54 False Flags and Deadly Gags
Chananya Weissman
January 7, 2021

Let's imagine that you're a hard-core Trump supporter, you're fed up, and you're not going to take it anymore. You've come to Washington, D.C. ready to storm the Capitol if they don't stop the steal. Your last desperate hope for Trump to remain President seems to hinge on this vote.

It seems rather unlikely that you would storm the Capitol before the vote even happens. That would be the most self-sabotaging thing you could possibly do. It would be the best way to prove that all the horrible things the other side and the media (which is redundant) have been saying about you are true, and forfeit any chance of playing the victim.

Wouldn't you behave nicely and plead your case before the voting? Wouldn't you wait and see what happens before unleashing your frustrations on the very people whose support you need at this pivotal moment?

It's hard to believe Trump supporters would really storm the Capitol before the vote to attack the very people whose votes they need.

Let's imagine another scenario. You're on the other side, and you know you've done some very naughty things. This is the pivotal moment when you can seal the deal or have it all come crashing down. What better way to turn attention away from your corruption, and completely villainize Trump supporters, by staging an invasion of the Capitol?

Any Republican who stood by Trump would be standing with treasonous hooligans. They would jeopardize their political future and quite possibly face prosecution from the Democrats once they take total control. You know they mean business, and you see your ship going down. You'd be crazy not to jump. Staging a break-in right before the vote would be the perfect way for Democrats to squelch the last legal obstacle in their path to power and make their opponents grovel.

Let's also imagine that you're a Republican who sees the balance of power shifting, and maybe you never cared for Trump all that much to begin with. You couldn't just abandon him, because that would anger your base and jeopardize your political future. A staged rush on the Capitol before the vote would give you the perfect way out. You could finally abandon Trump with your head held high, your high moral character on full display. Your defection would be welcomed by the Democrats, and atonement for your sins would magnanimously be granted.

So it makes no sense for real Trump supporters to rush the Capitol right before the vote, and all the sense in the world for Democrats and complicit Republicans to stage one precisely then. Aside from all the other reasons to believe this was a false flag, and aside from the media's exuberant rush to declare the rioters were Trump supporters, it simply makes no sense that Trump supporters would have done it before the vote. It makes all the sense in the world for his opponents within and without to stage it precisely then.

A few unfortunate bystanders had to pay with their lives, but these sacrifices must be made.

No proof, of course...just a scenario that makes so much sense that the media would deem it totally preposterous.

The world is overrun with falsehood. Question what you see and be skeptical of what you are being told by the establishment. About everything.