44 An Injection of Sober Thinking
Chananya Weissman
December 10, 2020, Arutz Sheva

As the last Mishna in Sotah teaches, we are living in the time of האמת נעדרת, when it is almost impossible to know what is true and who to trust. At the very least, anyone who has an agenda or a vested interest in something should not be trusted.

I am very skeptical of these vaccines, brought to us by greedy, corrupt companies, endorsed by a corrupt media, pushed upon us by corrupt politicians who have failed us over and over again. I wouldn't be surprised if the "brave leaders" who promise to be the first to take a vaccine will take a placebo, and in any case I don't trust them to make life-altering decisions for me.

I don't know if these vaccines will work or not, or be safe or not, or cause more good than harm. But I am convinced that there were much better options available, and these were censored in favor of corporate greed and political power in bed together. I don't want them injecting me with anything.


A thought on rabbis who issued a "psak" to take the vaccine

December 15

I challenge the (thankfully) small number of rabbis who have publicly ruled that the masses must take the vaccine to cite a single actual Torah source authorizing them to make such a ruling. Name a single Torah source that one must inject himself with a largely unproven, potentially harmful pharmaceutical substance to hopefully lessen his chance of catching a virus. Until they do so, their rulings are null and void, potentially dangerous, and wildly irresponsible.

I say this as a rabbi with great respect for Torah and the halachic process, and who also believes in modern science so long as there is integrity behind it.


A non-psak by the OU and the RCA

December 16

A couple of people asked me to respond to this:


Did they ever come out so strongly about smoking, which kills 25 million people a year, in addition to countless health problems, and harms both the smoker and others?

"[t]he conclusion of our poskim is that, pursuant to the advice of your personal health care provider, the Torah obligation to preserve our lives and the lives of others requires us to vaccinate for COVID-19 as soon as a vaccine becomes available."

This statement makes no sense. Did they conclude we must get vaccinated, or did they conclude we must get vaccinated if our health care provider says so? What if my doctor warns me not to? What if my personal health care provider is among the tens of thousands who have raised red flags about the vaccines, and who recommend other treatments both pre- and post-infection that have been proven to be effective and safe, though discounted by the establishment and which, sadly, don't make billions for drug companies?

This is not a psak. If they are issuing a Torah ruling from on high that these vaccines are safe and effective, then why are they hedging with “pursuant to the advice of your personal health care provider”? And if they are hedging and leaving the final decision up to my personal health care provider, what are they actually contributing with this "ruling"?

This is not the sort of Torah that will be studied in the Beit Midrash, nor is it the sort of Torah for which poskim earn their reputations. If I am supposed to follow this simply because of name-dropping and rank-pulling, count me out.

Also this:

"We note that the availability and use of the COVID-19 vaccine will not immediately allow us to reduce adherence to current mitigation strategies, including social distancing, masking, and diligent hand hygiene. These practices must continue to be followed until official public health recommendations advise otherwise. As long as these practices remain in place it remains unnecessary to consider institutional policies or additional restrictions regarding the non-vaccinated."

Translation: Don't expect house arrest to be lifted just because you're getting injected with this vaccine that we are thoroughly convinced will stop the virus.  No, you're going to have to continue to stay home, wear masks, stay away from people, and wallow in poverty anyway "until official public health recommendations advise otherwise".  At the same time, "it remains unnecessary to consider institutional policies or additional restrictions regarding the non-vaccinated", but that will surely come at a later time. 

In other words, get injected but continue to be restricted, and if you don't get injected, we'll make you suffer even worse at a later time.

This isn't Torah. It's tyranny.


More important thoughts on the "psak" and covid vaccines

December 16

1. Someone on my email list forwarded me the RCA prohibition of smoking, which you can find here: http://www.rabbis.org/pdfs/Prohibition_Smoking.pdf
Note that this prohibition, which is most obvious, is 11 pages long, filled with Torah sources and a deep discussion of those sources. Their "psak" to take the vaccine, which is by no means obvious, is about a page long, with no sources, no serious discussion, and reads like it came out of a corporate focus group. Huge difference, no? Striking, no?

3. Keep this in mind: You can choose to get vaccinated at any time, but once it's in your body, you can never get it out, and there's no going back. 

Do not allow them to inject you because you are worn down by tyrannical restrictions and just want it to be over.  Do not allow them to inject you because they threaten to impose even more tyrannical restrictions.  Allow them to inject you only if you are really, really, really sure that you want what's in that needle to be inside your body. 

Governments can change and policies can change, but this injection is forever.


A dangerous rabbinic pronouncement

December 17, Israel365news.com

If you believe my words are reasonable, then I urge you to share this as widely as you can.

Someone sent me a very disturbing video by a prominent rav in Israel: https://twitter.com/avitalrachel/status/1339583696223891460?s=21

In the clip he mocks those who raise concerns about long-term effects of the vaccines as "absurd" and "unreasonable". He actually mocks and insults people for being concerned, dismissing with a wave of his holy hand the numerous extremely intelligent medical professionals who have raised these concerns on real scientific grounds.

