26 "Progressives" and the Ten Commandments
Chananya Weissman

June 18, 2020

I put the word “progressives” in quotation marks because, like so many terms that are hijacked or invented by “enlightened” people and “elites”, it means the opposite of what they claim. This has been going on for decades, and it's time to put a stop to it once and for all. The ability to articulate ideas with words is one of the main traits that separates human beings from animals. Those who bastardize language inevitably forfeit their humanity.

So, right at the start, let's agree to stop indulging regressive degenerates who seek to drag society back to the moral dark ages. This begins with taking back language and “reframing” things to align with reality instead of the reverse. “Political correctness” is an obscure way of referring to the act of intentionally distorting the truth to please certain people. An honest liar would simply encourage people to lie, but since liars are not honest, they invent a “politically correct” term for it and turn it into a movement. That's how the war on truth – which is really a war on God – inevitably proceeds.

This brings us to the Ten Commandments, perhaps the most universally recognized symbol of God's rule over mankind. The principles expressed in these commandments have formed the bedrock of civilizations for thousands of years. It is no wonder that those who wish to bring darkness to the world find these commandments “offensive” and seek to remove them from society.

Those who march with pride in the name of “progress” in fact trample on every one of the ten commandments. Consider:

1) I am the Lord your God.

This commandment is simply a declaration. The existence and rule of God is so apparent that it would be beneath Him to even command us to recognize it. God simply identifies Himself, and the obligation to recognize this most basic truth is self-understood.

The degenerate regressives refuse to recognize the existence of objective truth, including these basic truths that all follow one from the other: God exists, God created the world and everything in it, God owns the world and everything in it, and God makes the rules. Those who say things like “a woman's body belongs to her” are really denying the most basic truth that her body, and everyone's body, belongs to God, and He decides what we may and may not do with it.

This is only one example. The entire regressive movement is predicated on refusing to recognize God and His truth. Everything follows from there.

2) You shall not have any other gods. You shall not make an image and worship it.

Wars proceed in stages, and the war on God is no exception. It is unreasonable to expect people to embrace atheism on day one of the war, so the earlier battles are for atheism to be respected as a legitimate option, for followers of God to be “sensitive” to atheists, and to gradually erode the faithfulness of God's followers.

This process takes many years, even generations. It has been completed in many parts of the world, where religion is outlawed, but blind faith in and subservience to ruthless human dictators is strictly enforced. We are witnessing the tipping point in America and other “enlightened” Western societies, which have been sliding down the slope of atheism for decades. Believers in God have not been compelled to openly reject God – that is too much to ask for or demand in the beginning – but to acknowledge that there are other “truths”.

Eventually they are compelled to accommodate other gods into their religious beliefs. These gods are given names like Equality, Justice, Tolerance, Sensitivity, Peace. They come with decrees that sound familiar, decrees that serve as foreign gods when detached from the total package: Love your neighbor, everyone is created in the image of God, God wants all people to be happy. It is difficult for religious people to protest any of this, so they go along with it, eventually even embracing it.

Combining a man-made moral ideology with God's truth violates the second commandment.

2a) You shall not make an image and worship it.

We cannot see God; we can only know that He exists and experience His presence. The “enlightened” human mind refuses to accept that which he cannot see, touch, and feel. Only that which can be proven by scientists can be accepted, despite the inability of scientists to decide conclusively on the health effects of coffee. Certainly when it comes to moral beliefs we cannot rely on a God whose existence cannot be “proven” by science. Yet we must have moral beliefs, we must worship something, so we replace the invisible God with a tangible one.

It might be the image of a leader, which must be worshiped, or a national symbol. It might be a sports team, or a uniform, or a celebrity, or a fictional superhero. Today we are bombarded with images, logos, and slogans, all representing foreign gods which must be worshiped through ever-evolving rituals. It fills the spiritual void in those who have drifted from the true God or openly rebel against Him. Those who worship various “causes”, with their images and rituals, inevitably do not worship God in the true sense of it. It is a modern form of replacement theology.

3) You shall not invoke My name falsely / in vain.

Those who worship foreign gods never admit to doing so. In the olden days, when there was paganism and literal idol worship, at least they were honest about it. They made up new gods and religious ideologies to suit. Today people enshrine their distortions of God's clearly stated word as somehow what God really wants.

