41 Don’t Be Surprised When The Pogroms Begin
Chananya Weissman

October 30, 2020, The Jewish Press

There are three ways the escalating tensions between the Jews of New York and the authorities can play out.

1. The Jews successfully get their point across through the courts or civil disobedience that the restrictions imposed upon them are unfair and infringe on their rights. The politicians imposing these restrictions either see the light or are humbled and give in to the Jews' demands. Harmony is restored. The Jews enjoy newfound respect and appreciation from their gentile hosts. It will be a long time before someone dares mess with the Jews again.

If you believe this outcome is likely, you're smoking some heavy galus opiate. Apparently, many Jews in New York believe this outcome is likely.

2. The virus situation improves, people find other things to worry about, and everything settles down. The cycle of political crackdowns on Jewish neighborhoods and Jewish protests becomes nothing more than a historical footnote in the lore of American Jewry. After enough time passes, we joke about it.

3. The Jews in America, who have been far too complacent for far too long, get a very rude wake-up call. The hatred of the Jew that has become increasingly pronounced both on the street and in government becomes enflamed. Their gentile neighbors and lords decide to put the Jews in their place. Armed with strong pretexts, they unleash their pent-up frustrations, fury, and deep-seated hatred on the world's favorite scapegoat.

Legislation targeting the Jews becomes bolder, punishments against their communities more draconian, and a few unfortunate Jews have the book thrown at them to send a message to everyone else. Pleas to the police fall on deaf ears. “Nothing personal, bud, just following orders.” For some reason the Jews expected the authorities to ignore orders that they deem immoral and risk their jobs, even though they never do that – definitely not for the sake of Jews.

The best Jewish legal minds are rendered impotent; you cannot beat the system when the system is determined to beat you.

The Jews are confounded by the media's antipathy, when so many “underdogs” who protest receive favorable treatment, and the rights of so many minorities are championed. Op-eds to their gentile neighbors, full of sound reasoning and conciliatory words, are mocked and scorned.

In spite of everything, the Jews are taken completely by surprise when the pogroms happen. The police are ordered to stand down, and don't need any convincing. The story continues from there, and, let's just say, it doesn't end with a triumph of the few over the many and a new Jewish holiday.

If you're an American Jew, and you think this scenario is crazy, please explain why. Otherwise, maybe it's time to see the writing on the wall.

We've finally come home. It's your home, too, your only home. We look forward to welcoming you.