2020 Forcing women into IDF combat units
Chananya Weissman
August 15 The Jerusalem Propaganda Post is at it again, with heavily biased reporting in a news story. Here we have a 756-word article in which a full 700 words are devoted to giving favorable coverage of a lawsuit by teenagers (!) to force the IDF to allow women into all combat units. Because teenagers know best, and even national security considerations must be sacrificed on the altar of "equality".

The article notes that approximately "90% of the positions in the IDF are now open to women", but clearly that is not enough. Presumably the remaining 10% are closed to women only because the men in charge are more concerned about keeping women down than anything else.

That's what the feminist head of something called the Israel Democracy Institute’s Military and Society Program seems to suggest, when she regurgitates "equality" over and over again, while expressing "concern" that "political pressures" would triumph over this push for greater equality.

The author of this propaganda puff piece grudgingly acknowledged that there's even another side to this issue, at the very end of the article: "Critics of gender integration in the military say it is a dangerous social experiment with potential ramifications for national security. Requirements for female combat troops have been lowered, but women tend to suffer from stress injuries at a higher rate than men, the critics say. Rabbis have also criticized the integration of women into combat positions."

So after hammering us with 700 words about the heroic efforts to force the big bad IDF to stop being so sexist, we get basically an endnote stating that this social experiment could harm national security, integrating women thus far has required lowering standards but still caused them greater injuries, and it's against normative Judaism. It's like a warning label in fine print on a pack of cigarettes, or maybe a bottle of poison.

No quotes, no serious treatment of the other side to this issue. A single quote from the feminist babbling about equality received twice as many words as all the serious reasons for women to be kept out of combat units. But, since that doesn't fit the "narrative", it barely gets a mention at all.

The Jerusalem Post is a disgrace.