52 The New Rules
Chananya Weissman
January 4, 2021

Just so we can all be on the same page, these are the rules.

If you have any problem with mass rioting and looting because a black man was killed, then you are a racist and you are spreading violence.

If you don't agree that you are a racist because you were born with white skin, then you are an even bigger racist.

If you don't sympathize with everything radical feminists demand, then you are a misogynist.

If you don't believe that women should kill their babies if they so desire, for any reason whatsoever, then you hate women and wish to enslave them.

If you don't believe Islam is a religion that spreads peace, then you are an Islamophobe.

If you have a problem with Muslims rampaging and murdering people whenever they are insulted or disturbed by something, then you are a terrorist.

If you have any problem with gay activism infiltrating every part of society, then you are a homophobe.

If you have any problem with people being encouraged to pretend they are a different gender than they actually are, then you are a transphobe.

If you have any problem with children being taught to question their gender, then you should not be allowed to be a parent or have a job.

If you have any problem with the sexualization of children, then you are insecure and a child abuser.

If you believe that God created the world and He decides what is moral, then you are insensitive to atheists and a violent person.

If you have concerns about a single new vaccine, then you are an anti-vaxxer and anti-science, and should lose all your rights.

If you believe that rich and powerful people ever conspire to become even more rich and more powerful, then you are a conspiracy theorist, and should be silenced.

If you have any problem with the government restricting your right to leave your home, travel, work, be in public places, see other people, own property, uncover your face, or decide what is injected in your body, then you are a murderer and a menace to society.

In all the above cases, you should be fired from your job, if you have a business it should be boycotted and sued, your social media accounts should be closed, you should be harassed inside and outside your home by angry mobs, your family should be threatened, your children should be taken from you and re-educated, and the government should come after you every way possible.

I hope this is clear. It's all for your own good.