50 Holy Shabbos Food
Chananya Weissman
January 1, 2021 Israel365News 2020

Here's some justified virtue signaling.

I just went to Focaccia on Emek Refaim and bought a bunch of take-out. I told the owner that I don't live in the area and don't need this food, but I went special to support him and strengthen him because these lockdowns are disgusting and tyrannical. I told him I hope this encourages other businesses to open as well; if it's only him they can crush him, but if more people open up we can crush them. I blessed him and said God should watch over him. He was moved and extremely thankful.

I was pleased to see that many people were giving him business, and there was a very positive spirit all around.

On the way there and back I noticed many, many stores for rent, closed forever.

To all the pompous, pretentious, virtue-signaling sheep out there (not you receiving this, but them): I supported a struggling business owner who is trying to keep his store open, support his family, keep his workers employed, and service his community. You oppose all that.

I made it a little easier for them and other working people to avoid poverty, despair, and being broken by tyrants and the people who enable them like you. I made it a little easier for them to live with dignity, and, in many cases, to continue living, period. You oppose all that.

This isn't China, it isn't North Korea, it isn't even California or New York. You want Big Nanny destroying your life while pretending to save it, get the hell out and go there.

While you spread fear and destruction, while you play god and try to control people, degrade people, and destroy their lives -- all while pretending to be saving lives, lives which you don't care about at all -- I spread hope, strength, and real life.

Eat your heart out.