45 The Plague of Darkness
Chananya Weissman
December 20, 2020, Israel365News

Back in the old days my father knew a man in Williamsburg who was fond of saying “The oylem is a goylem”. There is no substitute for the original Yiddish, but basically it means that the world is full of fools.

We are supposed to believe that this experimental vaccine (that is what it is, regardless of how they spin it) is a miracle drug that will help eradicate covid from our midst. Not only are we supposed to believe it, we are supposed to be absolutely sure of it. If we harbor any discomfort, it's because we're stupid and unqualified; we should trust the experts, who have decided almost as one that it's perfectly safe, and get injected as soon as possible. Humanity depends on it.

That's what they tell us, and if you don't get on board they will mock you, condemn you, and censor you. It's your fault people are dying and everyone is suffering. Murderer.

I'm not going to share any “conspiracy theories”, because being a “conspiracy theorist” has become the second-worst insult one can have hurled at him, right behind “racist”. I will simply share what we know, and encourage you to think for yourself – the exact opposite of what they do.

The executives and board members of Pfizer have not taken their own vaccine, stating that they don't want to “cut in line”. Imagine that! These millionaires and billionaires, with private jets and private islands, who hobnob with the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world, are moving to the back of some imaginary line so YOU can take their vaccine first! After a lifetime of deferring to the common person and letting others go first, which is the secret behind their wealth and power, they are now making the ultimate sacrifice.

They are not even bothering to pretend and take a placebo – they want you to know that they are not taking it because you are ahead of them in line, as you always are. Despite the hundreds of millions of doses they are distributing, they can't even hog a few for themselves. That would just be wrong.

At the same time, if the vaccine has some unfortunate, unintended consequences, those who are harmed cannot sue anyone. Tough luck. Of course, all the experts – the REAL experts – agree that you should absolutely not worry about this happening, although if by some crazy chance it does happen, you're hung out to dry. If your quality of life should become too unbearable, one of their doctors will be happy to make you comfortable and offer the most merciful way of ending your pain. That's become quite a trend.

We are supposed to believe that, even though the vaccine is perfectly safe (or just about) there is no reason for the drug oligarchs to put their money where their mouth is and make it possible to bankrupt their companies and their personal fortunes if it turns out otherwise. Nope. You're supposed to wager your wellbeing and your life, but they wager nothing of substance. At worst their reputation will take a temporary hit, and they will come out with a “new and improved” version, sending their stock price soaring to new heights.

The oylem is a goylem.

Even the drug pushers acknowledge that there are a lot of unknowns about the vaccine, at the same time they assure you that it's entirely safe. How does that work? I don't know! But I do know that you're crazy and stupid if you don't accept this, and you have an obligation to humanity to take the vaccine as soon as possible with a smile on your face.

They also tell us that these vaccines are an “essential step” toward removing the tyrannical, draconian restrictions the oligarchs have imposed on us. At the same time, they cannot tell us how many more steps are required; in fact, every time we take a step, they discover a few more.

Furthermore, after being injected with this experimental miracle drug that will save humanity, which you have an obligation to do as soon as possible, your life will not improve in any tangible way. You will still have to cover your face with a disgusting piece of blue toilet paper (or pink), which everyone agrees doesn't stop coronavirus from spreading if the virus particles are attached to anything smaller than a glob of saliva or a booger. If you are genuinely afraid of flying boogers hitting your face and spreading disease, I fully respect that. But if you think the blue toilet paper is protecting you or anyone else from microscopic aerosols, you are a golem.

Ah, but they tell us to wear the blue toilet paper not to protect ourselves, but to protect others from us! Because somehow the coronavirus can still flow past the blue toilet paper from the outside and infect you, but it can't get out the same way it came in. Perhaps if we wear the mask inside out it would have the opposite effect? I don't know. I'm not an expert.

They tell us that after getting vaccinated we will still have to be confined to our homes as often as possible like criminals under house arrest, for we are all a danger to one another. The masses must wallow in poverty while the oligarchs become even more wealthy, because if it saves even one life it's worth it.

