61 An Ode to Masks
Chananya Weissman

January 25, 2021

I wear my mask in shul

I wear it in the pool

I wear it in the shower

I wear it every hour

I never show my face

It would be a big disgrace

If I spread another case

And killed the human race

I wear it when it's light

I wear it at midnight

We need to all unite

And give up all our rights

It isn't tyranny

Or a conspiracy

You better get the gist

You crazy theorist

The only thing I fear

Is that you will come near

Expose me to your breath

And quickly cause my death

Do what all the experts say

It's Purim every day

I'll dress up like a clown

I'll wear a wedding gown

Weakness makes us stronger

It's just a little longer

So questions do not ask

Forever wear your mask!