77 The Longest Word in Tanach and Other Goodies
Chananya Weissman
February 25, 2021

The longest word in Tanach, tied with two others, is "והאחשדרפנים", which appears in Megillas Esther 9:3.  We know the Achashdarpenim were officers of the Persian king, but their specific duty is unclear and generally unknown. 

Remarkably, none of the commentators mention the following Midrashic source, which tells us exactly what they did. The word "אחשדרפניא" appears in Daniel 3:27, and the meaning of the word is the subject of a dispute between Rabbi Acha and the Rabbis in Shir HaShirim Rabba 7:9.

Rabbi Acha says they were corrupt legal advisers who would turn the law in all directions.  The Rabbis say they would show favoritism and turn the law accordingly.  These opinions appear very similar; in essence, their job was to twist the law to suit the purposes of the ruler.

My, how little things have changed in our "enlightened" generation.  The leaders of so-called democracies around the world are determined to wiggle around laws that exist to protect the rights of the people.  These laws are nothing but nuisances to them.  If they cannot revoke these laws, they create emergency laws that suspend them indefinitely, or they redefine words to render the laws meaningless.

The democracies of today are little different than the Persian monarchy.  Their kings too were restricted by laws, and they too massaged the laws to get away with anything they wanted.  Instead of allowing the law to restrain them from corrupt behavior, they used the law to sanitize their corruption.  First they decided what they wanted to do, then they deployed their Achashdarpenim to find a way to make it legal.  

Once again, there is nothing new under the sun, and even an obscure word in Megillas Esther teaches us a timeless lesson.

The Zera Shimshon has a remarkable insight in his commentary on the Haggada, Chapter 7. He cites the Drasha that the Egyptians first enslaved the Jews by cajoling them, and then imposed backbreaking work on them.  He then asks as follows: "Why did they accept upon themselves in the end to do backbreaking work?  And why were the Egyptians not afraid of them that they might protest, being that the Jews were already a large and more powerful nation than them?  And the Zera Beirach asks the same question on this Pasuk.  And he answered that this was the scheme of the Egyptians to first enslave them in this way with mortar and bricks, in order to make foolish the wisdom of the Jews..."  He goes on to explain that this type of menial work demoralizes people and has a negative effect on their intellect.

Indeed, this helps explain how so many intelligent people all around us have lost their ability to think clearly, and have so readily forfeited their most basic freedoms.  How have the 99% been enslaved by the 1% of degenerate "elites"?  They were cajoled into being slaves "just a little bit", then they were easily demoralized and lost their minds.  Once someone allows himself to be enslaved just a little bit, he is a slave all the way. 

The degenerate people in power cannot possibly control the masses with force.  Their greatest fear is that the masses will realize this, unify, and take back their freedom together.  They prevent this from happening by demoralizing the people and dumbing them down, so they forget how much power they collectively have. 


United Hatzalah to suspend all unvaccinated volunteers

It just gets crazier and crazier. How many people will die because of a drastic reduction of Hatzalah volunteers? What next? Will they only respond to calls from people who got injected?


Netanyahu made it clear that despite the vaccines, restrictions must still be maintained. "The masks? It will take more time. The children are a quarter of Israel's population. We will have to develop another capability. We live in the age of viruses. I made sure that the State of Israel will be the world leader. Not only by purchasing - for the next vaccine, once a year or once every six months, but also by domestic vaccine production. I talk to the CEOs of the two companies, Pfizer and Moderna, about two essential factories. I want Israel to be a leader in this field as well. To make Israel a necessary link in the global supply chain of vaccines."

Lord Gates and King Bibi have decided that all Israelis, including children, will have to be injected with new vaccines every few months forever and ever, and they will continue to be restricted forever and ever. Israel will be a leader in the field of lab rats for drug companies.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a "conspiracy theory", it's out in the open. These corrupt, inhumane tyrants no longer represent the Israeli people, and must be removed from power.

I thought this was someone from the Ministry of Health coming with a syringe for someone on King Bibi's list. Just a bit premature.

Yesterday I passed through Machanei Yehuda. They had set up a place in the market for people to get injected. The IDF deployed two female soldiers to walk up and down the market with a bullhorn urging people to get "vaccinated". I'm sure their parents and the crazy feminist organizations are bursting with pride.

We need a name for this impressive military operation on behalf of Bibi, Gates, and Pfizer.

Operation Guinea Pig? Operation Blazing Needles? Operation Safe and Effective? Operation Gates of Hell? Operation Operation?

Please vote for your favorite name from the list above or suggest your own.

Happy Purim.