67 Dvar Torah on Yisro + Assorted Thoughts
Chananya Weissman
February 5, 2021

This Dvar Torah comes from my archives and is being shared for the first time.  It is especially timely.   

It is also noteworthy the way different people can witness the same events, in which the truth is abundantly clear, yet react in completely opposite ways.  We see this all around us on a daily basis. 

Yisro is the paradigm for a truth-seeker.  He "experimented" with every avoda zara in the world, realized that these ideologies were false, and continued searching until he discovered the truth.  His search was an honest one, and he was willing to suffer the inconveniences of discarding old ideas, the frustrations of continuing to search, and the social consequences of going against the grain, because reconciling with falsehood was unacceptable to him.  He realizes that God runs the world, and runs to join His people.

Amalek, conversely, is the paradigm for falsehood.  His skepticism is not one of honest truth-seeking, but intended to cast doubt on the truth, even in the existence of objective, Godly truth.  Amalek sees the sea splitting for the Jews and says it might have been a lucky coincidence. He portrays himself as an intellectual, a "fact-checker", yet he is the ultimate enemy of truth. 

We see Amalek ruling the world today like never before, which we know precedes their ultimate downfall.  May it be soon, and may God strengthen us in our fight against Amalek when everything is stacked against us.


וישמע יתרו

There is a disagreement as to when Yisro's visit actually occurred. One opinion is that this parsha is in chronological order, and thus his visit occurred before matan Torah, while another opinion is that his visit occurred some time after matan Torah.

Q: What would compel anyone to suggest that this parsha is written out of order?

Parenthetically, this is a question we must ask ourselves whenever it is posited that a certain parsha in the Torah is chronologically out of order. While we are taught that אין מוקדם ומאוחר בתורה (the Torah is not always in chronological order), this does not mean that the Torah is a jigsaw puzzle for us to rearrange at will. Unless there is a tradition or an otherwise compelling reason to believe otherwise, we must assume that the Torah is in chronological order, for it would be senseless for it not to be.

So, again, what would lead anyone to suggest that this particular narrative occurred after matan Torah?

A: The immediately preceding parsha contains the battle with Amalek. The nation of Amalek waged war with us without any provocation; they were not threatened by us, and in fact travelled a great distance to the desert just to pick a fight with former slaves. Why did they do this? Because Hashem had revealed to the world that we were His special nation and that we were to be His ambassadors on this earth. Amalek, as the root of all evil, was determined to fight us to the death, and thereby “eliminate” Hashem from this world.

Consider: Hashem had just performed the most awesome miracles, revealing Himself to the world in an obvious, overt fashion. Yet how did Amalek react to this revelation? By waging war against Hashem's ambassadors and, by direct extension, Hashem Himself.

A casual reader of this narrative might easily come to the conclusion that the nations of the world are utterly hopeless. What more could anyone do to get through to them, to demonstrate to them that Hashem is, was, and will always be in charge? Yes, we might easily come to the conclusion that all the goyim are utterly hopeless like Amalek, and thus, like Amalek, must be entirely eliminated.

The Torah informs us that this is not the case by juxtaposing the story of Yisro with the story of Amalek. Yisro witnessed the same events that Amalek witnessed, yet he reacted in an entirely different fashion, in an entirely positive fashion. Yisro is clear proof that there is indeed hope for the nations of the world, and it is the continuing mission of the Bnei Yisrael to actualize this hope. It is Amalek that is the exception; for all others there continues to be hope that they will choose the path of Yisro.

While it is unresolved when the story of Yisro occurred, there is indeed a compelling reason to suggest that the Torah recorded it out of chronological order, to drive home this most fundamental lesson.


I offered my dose of the Pfizer vaccine to their executives and board members, who graciously wanted me to be first in line, but as of now they have still not taken it. So instead I am offering my dose to the Torah-observant Jew who can provide the best answers to the following questions.

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2. If a majority of math experts agree that 1+1=3, will you defer to their expertise? If not, why not?

3. If we must never concern ourselves with minority opinions, of what value is minority opinions?

4. If the opinions of the highest-ranking "experts" are all that matter, of what value are the opinions of lower-ranking people? By what right can anyone but the highest-ranking expert even HAVE an opinion, especially one that differs from the head honcho?

5. How do you decide who is the head honcho? If it is the person who most people have decided is the head honcho, then is it little more than a popularity contest? If it is the person that other experts decided is the top expert, what formal process is there for this? Please explain.

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If a 6-year old doesn't believe in Santa Claus, his classmates will bully him.

If a 16-year old hasn't stopped believing in Santa Claus, almost everyone will bully him.

Now you understand why adults are acting the way they are. They were conditioned a long time ago.


"Head of Shas, Min Aryeh Deri, called on the government to provide local municipalities personal details of individuals who have yet to vaccinate.

Deri suggested authorities go "house-to-house" vaccinating those who haven't voluntarily undergone the treatment."

It will only get worse until there is a mass uprising against the tyranny.

If anyone comes to my home with needles, they better bring a lot of armed thugs. 

You don't need to know anything about the science or the Torah, nor do we need to make this complicated.  If clearly evil people want so badly to inject you with something, it probably isn't good for you.