63 Fake Torah and Fake Science
Chananya Weissman

January 26, 2021

As the noose of censorship continues to tighten around the free flow of information, I applaud Arutz Sheva for being one of the few media sites to publish articles both supporting and challenging the experimental vaccine. I am convinced that the former are extremely misleading and dangerous, but I support both sides being allowed to present their case, particularly when the long-term effects of the experimental vaccine cannot possibly be known.

Those who are promoting censorship do not deserve your trust on this or anything else. When in doubt, do the opposite of what they suggest.

Arutz Sheva published two articles today that are valuable not for their content per se, but because they demonstrate the speciousness of those pushing the experimental vaccine. One article shows how some rabbis are manipulating people through false Torah, and the other shows how establishment "experts" are manipulating people through false science. You do not need to be a talmid chacham or have a medical degree to see this. Trust your ability to discern truth from falsehood if that is indeed your desire. This is a God-given ability and God expects us to use it.

In one article, a rabbi writes as follows:


Q. Does a Jew have a religious right to reject the Covid-19 vaccine?
A. If they decide not to be vaccinated it could endanger both himself and other people.
Rabbi Yaakov Emden said, "Once the doctor recognises a definite need to administer a tested treatment, a patient, even if he objects, must submit under all circumstances. The matter does not depend on the consent of the patient since he is not free to destroy himself" (Mor U’k’tzia to Shulchan Aruch Orach Chayyim 328).
Note that the rabbi says, "Once the doctor recognises a definite need". This excludes being swayed by rumours and unscientific opinions.


Before addressing the rabbi's answer, it is important to note that we are talking about a matter of life and death, with many sides to the issue. We would expect a scholarly response filled with numerous Torah sources, detailed analysis, and a comprehensive understanding of the science behind his conclusion that takes multiple viewpoints into account. It would make us all smarter and more informed.

Instead, we are treated to a single Torah source, which is entirely irrelevant (as I will soon explain), and an arrogant dismissal of anyone who disagrees as an unscientific rumor-monger. There is nothing rabbinic in this treatment of such a serious issue, on which the science is indeed far from conclusive (despite the relentless propaganda to the contrary), and on which the stakes could not be higher. Basically, the rabbi is saying, "Here's a Torah source, the other people are idiots, now run and get injected." It's a disgrace.

Furthermore, if this is the best source one can find to encourage people to get injected, then they are truly grasping at straws. Consider:

1) Rabbi Emden refers to a person who is already sick, already a patient. Such a person requires medical treatment. We are dealing with perfectly healthy people, who are not medical patients, and who are being asked to undergo a medical treatment anyway.

2) Rabbi Emden refers to a doctor who recognizes a definite need to provide a proven treatment. There is no definite need for perfectly healthy people to take an experimental vaccine, only a speculative one. In addition, by definition the experimental vaccine is not a proven treatment, not even close. There is not a single woman in the world who took the experimental vaccine, subsequently became pregnant, and delivered a healthy baby. It has not even been in use long enough for that to be possible!

Scientists, politicians, and media shills can insist that it is safe, but they have all been wrong before, and countless trusting people have paid the price. For a rabbi to suggest that there is a definite need for healthy people to take this, and that it is a proven treatment, is highly irresponsible and false.

3) The rabbi concludes that those who disagree with his response – which rests on a single Torah source taken completely out of context, and blind reliance on the establishment – are spreading unscientific rumors. This is neither Torah nor a scientific approach to an experimental treatment, and his cavalier insistence that people take this experimental vaccine is reprehensible.

The second article reads as follows:


The coronavirus vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech has apparently caused a number of side-effects not anticipated by the producers, a department manager at Sheba Medical Center in Tel HaShomer said Tuesday.

Professor Galia Rahav, chief of the Infectious Disease Unit and Laboratories at the Sheba Medical Center, spoke with Kan Reshet Bet Tuesday about the newly-discovered side-effects some people have reported experiencing after receiving the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

The new side-effects range from paraesthesia – a nerve condition causing a tingling sensation or ‘pins and needles’ – to facial nerve paralysis.

“When we noticed this and spoke with [the company], they started to get reports about this,” said Rahav.

“At the beginning, they said that it was just hysterical women, but it doesn’t seem that way, because we’re seeing this with men as well.”

Prof. Rahav emphasized that the side-effects are likely temporary, and that it is not yet certain that the vaccine caused the reactions. But, she added, since the vaccine is new “we need to examine it, to learn, and to observe.”

“We’re just now learning about the effectiveness of the vaccine in real life. In real, day to day life, you learn different things. The effectiveness is a little different. When you vaccinate 2.5 million people in one shot, obviously we’re going to see different things happening."


Notice that Pfizer received reports of troubling side-effects, and they dismissed them as coming from "hysterical women". This is science? This is medical ethics?

Sheba Medical Center accepted this cold, dismissive response and continued administering the experimental vaccine unabated. Lo and behold, there were some hysterical men who suffered these side effects as well.

Not to worry. "Prof. Rahav emphasized that the side-effects are likely temporary."

How does she know? She doesn't. She can't. But she emphasized it. Keep injecting.

These are the vaunted "experts" we keep hearing about?

She then blithely acknowledged that because this vaccine is new, they are "just now learning about the effectiveness of the vaccine in real life", and of course so much is still unknown.

In other words, the millions of people trusting the "experts" and the "rabbis" are guinea pigs in the largest medical experiment ever performed on the human race. And Israel is volunteering its citizens to this experiment more than any other country.

How can rabbis declare that this experimental medical procedure is an obligation? How can they declare that it is safe? How can some even rule that we say a special blessing when we receive it? Would that be hagomel if we survive or dayan emes if not?

How can "experts" be so dismissive of horrific side effects? How can they insist that it is safe even as they are forced to admit that there is so little they really know?

I will not mince words. Any rabbi who rules that people have an obligation to undergo this experimental medical treatment has lost his credibility as a rabbi, and his rulings are null and void.

Any medical practitioner who tells you this experimental medical treatment is proven to be safe should be sued for medical malpractice and forbidden to ever work in the field again.

Any media source that tells you the same has discredited themselves and everything they say should forever be received with skepticism.

Any politician who attempts to coerce or pressure people to undergo this experimental medical treatment should be booted out of office, and perhaps down the road be put on trial for corruption and crimes against his people. We need to investigate who might own them.

Considering the dearth of Torah sources that indicate one should be a guinea pig for this experimental vaccine, the preposterous claims of establishment "health experts", and the relentless propaganda urging us to line up and inject, I urge everyone to do just the opposite.

I fear that in the coming weeks and months we will witness unspeakable carnage among our people. It will be too vast to continue to cover up and explain away with pseudo-science. Hopefully I am wrong and this turns out to be a wonder drug after all. However, this does not seem to be the case, and the more they push people to take it, the more difficult it is to trust the Torah or the science behind them.

I have no personal vested interest, no agenda, and no conflict of interest. I am presenting Torah and information to the best of my ability, with the sincere goal of helping people make smarter decisions for themselves.

Both sides have been presented. Think for yourself; truly think.

Do not make life and death decisions out of fear, panic, mental fatigue, peer pressure, or blind trust in any rabbi or "expert". It is your life, and it is your responsibility to protect it. If you make the wrong decision, neither the rabbi nor the "expert" will be able to help you.

I tried. May God save us.