83 Election Day Standoff and More
Chananya Weissman
March 24, 2021

I had an interesting experience yesterday, and I'm not sure if I handled it in the best possible way. It's one of those gray areas, and perhaps there is no objective best possible way. I'm curious what my friends with uncorrupted, undrugged minds think.  (On Facebook, most of them supported how I handled it, which I appreciated.)

I went to vote, and the two ladies sitting at a table inside the entrance kindly offered me a mask and asked me to put it on. I told them I was exempt for medical reasons. They asked me for a certificate. I explained that I don't need one. They claimed that I do need one, and I reiterated that I don't. Stalemate.

Some guy appeared who seemed to be in charge of the voting station. He argued back and forth with me about the law and my requirement to wear a mask. Why not wear a mask for five minutes? I stuck to my guns that I was medically exempt, I did not need a doctor's note, and the mask is harmful for me, even for five seconds.

I explained that in any case his own mask did nothing for him. If someone was smoking near him, he would smell the smoke, so the mask would certainly not filter out tiny corona particles. He corrected a slight mistake in my Hebrew and didn't disagree with the point, but said he needed to follow the law. The entire exchange was cordial.

A female police officer, stationed there specifically for corona issues, told me that according to the law I need to wear a mask to enter the facility or present a certificate of exemption. I told her that is not correct. After some back and forth she said she would call the supervisor over elections in the district and check. Meanwhile, she asked me to wait outside, and I complied.

A few minutes later the supervisor showed up. The conversation repeated itself. He asked me if I also enter stores and other places without a mask and tell them the same thing. I said that I do. He then instructed the others to let me in and vote.

The police officer overrid this instruction, saying it was against the law and she could not let me in. The poor supervisor was stuck. He emphasized he wanted to do everything possible to enable me to vote. I do believe everyone involved was a decent person who wanted to do the right thing, but they were stuck in their own individual morass.

After some more back and forth the supervisor said he could not let me in without a mask. However, he said that if I agreed to wear one, he would make sure I would be in and out very quickly, with no need to wait on line. I agreed to this.

Before I put on the mask, with the police officer nearby, I made a big show of taking a huge gulp of air. The supervisor escorted me inside, made sure I got my envelope immediately, and I was in and out in about a minute. They all wished me a good day when I left the facility, and the mask went in the trash.
For the record, it didn't cover my nostrils, I did not breathe through it, and they didn't check.

So I wonder...did I handle this right? If not, how could I have handled it better? Here are the following alternatives that come to mind:

1. I could have stalked off and not voted. Not an option.
2. I could have yelled and made a scene. I don't think this would have accomplished anything or helped my cause. I believe carrying yourself with dignity is always more effective.
3. I could have had an hours-long standoff, the results of which are speculative.

Instead, I made a small, momentary concession. I am disgusted that I had to do this. At the same time, it seems this was the most productive way to handle the situation. I still stood up to the tyranny, made my point, and sent a message that went up the chain of command. Although they basically got what they wanted in the end, they had to sweat for it, and I think overall what I did had a positive effect.

If there is a way to file a complaint that I was not allowed in without a mask, despite claiming a medical exemption, I would be interested in doing so. I would emphasize that the complaint is not against the people at the voting station, all of whom were courteous and tried to be helpful, but against those putting them in this situation.

*   *   *
Jerusalem's Great Synagogue is reopening for Pesach, but not for filthy, diseased, dangerous vermin like you:

"If you still did not send in your reservation please note that the new requirements for you to join the Pesach services this year will be to register at least 3 days before Pesach by sending your name as well as a copy of your "teudat zehut" or passport, and your "green pass" to Jgs.entrance@gmail.com as well as a donation of 500 NIS."

Before the Jews brought the Pesach sacrifice, they had to separate the animal for 4 days to make sure it had no blemishes. Today in Jerusalem, a Jew must register for shul 3 days in advance, because they suspect that he is blemished.

"Upon entering the synagogue building you must present to the guards your "teudat zehut" or passport and your "green pass". The guards will check your "teudat zehut" or passport and your "green pass" and the registration list to make sure that you have registered."

In some parts of the world, shuls have guards outside to keep terrorists out. The Great Synagogue in Jerusalem has guards standing outside to keep Jews out. Because Jews who have not injected themselves with a needless, dangerous experimental drug are considered worse than terrorists.

"The entire time that you are in the Jerusalem Great Synagogue building you must cover your mouth and nose with a mask."

Because even though you have injected yourself with this drug, proven you are not a diseased murderous vermin, paid 500 shekels, and registered, you are STILL a diseased murderous vermin unless you further dehumanize yourself and cover your face. You are not allowed to breathe unencumbered the entire time that you are in the Jerusalem Great Synagogue.

"We are looking forward to having you with us for Pesach as one of our Jerusalem Great Synagogue family."

Some family.

Just in case you're wondering, if the situation changes and the shul is unable to open for Pesach, they keep the 500 shekels per person. No refunds. Tough. But at least the money went to help your family.

There are some interesting parallels between the Great Synagogue and the crapcine:

1. No matter what you do, it will never be enough, and it will never go back to normal.

2. If something goes wrong, there's no going back, no refunds, no accountability. You're the only one who pays. You're the only one who suffers.

3. The crapcine isn't so great, and neither is the Great Synagogue.

*   *   *

More from the Judenrat "family". The JIY announced an election night party for singles in Jerusalem's First Station, emphasizing multiple times GREEN PASSPORTS REQUIRED.

I emailed them as follows:

"Why are you supporting medical tyranny, engaging in "selections, and de facto pressuring people to be part of a medical experiment, which violates the Torah and the Nuremberg Code?

"Also, why are people who took this experimental drug afraid to be in contact with people who didn't? If so, what did they accomplish by taking it? If they are still concerned about getting corona, they should stay away from others who took the drug as well, since they can still catch it and transfer it, too.

"In fact, it seems that the ones who took it might well be the greater danger to others!  See here.

"Hopefully your perspective is more substantive than "we're mindlessly following some vague recommendation". If not, I hope you will publicly reverse your position in light of the above and be a light for others to follow.

"I invite you to reply before I post about this later today."

I knew they wouldn't respond -- the Judenrat creeps never do. I just wanted to let them know that we know what they are, and we're keeping score. There will be a day of reckoning for all these wicked people.