Then he spooks you about how bad it can be to get coronavirus -- which is true in some cases, but he makes it sound like if you don't take one of these unproven, red-flag-ridden vaccines today, you're going to get a serious case of coronavirus tomorrow, suffer horribly, and drop dead.

Then he jabs his finger in your face and declares with great intensity: "This is a safe vaccine."

Then he mocks the "anti-vaxxers" again by saying that even if, in theory, they had "some merit", since "most experts" and "the establishment" agree that you should take the vaccine, we must blindly follow them according to the Torah.

I am going to try very hard to not be too disrespectful, since this is a prominent and highly regarded rav, but even a child with a bit of Torah education, or anyone with a bit of knowledge about the situation, should realize how utterly specious his words are.

When most of the "experts" are blindly following one another and have not seriously investigated it, it's not considered a majority. If medical professionals HAVE investigated the vaccines and raised serious concerns, and those concerns are ignored by the establishment, then you can no longer trust the establishment, which has proven itself to be corrupt and untrustworthy in any case.

The Rambam was a doctor. Did he follow the majority, or did he know better?

The voodoo witch doctors were once the majority, too. Did we follow them?

Truth is not determined by a popular vote. Science is also not determined by popular vote, but by honest, independent, unbiased research. It is only such opinions that can be counted. Considering the many thousands of doctors all over the world who have raised serious, legitimate concerns regarding the vaccines, for anyone to dare dismiss them as irrelevant and absurd is medical or rabbinic malpractice.

I said it before, I will say it again. You can choose to take a vaccine at any time, but once you take it, you can never get it out of your body and there is no going back.

Your odds of getting a serious case of coronavirus if you have a healthy immune system and behave responsibly are close to zero. Not zero, but close. The benefits of taking a vaccine now do not improve your situation in any clear or definite way, and there is a serious risk that they will harm you. Therefore, according to the Torah, the proper course of action is "shev v'al ta'aseh" - sit back and don't take the action.

One should not make a permanent body-altering decision to take this vaccine out of fear or panic. One should only make such a decision calmly, soberly, rationally, and from a place of knowledge. Not because one person says you should trust another person who says you should trust another person.

The governments should be distributing vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, and urging people to go outside, get sunlight, exercise, be happy, and build their immune systems. All of that has minimal cost, has guaranteed positive results, and zero downside.

Instead, the governments are locking you down, making you miserable and desperate, frightening you, impoverishing you, and distributing only a vaccine with red flags all over it.

This rabbi's words are not Torah. They are arrogant, uninformed, and dangerous. If that is "too disrespectful", so be it. I consider it pikuach nefesh.

You only get one body. Take care of it.

More on Rabbinic Malpractice

December 18

We must counter the propaganda and rank-pulling of certain rabbis (thankfully still the minority) who are speaking neither on the strength of Torah, nor science, nor basic reason -- just talking down to people and demanding they obey. The job of a rabbi is to inform, educate, and make people smarter, not to speak down to people, pull rank on them, and demand blind obedience to them or anyone else. A rabbi who does that loses his credibility as a rabbi, and should be ignored, regardless of his past credentials. He did not earn those credentials by making such pronouncements.

The vaccine has many red flags and unknowns. Even those pushing it acknowledge the latter, even while they condescendingly pooh-pooh the former. The only people who should take an unproven, potentially harmful treatment are those who are dying and have nothing to lose. Someone who is healthy has no business taking something unproven and potentially harmful, unless he is volunteering to be a guinea pig. He should not take this out of fear, or out of ignorance, or because of some irrelevant Torah source that is being taken out of context.

A person who is healthy has something to lose by taking this vaccine – his health. We have not gotten the coronavirus for an entire year, Baruch Hashem. If we build up our immune systems and live responsibly, the chances of us ever getting it are nil. Even if we do get it, God forbid, our bodies will have an excellent chance of defeating it, especially if we take proven antivirals within days of exposure.

Hence, there is no reason for us to jeopardize our health with unproven and risky vaccines, and according to the Torah it is FORBIDDEN to do so.

Politics aside, Trump is in his 70's and overweight.  He got coronavirus, took antivirals, and 2 days later was good as new.

Do not allow yourself to be manipulated or frightened into taking a vaccine that is risky, that you do not need, and the drug pushers themselves admit will not prevent you from getting coronavirus.

Do not allow rabbis to talk down to you without solid Torah firmly behind them.

This rabbi demands you obey the establishment and “God watches over fools”.

There is no mitzva to be a fool. It is forbidden to be a fool. A rabbi who orders you to be a fool must be ignored, regardless of his pedigree. It is pikuach nefesh, and you have an obligation to be educated, informed, and responsible with your health – not blindly follow any establishment-approved “expert” and tamper with your health.

God may watch over fools, but He watches over those who watch over themselves even more.