Meanwhile, it's fine to smoke like a chimney. Sure, a life or tens of millions might be lost here or there, but it's your body and you are free to take calculated risks with it. If smoking improves your life today, you have the right to do it, even if it kills you or someone near you down the road.

But opening your store? Going to work? Meeting a friend? Going on a date? Visiting your elderly parent or grandparent who hasn't seen you in a year? That's deadly. The human race just can't afford that risk.

Don't worry, if you get depressed, you can also smoke marijuana until you feel gooood, and play online games, and let big tech companies entertain you. What concerns them more than anything is that you have access to a wide range of views and think for yourself. That's how they make their money.

Whatever you do, don't go outside and get sunlight and fresh air, which boosts your immune system, or exercise, or keep your blue toilet paper lowered while you chew, because it's just too dangerous for yourself and others.

Even some rabbis have been raising the alarm about these reckless behaviors. We must not even kiss a Torah, because someone else might have touched it without wearing gloves and disinfecting himself first. That kiss could be the kiss of death, much like the one you can't give your parents or grandparents anymore. But stay strong! We will get through this together! Well, not really together, because it's deadly to be together, but in a manner of speaking.

Personally, I think that if you kiss a disease-laden Torah, get sick, and die, most likely it was just your time to go.

Here's a question: what if a Torah is in danger of being destroyed, and the only way to save it is to grab it without the benefit of gloves and disinfectant? Surely one must not risk his life to save a Torah, right?

The expert rabbis preach to us that “God watches over fools”, and that therefore we have an obligation to trust the establishment and get vaccinated as soon as possible. Never mind the fact that tens of thousands of non-establishment experts are raising serious red flags about it. Never mind the fact that the drug pushers themselves aren't taking it and admit that much is unknown. Never mind that in a best-case scenario it merely lowers the chance of getting a serious case of the virus if you do get infected, while not improving your life in any tangible way. Never mind that you can lower your chance of getting a serious case of the virus just as well or better by doing simple things to boost your immune system, with absolutely no risks or unknowns, though that doesn't enrich the oligarchs or justify tyrannical restrictions.

No. If you do not vaccinate you are a fool and a murderer. So God has spoken. Be a fool so He can watch over you.

If you kiss the Torah, however, or visit your parents, or go to work, or meet your friends, or go on a date, or exercise outside, or lower the toilet paper from your face, God will NOT watch over you, for the experts have declared otherwise. You have no right to take such crazy chances with your life and the lives of others.

We are afflicted with a plague of darkness. The most ridiculous lies and spin are eagerly accepted by the oylam, while those who even raise doubts are mocked, censored, and punished. We have become afraid of being called names, of being responsible for the continuation of suffering and draconian restrictions, of murdering masses of people and going to hell merely for being close to another human being that does not live with us. We have become paranoid of everyone and everything, and life has only gotten worse because of it.

How long do we have to play along? When do we collectively say “Enough”?

I do not deny that coronavirus is real and serious. I believe we need to adjust our lifestyles in some ways to protect ourselves and others, and I believe that scientific advances that are conducted with transparency and integrity can benefit us.

I am not an “anti-vaxxer”, which is another pejorative to bully those who raise concerns into submission. But I am against coercing or pressuring people in any way to take a vaccine that is experimental, radically different from previous vaccines, which has many red flags surrounding it, and whose potential benefits are both small and achievable through safer means. I am against stupid, tyrannical restrictions that have caused immense suffering, under the guise of protecting us from each other.

The concept of “God watches over fools” does not apply to taking this sort of vaccine. It applies to people who live normal lives, touch things other people touched, go out and work, and don't believe every person in their vicinity is the angel of death.

King Solomon has another comment about fools: A fool believes everything.

By all means, don't blindly trust anything I say. I would never hammer someone with my credentials or expertise; I would only encourage them to consider the merit of my words compared to those of others. I don't believe you are too stupid or unqualified to think for yourself and make intelligent decisions, even about matters in which you need information from those with greater expertise.

Do not make important decisions out of fear, desperation, convenience, or copying what the golem next to you is doing.

If you believe my words have merit, please share them as widely as you can. Perhaps together we can help end the plague of darkness.