The Torah could not be more clear about homosexuality and cross dressing, for example, but those who engage in these and similar behaviors have the audacity to blame it on God and even claim that it is God's will. Instead of doing what God wants, society urges people to do whatever they want and then invoke God's name.

We are urged to be merciful to terrorists because they are “created in the image of God”, while cruel to the victims in the name of peace and equality. It is a mockery.

4) Observe the Sabbath.

While the Sabbath is a commandment unique to Jews, the concept behind it is universal. It is a constant reminder that God is the master of all creation. Sabbath observers refrain from activities that demonstrate man's dominion over creation, thereby recognizing that Man is the servant and not the master. The Sabbath is a paid day off from work to spend more time engaged in prayer, spiritual studies, and time with loved ones.

The degenerate regressives find the whole concept of Sabbath to be an intrusion on their lives. A day off from work is meant to be spent shopping, going to the movies, playing sports, or working overtime. There may be some family time involved, but there is no spiritual component to the day, and certainly no recognition of God as the master of all creation. Quite the contrary. The suggestion that they devote their day off to acknowledging God as the creator is deemed oppressive.

5) Honor your father and mother.

This used to be a universal value. Now the mere suggestion that a normative family begins with a father and a mother is deemed offensive and primitive, even hate speech. Children are taught to scorn their parents as outdated and unenlightened, and to disavow them completely if they do not recognize the moral superiority of the younger generation.

Contrary to popular belief, the commandment to honor one's parents does not stem from gratitude. In most cases, a child owes his parents a tremendous debt of gratitude, but this only amplifies the obligation to honor them. However, even if a parent abandoned the child at birth and the child owes all his gratitude to foster parents, he must still honor his biological parent. The commandment to honor them is really a command to recognize and respect that which preceded him, dating back to God Himself. One who honors his parents shows honor to God. The regressives, who denounce their parents, show the same sentiment for their predecessors and for God.

6) Do not murder.

Of course no one condones murder...but killing an unborn baby is empowering women, and killing an elderly person is merciful and beneficial to society, and killing a sick person is putting an end to his suffering, and allowing a sick child to die is sparing him a life that will be difficult, and on and on. Murder is not murder if you call it something else, say the regressives. It's a good thing. It's what God would have wanted.

7. Do not commit adultery.

The regressives take this only as a suggestion. If your spouse permits you to commit adultery, then it's fine, even if God doesn't. If you are separated but not yet divorced, then the marriage doesn't really count anymore, and it's fine. If you are so full of love that you cannot help but love many people, and express it in ways that technically violate this commandment, it's also fine, because God is all about love. We have new understandings of love and marriage today, and adultery is an antiquated term.

8. Do not steal.

Of course no one condones stealing...but robbing the rich is fine, because they have enough money anyway, and burning down a business is understandable if you have a legitimate reason to be angry, and boycotting a business is meritorious if you don't like the beliefs of the owner, and causing someone to lose his job and his livelihood is meritorious if you decide he is “bad”. Again, destroying people's lives and livelihoods is something God would have wanted you to do.

9. Do not bear false witness against your fellow.

Unless your fellow is a sexist, or a racist, or an oppressor, the definitions of which change with each passing day. If your fellow runs afoul of any of these definitions, even retroactively, then it is virtuous to denounce him and shame him far and wide, as well as anyone who doesn't breathlessly jump aboard the bandwagon.

10. Do not covet your fellow's possessions.

Unless you feel he has too many possessions, or that he gained them through unfair privilege of birth, in which case these possessions shall not only be coveted, but confiscated or destroyed in the name of justice.

Those who loudly proclaim themselves as morally superior are 0 for 10 when it comes to the Ten Commandments. Needless to say, they fail miserably when it comes to the other commandments, most prominently the commandment to love one's fellow as oneself, which they have hijacked and perverted as a license for their nefarious activities.

The true progressives are those who remain faithful to our origins and God's objective truth. It is high time we took back our language and reclaimed the mantle of morality and enlightenment that is rightfully ours. Those who trample on the Ten Commandments had best preach to no one about anything, and it's time we let them know that their sermons are over.