69 Israel's Mafia of Health Means Business
Chananya Weissman
February 8, 2021

Assorted information and thoughts:

1. Some people receiving this saw my work on israel365news.com.  My articles have been removed from the site.  They are available at

2. Here is a wealth of information from Israel that someone collected and invited me to share. It is almost entirely in Hebrew, so apologies to those who cannot use it.  There are many personal testimonies about people who experienced terrible reactions soon after being injected, warnings from rabbis, scientific information, and other news.  It's there for you to use and share as you see appropriate.
Link 1
Link 2

3. Here is an incredible dissection of the contract between the Israeli government and Pfizer that someone shared: https://rivkalevy.com/caught-in-the-lie-pfizer-and-the-ministry-of-health/
It seems this really was a deal with the devil as I had surmised.

4. Funny how the scary new "British strain" is supposedly ravaging America and Israel, but cases have plummeted in England. Why isn't the British strain ravaging Brits? Same with the scary new "South African strain" and the people of South Africa.

Why hasn't there been a Tel Aviv strain yet?  Does Israel only import strains, but not export them?  Maybe it's a VAT issue.

Who knows?  Maybe they will find an Auschwitz strain.

"Meanwhile, the Health Ministry has said that it is working to get Rabbi Asherov's videos and information removed, and that in the coming week, a new site will go live, debunking the myths and false claims about the coronavirus vaccine."

This is the same Health Ministry that obligated itself to Pfizer to inject millions of Israelis with this experimental drug...no conflict of interest there.

This is the same Health Ministry that claims there were literally ZERO cases of flu in Israel this year...no credibility issues there.

This Health Ministry is censoring and purging people who don't regurgitate their official positions.

Once again, Israel has sealed its protocols related to the virus and the vaccines for thirty years, meaning all freedom of information requests on these matters are denied. Can't imagine why they might want to cover all that up...

A wonder drug sells itself, and people wouldn't be swayed by those who try to talk them out of it. This is no wonder drug, it isn't selling itself, and people are being talked out of it for many good reasons. The gangsters in the Health Ministry can't compete in the marketplace of ideas, so they have to bully and censor people instead.

This Health Ministry has too many conflicts of interest, no transparency, no accountability, and is behaving like a mafia. If you don't know anything more than that, it should be enough to talk you out of entrusting them with your precious health.

May God bring a Nuremberg trial soon.

6. A thought: The police around the world today are primarily charged not with protecting ordinary citizens from bad guys, but with persecuting them for being outside, working, exposing their face, or protesting draconian edicts.

I grew up with a lot of respect and admiration for cops. When was the last time seeing a police officer brought you a sense of security and not the exact opposite?

Health Ministry Director General Prof. Hezi Levi promised to push a law under which anyone unvaccinated would not be allowed to work in nursing homes or other geriatric care centers..."From my perspective they can chisel sidewalks. I can't be part of these people working there, not getting vaccinated, and infecting the elderly and killing them."

I thought the job of the Health Ministry was to provide the best available healthcare for those who need it, not to push laws and decide who can do what for a living. Silly me. Then I remembered these people signed a contract with Pfizer promising to inject Israelis with their new drug, and come hell or high water they intend to do it.

From my perspective, people like him can clean the toilets in a prison.

8. I strongly believe Moshiach is already in the world and an adult. This message is for him.

Whoever you are and wherever you may be, I hope you somehow see this. Please, Moshiach, I beg of you. No matter what...

Don't vaccinate!