27 Serious questions about the rules of racism
Chananya Weissman

June 18, 2020

Things are changing very quickly, and I need help understanding the new rules. I'm not making fun or being disrespectful. These are serious questions. If the group-thinkers can please clarify the following, I would be very grateful.

  1. A bi-racial couple has two sons, one black and one white. Lots of questions here! Is the white son born with white privilege, while the black son is a victim? If there is only one spot available for a school play, a summer job, an internship, etc., how should they decide who gets it? Can the white parent take away the black son's privileges? Should the white son give his stuff to his black brother to atone for his ingrained racism? Is it appropriate for the white son to call his black brother “my brother”, or is that racially insensitive?

  2. If someone has Aunt Jemima in his pantry, what should he do with it? Can he still use it as part of a grandfather clause? Are grandfather clauses racist? Can he return it to the store for a refund or exchange, or must he assume responsibility for the act of purchasing it?

  3. If a black man has no problem with Uncle Ben's, is he an Uncle Tom?

  4. The Bible has many racially insensitive passages. What should be done about it? What are black churches doing about it? Can the offensive passages be updated? Should there be different versions for different races?

  5. If all references to slavery are being erased, will Black History Month be shortened to a week?

  6. If a white person is born blind and has no idea what all this is about, does he get off easy?

  7. Do white illegal immigrants, or whatever they are called now, have to atone for being privileged Americans?

  8. If a black person is born inside a white body, and he identifies as black, where does he fit in?

  9. If I help find examples of racism in corporate America, can I get a cut? You know, a finder's fee?

  10. I don't mean to change the conversation or hijack the narrative – this is your time – but when all this is finally settled, can you tell the Germans to kneel to the Jews?