that are open to all, either under the official aegis of your organization or otherwise.

2. Publicly protest the immoral recommendations (NOT requirements) of the corrupt Ministry of Health and demand that singles and others have the right to gather with their medical privacy and medical autonomy fully protected.

3. If push comes to shove, it would be preferable to cease running events altogether rather than kowtow to immoral policies that violate the Torah and the Nuremberg Code. Gedolim of past generations chose to close their yeshivos rather than let the anti-Torah establishment force their poisonous curriculum into the yeshivos. Learn from their integrity and courage, and follow in their ways.

If you really care about singles and doing the right thing, you must do at least one of the above suggestions, otherwise you would unfortunately be taking after the Judenrat who betrayed their own and excused themselves for it. History does not remember them well, and it will not look kindly on those who are doing the same today.

*   *   *
I received a brilliant email from a woman whose son returned home from South Korea in January 2020 and became very ill with Covid (the local hospital thought it was the flu at the time, since they didn't yet know that the flu disappeared from the world).  She nursed him back to health in 10 days with antibiotics, an inhaler, and old-school chicken soup and bone broth.  She did not catch flu or anything else from him, and made the following keen observation:

"This virus can be dangerous to those who have health issues, but I do NOT believe that it is merely passed by breathing.  If that were so, the Covid "test" should be to cough over a petri dish, instead of sticking a rake up your nose to scrape your brain like an Egyptian embalmer."

Well said.

*   *   *
My 31 reasons article was the subject of a Spanish radio program, which the host told me was a huge success.  Someone from Iceland is now translating it as well.  The next so-called "mainstream media" outlet that publishes it will be the first, but thank God the truth gets out whether they like it or not.

Rabino Weissman