48 The Totalitarian Pyramid
Chananya Weissman
December 31, 2020

At the top of every totalitarian ideology are cynical people who know it's all bogus.

Beneath them are cruel, selfish people who know it's all bogus but want part of the money and power.

Beneath them are useful idiots who are brainwashed into believing it and do their bidding.

Beneath them are people who suspect it's all bogus, but go along with it out of convenience and fear.

Beneath them are people who desperately want to believe it's true and live in denial.

Beneath them are the masses who don't care whether it's true or not, and just suffer miserably.

Everyone except the top two layers of the pyramid suffer miserably sooner or later.

Note: Several people have asked me where we fit into the above pyramid. One of them put it as follows: "Let me guess, we are the people trapped under the pyramid, who know it is all a lie, but are unable to do anything but sit around and complain about it."

Answer: Not quite. We are the ones who inform and inspire others, lead the fight against evil, and eventually triumph with God's help.