60 Rav Vosner, media lies, and more
Chananya Weissman
January 21, 2021



Important words from Rabbi Vosner. I want to draw attention to a few things that I especially appreciated, irrespective of the fact that his viewpoint is similar to mine:

He emphasizes that he is not issuing a psak. Indeed, whether or not one undergoes a medical procedure (which is what this really is) is a personal decision, and no one can or should decide for you. This is such a refreshing thing to hear from a rav in this world of hype, propaganda, and bullying.

He shares a detailed analysis of what shaped his viewpoint. Compare to other rabbis who provide no such details, or speak at length about smallpox and other plagues and then pretend it's the same as this situation, or simply say "follow most of the doctors" and throw together a couple of indirect Torah sources for added weight.

Rabbi Vosner actually makes you smarter and more informed. Isn't that what a rabbi is supposed to do?

He discusses numerous sides of the issue, instead of hammering home a single side of one or two points, as if that's all there is to talk about. Isn't a rabbi supposed to show that he carefully considered multiple sides of an issue, so you can do the same?

He gives you what to think about. Thinking is a good thing, right? Isn't that what we all used to believe?

He presents his words with great humility and dignity, without the condescension and air of superiority that is typical of the other side. People who make reasonable points don't need to resort to such tactics.

People who have depth don't need to express themselves with shallowness and pretend they are smarter and better. They demonstrate it.

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January 22

Check out this disgusting hit piece by Maayan Hoffman in the Jerusalem Compost. This is a NEWS article, not an op-ed, but she editorializes from start to finish. She calls Dr. Arieh Avni an "Anti-vaccination coercion doctor", even though he specifically states that he is not anti-vaccination. (They even spelled his name wrong at the top. This paper is less professional than most high school papers.)

Their lack of professionalism, journalistic standards, objectivity, and even basic decency is profound. To hell with them...but thank goodness Dr. Avni got the publicity. I think most people will find him a lot more compelling than Hoffman.

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January 22

Share with your pro-injection friends

Here's a question no one can answer. Please put the following facts together and explain how this makes any kind of sense.

1. The government has launched an intense propaganda campaign for teenagers and children to get injected with their experimental medical device.

2. Teenagers and children are basically immune to the CCPVirus.

3. The government tells us that the benefits of the injection will only last for a matter of months anyway.

4. The injection does not prevent carriers from spreading it.

Children do not need it to avoid becoming sick, and it will not make them immune into their adult years when they are more susceptible to getting sick.

So please explain why there is a mad rush to inject children with this experimental medical device that offers them no tangible benefit now, cannot help them down the road, and can only conceivably harm them.

Where's the science behind THIS? Why are parents not going wild about this and fighting tooth and nail to protect their children from a needless medical procedure that offers them no benefit and can only hurt them?

Why is this being quietly accepted, and why is this not raising red flags for EVERYONE about this experimental treatment and the people pushing it so heavily?

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January 23

ZERO cases of flu this year! Hallelujah!

This is incredible. The storytellers at the Jerusalem Post (I will not refer to them as journalists) have reported that there are ZERO cases of flu in Israel, as declared by Dr. Galia Barkai, director of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Unit at Sheba Medical Center.

Barkai attributes this to people wearing masks, keeping their distance, and staying home because of lockdowns.

This is, of course, completely absurd. They seriously expect us to believe that for the first time in history there are literally zero cases of flu in Israel. Not less than usual, not even significantly less than usual, but ZERO.

Of course, the same storytellers at the Jerusalem Post regularly bemoan the fact that the "Ultra Orthodox" Jews they hate so much are flouting the restrictions.

We would expect an actual journalist to ask Dr. Barkai to explain why there hasn't been a single case of the flu among this population, nor any other segment of society that has been less than perfectly obedient (which is all of them).

We would also expect Hoffman, who has been "covering" the CCPVirus regularly for this disgrace of a paper, to conduct a real investigation into the matter, and not be satisfied with such a ridiculous answer.

The fact that a so-called "expert" could make such a ridiculous claim, and a so-called "journalist" could accept it as science without question, and a newspaper could publish it as "news" shows you how completely stupid and gullible they think we are.

They don't even bother claiming that there are 10% fewer cases of flu than usual, or 20%, or even 90%. It's literally zero cases. Right.

If they are so obviously lying to us about this, why would you trust them about masks, lockdowns, the experimental medical treatment they wrongly call a "vaccine", or anything else?

These "experts" and the media hacks who suck up to them and act as their mouthpieces have no credibility. Do not allow them to manipulate you.

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